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Meteor ‘Truther’ Jose Canseco Says Russian Explosion Was Secret Weapon

Jose Canseco meteor truther

Remember the meteor that buzzed over Russia yesterday, blew up, and injured hundreds? That was no meteor, according to former baseball-er Jose Canseco, who suspects a government cover-up of some kind.

The former Major League Baseball player took to Twitter yesterday regarding the surprise Russian meteor explosion, and said he’s not buying the government line about what went down.

“No way that was a meteor in Russia today,” Canseco tweeted.

Mediaite is calling Canseco a “meteor truther” over his tweets, probably because he does indeed sound like some kind of tinfoil hat-wearing conspiracy nut.

There are hundreds of videos of the Russian meteor explosion, and just shy of 1,000 individuals injured. The devastation is also evident, with structural damage stretching over miles. The Russian meteor did quite a number all on its own.

But let’s go easy on Canseco, because he’s hardly the only “meteor truther” out there right now, notes Press TV.

Russia’s controversial Liberal leader Vladimir Zhirinovsky, a member of Russian parliament, also believes that the meteor was a weapon of some kind, specifically a piece of US experimental tech.

Others think it is a warning from God.

Canseco thinks it’s North Korea’s fault.

Especially conspiracy-flavored was Canseco’s final tweet on the matter:

What do you think? Was the Russian meteor a secret weapon test? Are you a “meteor truther” like Jose Canseco?

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9 Responses to “Meteor ‘Truther’ Jose Canseco Says Russian Explosion Was Secret Weapon”

  1. Merrie Voigt

    It's sad when people cannot understand what's right there in front of their eyes. But for others to voice their opinion on what they didn't see or feel is pure ignorance until the facts are all in. For Canseco he couldn't even cover-up his own problems and were suppose to believe him. I think he was hit in the head one to many times with a baseball bat and dementia is setting in.

  2. Michael Sonetto

    Please people,,, some understanding for the poor man,,, THE STROIDS HAVE EATEN WHAT's LEFT OF THE LITTLE BIT OF BRAIN HE WAS BORN WITH. Pitty the man. :-(

  3. Anonymous

    I think media IDIOTS like the author of this article are the tin foil hat wearing FOOLS! Don't worry, let the real adults who are concerned about TRUTH figure it out, you morons can blather all day long about ANYBODY who has a NON mainstream view. TELL ME, was the Gulf of Tonkin incident a CONSPIRACY? HA FOOLS? NO, it was REAL, the Vietnam war was a caused by a false flag, not unlike the grand charade of men in caves defeating our air defenses, NOT 1 time, but 3 F'N times, not to mention a building 7 falling with NOTHING hit it…SO your cartoonish article here and all the moron non-thinking fools who drool and follow the leader can get lost.

  4. Jeff Labadie

    Given that Russians tend to be drunk atheists; 1) I doubt they think 'God' had anything to do with it; 2) If they did think that, they don't remember, because they were drunk.

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