Chris Henry 911 Calls Don’t Look Good For Loleini Tonga

North Carolina police have released the Chris Henry 911 calls, and there’s a notable absence: there’s not one call from Henry’s fiance Loleini Tonga.

There were two Chris Henry related 911 calls made, one from a woman who witnessed Henry on the back of a pickup truck, and the second from a man asking for an ambulance after he found Chris Henry lying injured at the side of the road.

The first 911 call sheds some more light on the “domestic dispute” that lead to Chris Henry’s death. Caller One tells 911 “I need a police officer, I’m on Oak Road, I’m behind a yellow truck. It’s a F-150 the tag says. It’s got a black male on it with no shirt on and he’s got his arm in the cab he’s got some black pants on. He’s beating on the back of this truck window. I don’t know if he’s trying to break in it or something, it just looks crazy. It’s a girl driving it now they turning onto Oakdale road.”

After confirming with 911 that there was a “black female” driving the car, the call ends after the woman states that she is no longer following the vehicle.

The second call details Henry at the side of the road. “I need an ambulance now, there’s somebody laying in the road” the caller tells 911. Suggesting that there was another person on the scene (possibly Loleini Tonger), the caller goes on: “I’m on Oakdale Road I just pulled up and there’s lady trying – there’s a man in the road, he looks dead, there’s no movement.”

Indicating that there may be more witnesses, the man also states when asked by the dispatcher whether he was comfortable approaching Henry: “Yeah, there’s a crowd of people around him right now.”

We don’t know Loleini Tonga’s side of the story yet, although we do know that police are investigating Henry’s death as a homicide. She may well argue that Henry was trying to attack her, but that doesn’t explain why she didn’t call 911 while in the pickup truck. There are also separate eyewitness reports that she was swerving the vehicle, indicating that she may have been attempting to get Henry to fall off.

No doubt we’ll be hearing more from local authorities in the coming days.