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Mark Buehrle’s Pit Bull Keeps His Family Apart This Season

Mark Buehrle Pit Bull

Mark Buehrle’s pit bull mix will keep his family from living with him in Toronto — at least this season.

Buehrle’s dog is a mix of bulldog and American Staffordshire Terrier, meaning he is of pit bull lineage. But the breed is banned in Ontario, where Buehrle was traded to last year.

Because of this the family has made the tough decision to stay behind with their pit bull, Slater, while Mark joins the Blue Jays for the season, reports Yahoo! News.

Buehrle stated of Slater:

“He’s an awesome dog. That’s what’s a shame; just the way he looks is why we have to get separated.”

When Buehrle was given the news of his trade to the Jays, he was left with few options. The family could either leave Slater with friends, put him in a kennel, or move somewhere close to Ontario that allows pit bulls. But the closest place to Toronto would be Buffalo, forcing the pitcher to commute 90 minutes to work.

ESPN notes that Mark Buehrle refused to place his pit bull in a kennel and called leaving him with friends for the season much like it would be to leave his daughter with them. Slater, as part of the family, should stay bonded to them, according to the MLB player.

His wife, Jamie, explained that several friends have offered to keep the fun-loving pit bull with them for the season. But Jamie said:

“To me, that would be like if we moved somewhere that only allowed boys. I wouldn’t leave my daughter behind … I don’t want him to bond with someone else. He’s our dog. That wasn’t really an option.”

So, Jamie and the couple’s children will stay in Florida with their four dogs, including Slater, while Buehrle lives in Toronto for the season. In the meantime, it is possible they will start a petition in Ontario to remove the ban on pit bulls, much like the petition they started in Miami.

Do you think that Mark Buehrle’s pit bull should be allowed to go where he does, or is Ontario right to ban the breed?

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41 Responses to “Mark Buehrle’s Pit Bull Keeps His Family Apart This Season”

  1. Stacey Cannon

    Pitbulls, when raised right are the most loving, dedicated creatures alive. You could never sway me to another breed. The dog in my picture is a Pitbull. She is the most loving, submissive dog you will meet. A little hyper when you first walk in: wanting to give you a tongue facial but that's it. (Shes also still a puppy) Pits are the only dog I will personally own. There are other great dogs, Pits are just my favorite.

  2. Danny Brown

    I too have a pit bull mix Jack, he's now 13 and a sweet loving old guy just as he was when a 13 month old when I got him at a kill shelter. The day before he was to be killed. I had friends and relatives tell me I'd made a mistake. He turned out to be loyal , loving and affectionate. The worst thing he's ever destroyed in the house was a magazine. A protector of my mom and kids. When he's gone I will choose another!

  3. Anonymous

    Hope he has a great season and his family is safe in Florida. Pit bulls need loving owners.

  4. Ariel Fox

    Banning pit bulls is the new witch hunt…instead of dealing with bad owners – criminal drug dealers & dog fighters, & negligent owners who keep multiple untrained dogs in their back yards, they simply condemn the entire breed & think that solves the problem…

  5. Laura Smajo

    I have raised a pitbull, an american bulldog/pitbull cross, and an american bulldog. They are loving and wonderful dogs, wouldn't have any other breed. Yes, it takes training but that is true for any breed of dog. They should definitely start a petition to change the laws in that province.

  6. Billie Garcia

    Thumbs up to Mark. Dogs are not disposable and I admire him and his family for making this sacrifice for Slater. As a dog owner and lover myself I don't see another option either.

  7. Joel Freimuth

    pit bulls should be regulated much like weapons are regulated. I'd love to see them banned altogether.

  8. Stacey Cannon

    Once you ban and regulate gang bangers and guns being regulated? I live in Chicago, highest gun controls in the US. Please tell me about 'gun regulation.'

