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Kevin Federline Owes IRS $57,000

kevin federline

Kevin Federline owes the IRS more than $50,000.

According to TMZ, the IRS gave Britney Spears’ former husband a special Valentine’s Day gift this year: A $57,000 tax lien.

A federal tax lien was filed against K-Fed on February 14 claiming that he owed $30,517 in taxes from 2009 and $27,098 in taxes from 2010.

This isn’t the first time that Federline has been hit with a hefty tax liens. According to Radar Online, K-fed was also failed to pay $17,969.81 in taxes for 2008.

K-Fed used to live the high life when he was married to Britney Spears but Federline’s star has faded in recent years. With the exception of a few movie credits in movies like American Pie and tv shows like CSI K-fed has fallen out of the public eye.

There were rumors that K-Fed was going to star in the new movie Spring Breakers with Selena Gomez but it turns out that people were actually talking about James Franco…

Are you surprised that Federline owes $57,000 to the IRS?

Of course, K-Fed isn’t the only celebrity to find himself in tax trouble. Katt Williams, Lindsay Lohan and Snoop Dogg have all faced serious tax issues this year.

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15 Responses to “Kevin Federline Owes IRS $57,000”

  1. Derek Dreizen

    Why can't "K-Fed" just write a goddamned "K-CHECK?" Huh? Heh heh heh heh! This a problem for yal, OL' KEVYY-REVYY? Huh? Heh heh heh heh heh heh!

  2. Carla Aufdenkamp

    Why are you calling him K-Fed? Isn't it time to start calling him Fatty Federline? If he was a woman he'd be given that sort of moniker. Maybe he should be a spokesman for Weight Watchers or Jenny Craig to make that IRS payment. He doesn't even have the excuse of having a baby. He could probably pay that tax lien with grocery savings if he'd go on a diet. Doesn't sound very nice does it? But that's the sort of comment that Brittney and Jessica and many other women have had posted about them when they've gained weight.

  3. Ashlee Rose Edens

    … wow really? fatty federline? you're how old and being that immature. grow up.

  4. Linda Whisler

    Some people are raised in a barn. There parents didn't teach them anything. So what if people are over weight. I bet Carla had bumps on her face, and somebody called her pizza face behind her back. It's not nice, Stuff happens, but you should always be respectable. Treat others the way you want to be treated.And I know you got picked on for your last name. I gotta last name like that, and I know what I went thru.

  5. Judy Christy

    SUFFER ………….. he is a lazy BUM u A H ………..He owes money sooooooo GET A JOB ……….. No what will he do beg Brittney n make her feel bad till he gets her to pay it .. Could care less how fat he is . Idiot wants to sit on his fat A n get fat LET HIM .. His life n he's lazy … Baby maker … Using Brittneys money to pay the 1st baby mamma … WHat a mess !!

  6. Tracy Lynn Rand

    a fat child stealing gold digger… karma is a bitch and he gets what he deserves…

  7. Joe Uzzolino

    bet it's closer to 58,000 now.
    the IRS's penalty and interest adds up faster than K-fed can count.

  8. Iamjust'thatDamn Good

    Now K-Fed get off your golddigging azz and stop living off a woman…..GET A DAMN JOB for a change.

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