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Goodell Received $29m In Compensation From NFL Last Year

Roger Goodell $29 Million

Roger Goodell received $29m in compensation from the NFL last year, a salary that tripled from 2011.

NFL owners almost tripled the commissioner’s compensation for the 2011 tax year. The raise made Goodell the highest paid commissioner in US sports.

The League’s most recent tax return, for the year beginning April 1, 2011 an ending March 31, 2012, shows that most of the commissioner’s pay is in the form of a $22.3 million bonus, reports Sports Illustrated.

The NFL endured a lockout in 2011. But Goodell helped work out the new 10-year deal that ended the labor disputes. That deal was followed by new television contracts with CBS, ESPN, Fox, and NBC.

Goodell’s pay of $29 million compares with his earnings in 2010, which topped $11.6 million. Arthur Blank, owner of the Atlanta Falcons and chairman of the league’s compensation committee, defended the massive salary Roger Goodell received. Blank explained:

“The NFL is the most successful and best-managed sports league in the world. This is in no small part due to Roger’s leadership and the value he brings to the table.”

Goodell’s salary is comparable to the highest-paid NFL player, New Orleans Saints quarterback Drew Brees. Brees receives $20 million per season, according to The Guardian.

Goodell took over for Paul Tagliabue, who retired in 2006. Since then, he has helped end the 2011 lockout, as well as the Bountygate scandal of 2012. He has also helped expand the NFL, which will stage regular-season games overseas.

There is no information on how much previous NFL commissioners have been paid. Do you think that Roger Goodell’s compensation of $29 million for one season is too much?

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4 Responses to “Goodell Received $29m In Compensation From NFL Last Year”

  1. Anonymous

    this is a disgrace, he makes as much as the highest player getting his beat in every day. and as far as the so called bounty gate scandal, which was a man made scandle fabricated by the nfl commissioners office to aide in the concussion lawsuit. the saints were made a scapegoat and the league knows it. if the players could talk without being fined they would tell you. the nfl is run by a dictator, why would they not allow the saints their data they supposedly had, or allow the saints players to face their accusers, tagliabu knew the scandle was a farce that's why he reversed goddells decision. williams lifetime didn't even lasts a year. the commissioner's office are a bunch of liars.

  2. Mark Day

    Its really great that he can get paid 29 million for fucking football up so badly! 2012 was worst ever in the NFL, boring games everywhere! Like watching the WWF now, waiting for Hulk Hogan to play QB.

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