  9. John Lewis

    Of all the great breeds out there including mutts, the defense of Pits is misplaced. I understand the love of a dog but I can`t let those people who buy pits for one reason and defend that choice by tugging on the heartstrings of true dog lovers to confuse them. There is only one reason to chose a pit and that is to assist their perceived dominance over other people and dogs. With so many other non-lethal breeds out there you have to ask yourself, why pick the one that will endanger friends, relatives, and you entire neighborhood, not to mention every other dog around except your own. Love of a good dog is clearly not the answer. Many people who own pits don`t even like dogs. Its their alternative to a gun and it`s why so many end up in animal shelter`s. If terrifying everyone around you is your thing then take it to the hood and stay out of my neighborhood. You and your insecurities are not welcomed here.

  10. Joel Freimuth

    Not sure at all how that's related or what your point is.I use the tremendously regulated weapon industry (which doesn't just include guns, by the way) as an analogy because that is how dangerous pit bulls are to society. To continue the analogy (and not to start some stupid discussion on gun regulation — which you clearly confuse with those possessing guns illegally to begin with), in Chicago, anyone carrying a concealed weapon is immediately subject to arrest. As you state, they have the toughest gun laws in the country. Would love for Chicago to pass a similar ban on pit bulls and have any owner of a pit bull immediately subject to arrest as well.

  11. Liz Sullivan

    I think that one of the best descriptions of Ontario's Breed Ban Law was quoted when the Ontario Court of Appeal upheld the death sentence of a"pit bull type dogs named Ginger. QUOTE " The Legislature does NOT make mistakes & needs to be followed even though it leads to a manifest ABSURDITY & anything enacted by Legislature MUST be enforced however HARSH, ABSURD, & CONTRARY TO COMMON SENSE. They certainly did get to make a statement of their thoughts of BSL eh? I would say that his law is unfounded, unjust, cruel, shoddy, vague, ineffective and fiscally irresponsible. It profiles and targets responsible dog owners punishing them for the few dog fighters, animal abusers and irresponsible dog owners out there and are NOT called into responsibility. At best this law is a sham!

  12. Celeste Keenan

    Absolutely! It's not Slater's fault that people have given his breed a bad name!!

  13. Candice Hayes-Prior

    I don't really understand where you get your Pitt info from but mine is no danger to anyone or anything. He goes to doggy daycare on a regular basis and loves all the dogs he meets. Lets ban everyone named joe because they make uneducated comments that hurt millions of dogs by continuing the horrible stereotype! Sounds fair right!!!

  14. Brittany Veinot

    My German shepherd could physically be lethal, yet she's raised 2 kids and is the gentlest soul I've ever met. My horse could be lethal too and for that matter, so could my sister. Should they all be banned too? People don't all get pits to look tough, and there are MANY other tough looking breeds. Responsible dog ownership definitely needs to be enforced more strongly regardless of breed, and those people that get pits, rotties, sheppies, dobes, etc just to look tough, shouldn't have dogs, period!

  15. Joel Freimuth

    Candice, I get my information from documented sources. The Humane Society, PAWS, and others will all substantiate that Pit bulls are involved in more attacks, and more severe and fatal attacks, on humans than any other breed. Even animal rights' groups which attempt to protect pit bulls, such as, state emphatically that ONLY a properly socialized and well-trained pit bull is no danger to anyone (while also touting the breeds inherent protective characteristics). So, Candice, unlike your highly emotional comments based only on your limited empirical evidence, I actually have done my research. There is no difference between a highly trained and properly socialized pit bull, and a highly deadly weapon in the hands of an expert. Neither are dangerous to unintended victims. So, if as you posit, everyone named joe makes uneducated comments, then we'd know to at least ignore them. Pit bulls, on the other hand, shouldn't be ignored. They should be given the same regulatory treatment as weaponry.

  16. Genevieve Bergeron

    The law doesn't just ban a breed. It bans any dog who remotely looks like a bully type breed, and that is a disgrace. The law makes no sense and does nothing to protect society from dangerous dogs or dangerous dog owners.

