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Westboro Baptist Blames Christians For ‘Fag Marriage’ [Video]

Westboro Baptist blames Christians

The controversial Westboro Baptist church says that Christians are to blame for “fag marriage” picking up so much steam in our culture lately. “But wait,” you ask, “don’t Westboro members identify as Christian?” Yes, but remember that they are also crazy.

The church, which is comprised primarily of Phelps family members and is considered a hate group, argues that mainline Christianity has made too many compromises on their theology which has lead to the rise in gay marriage.

In a YouTube video posted this week, Westboro member Steven Drain says that Christians struggling in a world that mostly accepts marriage equality need only look to themselves for the blame.

“What we mean is that mainline Christianity is chiefly to blame for legitimizing that filthy sin and elevating it to its status of acceptability in society,” Drain says.

According to Drain’s perspective, Christians unwittingly opened the door to marriage equality by accepting divorce, which “weakens” heterosexual marriage, by “erroneously preaching that God loves everybody,” by leaving out the Biblical story of the destruction of Sodom, which “they should know better than their ABCs,” by not warning sinners of hell, and lastly, by vilifying Westboro Baptist.

This isn’t the first time that Westboro Baptist has claimed that Christians are to blame for gay marriage, notes The Huffington Post. In December, Margie Phelps posted this tweet:

Here’s Westboro Baptist’s YouTube video, in which they claim that Christians are to blame for “fag marriage.”

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3 Responses to “Westboro Baptist Blames Christians For ‘Fag Marriage’ [Video]”

  1. Richard Papp

    No I don't think that it's main line Christianity that is emboldening queers, at least not the Christians that take the teachings of the Bible seriously.
    I believe that it's the liberal media many of whom are also probably closet faggots, that try to pollute our moral Judea Christian values.
    I support their right to freedom of speech, and with the same freedom I say they are the dregs of humanity.

  2. Cam Brunner

    The key words with most anti-gay groups are “tax exempt”. If all the money made by groups like this were TAXED, they would fine a real job. I just do not think gay life is that big a deal for most people? Most of us have a hard time worrying about our own life. For anti-gay groups it is all about the money. But if you DO spend every day of your life worrying about “the gays”, you may just want to talk to someone.

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