  17. Bronwynn Mitchelmore

    Banning one type of dog based on how it looks is simply illogical. We can not accurately predict behaviour based on look. Ontario needs to get rid of its "pit bull" ban, and instead put in place laws that punish bad owners! Mark Buehrle and his family are just one more example of how this law punishes responsible owners and good dogs!

  18. Michelle Weir

    Joel if you in fact have done your research, you would soon realize that ANY unsocialized and untrained dog is a threat to society. You would also see that Human Society, American Bar Association, AKC, UKC etc… and countless other associations have very publicly stated that they are AGAINST Breed Specific Legislation. You can not regulate a breed – "pitbull" which is in fact an umbrella term for mutts to define a dog which falls under a certain look. "Google" "pitbull" and see how many of these dogs don't even look similar. The actual registered breeds such as the American Pitbull Terrier and American Staffordshire Terrier rank amongst the highest in temperament when tested. Please do some REAL research. Thank you :)

  19. Hershey Anti BSL Group

    Slater should NOT be BLAMED as THIS headline suggests for keeping this wonderful family apart. It is NOT the dog who is at fault. What IS at fault is an Ontario Liberal government, who against expert testimony and advice, decided to legislate ALL pets who "look" a certain way to death because of a few irresponsible dog owners. In the process, and because of a FEW, thousands and thousands of responsible Ontario dog owners and their family pets, almost overnight, became targets of profiling and discrimination and were legislated into 3rd class citizenship. Toronto's mainstream media today STILL refer to 2005 as "The Year of The Gun". The ban, and the controversy around it, took over headlines, thus defusing media's red hot coverage of gang shootings. NOW let's talk about the then Attorney General, who brought in the ban, offering up certain dogs AND their owners as a "red herring". The heat from media was displaced elsewhere and to this day thousands of wonderful families pay the price for this fasico and work towards changing the legislation. It's time to let "dogs" off the hook.

  20. Ashley Del Medico

    John, by your logic, the only reason a human would ever want to buy a gun, would be to cause physical bodily harm.

    It sickens me when humans say "there are other non lethal breeds" I have a doberman. That breed went through hell and back because of ignorant, uneducated people labeling them as cold, heartless, baby eaters. There were even the ridiculous myths of how their brains grow to big for their skulls, causing them to suddenly and violently lash out at everything. By definition, my doberman is more lethal and dangerous than any "pit bull".
    The dobermans bite force PSI is roughly 600lbs. Far surpassing that of any 'pit bull' type breed. Need I also mention rottis, sheperds, mastiffs, giant schnauzers, wolf hounds, etc. The list of "lethal breeds" is a damn long one. Don't single out 'pit 'bulls' because mass hysteria says so.

  21. Ashley Del Medico

    What about Dobermans, Sheperds, Rottweilers, Mastiffs? Once all bully breeds have been wiped out, do you actually think that those ignorant, insane, degenerate humans will stop there. Hell no! They'll look at the next large breed that "attacks the most" and try to take them down.

    We put up with this garbage with all the aforementioned breeds and thankfully, common sense finally won out. Once the media finds something else to go crazy over, whether it be another breed or another species of animal, 'pit bulls' will be pushed to the way side, forgotten and the lies will hopefully die down. Just like it did for the others.

  22. Ashley Del Medico

    One last thing, Joel, tell me what the difference is between a Dogo, a Boxer and a Bull Terrier.

  23. Joel Freimuth

    Michelle, you are right that the organizations you mention are against breed specific legislation. I did not claim otherwise. What I said was that those organizations, including the ABA, simply state that Pit Bulls are involved in more significant and severe attacks against humans than any other breed. Moreover, the umbrella term of pit bull is not a barrier to legislation. The AKC and other legally recognized expert organizations can still classify pit bull terriers. And, while nothing you say is factually wrong, I don't see how that makes pit bulls any less of a threat to society. Moreover, not one pit bull supporter can refute these facts. You may talk about your individual dog. You may talk about how properly trained pit bulls, etc., but you cannot refute the facts: pit bulls are involved in more significant, more severe attacks against humans. That makes them necessary to regulate. The rest of this discussion is just emotional hyperbole. And, I find it incredibly telling that most pit bull supporters simply resort to name calling and insults instead of any sort of factual refutation; perhaps because pit bulls are dangerous. But, in another analogous situation, that makes pit bull owners not dissimilar from the extreme right wing who are opposed to any kind of weapon legislation.

  24. Joel Freimuth

    Ashley, if a breed is dangerous to society, then it should be regulated. I don't understand your position. Dobermans, in the mid 1980's or so, were responsible for various neighborhood attacks, and neighborhoods responded. Common sense did win over. People are more important than dogs. It is a society's job to protect its citizens, not its pets. Should we not regulate weapons because there is a more deadly weapon out there? Your position is essentially that. Since there are nuclear bombs, let's not worry about semi-automatic weapons. And, to extend your argument, nuclear bombs that don't go off aren't very dangerous at all, so we shouldn't regulate those because of a few nuclear bombs that did happen to go off. I don't buy it. All dog breeds are already regulated. So, to argue against regulation is a non-starter. But all more dangerous breeds should be more heavily regulated. And, I have no problem if certain breeds were banned altogether. Though that may be a remote possibility, there are other regulations that should be implemented because pit bulls, as a breed (or umbrella term), are a danger to the public.

  25. Michelle Weir

    I have never seen a statement from "those" organizations which state that "pitbulls" are involved in more significant and severe attacks and I wouldn't be surprised even if that were the case since in the US the media drives these reports and creates inacurracies. Furthermore, when you encompass so many different types of dogs under one term "pitbull" – of course you're going to get a higher result. If you were to say how many registered American Pitbull Terriers have cause severe or fatal injuries, the result/reports would be much different. I would urge you to spend some time on this website – you may be enlightened.

  26. Aimee St. Jules

    pit bulls nor any other breed need to be regulated. its the people who own them that do. I think you should have to have a license to own any breed of dog.

  27. Liz Sullivan

    Selma Mulvey You are right, only the commentator appears to be able to share the post to others. Maybe one can post the article with the comment in their status bar?

  28. Kerry Himmel

    All I have to say is, "good for him"! Too many other people would just dump their animal & leave, so I applaud him. That's the decision I was hoping he would make, as I would have done it the same way! If I move, my animals move with me. If I was forced to give up my animal, I would move! Amen to you Mark & family! :)

  29. Celeste Keenan

    Through hyped up media and virtually no imput from any experts.

  30. Fran Coughlin

    ALL credible experts testified against the ban. There are ONE the AG got who was for the ban was "deemed" an expert by attorney general. The "so called expert" was a dog walker in the AG's riding. The now disgraced AG (killed a courier during a road rage incident) could not FIND ONE credible expert to testify FOR the ban so a dog walker was used. Google on youtube "Michael Bryant Pit Bull Interview" and listen to the AG lie about the stats (thank goodness the reporter called him out on it) and then HE could NOT pick the "pit bull" out, even though he had previously said he could spot "one" from fifty yards away. At that time the AG was popular in his party (in a book written since the cyclist was killed, the EX AG and politician confessed to being a alcoholic while in office). As the Liberal party had a majority government and due to the AG's popularity and power at the time, the Premier WHIPPED the vote and thus Ontario had it's ban. Not a single MPP from the two other parties voted for the ban BUT every MPP for the Liberals DID what they were told. Not a single Liberal (in the house) that day voted against the ban.

  31. Julie Laurel

    I have never owned a pit bull but have owned Vizslas, the other dogs in the picture who are presumably Buerhrle's and I can tell you that if not raised right even Vizslas can be extremely aggressive so it isn't about the breed.

  32. Anonymous

    who cares –that's his choice to abandon his family –so commute from Buffalo. Oh I cant drive an hour and 15 min to play baseball waaa –I will thus leave my family behind. What a jerk -Probably a cheater.

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