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Man Slaps Crying Baby On Flight, Calls It Racist Epithet, Gets Arrested

Man Slaps Crying Baby On Plane, Calls It Racist Epithet, Gets Arrested

A man slapped a crying baby on an Atlanta-bound flight while yelling a racist epithet at the infant boy and, for his effort, got tossed in handcuffs and charged with assault.

The incident took place on a Delta Air flight from Minneapolis on February 8. The baby was crying as the flight was nearing its landing when Joe Rickey Hundley of Idaho grew enraged at his crying, The Associated Press reported.

The boy’s mother, 33-year-old Jessica Bennett of Minneapolis, said Hundley was sitting next to her and then slapped the crying boy in the face, giving him a scratch under his right eye.

As he slapped the crying baby, Hundley told Bennett to “shut that (n-word) baby up,” a police report said. Several passengers then came to the mother’s aid.

The 60-year old man was then arrested for slapping the baby and charged with simple assault. He also had a 2007 incident in which he was charged with carrying a concealed weapon and public intoxication.

His lawyer urged people not to rush to judgment.

“We think that it is important to let the case develop, and we’ll see how it all comes out,” Hundley’s attorney Marcia Shein said Friday.

Hundley’s child is adopted, and they were on the way to Atlanta for a funeral, the Daily Mail reported.

After the man slapped the crying baby, police also found that he was intoxicated. And his attempt to quiet the baby didn’t quite work, either. The police report noted that the baby cried louder after being slapped.

(UPDATE: A previous version of this story misidentified the man who slaps the crying baby as being charged with carrying a concealed weapon. That charge was from a previous incident.)

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615 Responses to “Man Slaps Crying Baby On Flight, Calls It Racist Epithet, Gets Arrested”

  1. Tom Linder

    The racism is disgusting, but parents do need to keep their kids quiet. You had them, you control them. The rest of us don't want to hear them, period.

  2. Shawnna Griffin Sluss

    Unbelievable! They would've had me in cuffs too along with the guy that slapped the baby. Let someone try to put their hands on my children and see what happens!

  3. Alice Burrell

    How did he board the plane carrying a concealed weapon? Where was TSA when they were needed? And then he compounds that with cruelty to children!

  4. Lory Slims

    I'm not rushing any more than he did. He's a dirt bag and its not even close to possible giving him the sentence he deserves.

  5. Anonymous

    someone should hit him and give him a black eye for doing that to a baby. Poor kid.

  6. Black Love Power

    I agree Shawna. I would have knocked the holy hell out of that racist MF. He should be not only charged with simple assault, but child abuse as well.

  7. Jewell Margolis

    Don't jump to conclusion? The baby was slapped, and how in the hell did he get on the plane with a concealed weapon? A lot of people might balk at this but they need to ban alcohol on planes, you don't who is crazy when they drink, luckily that is all he did to the baby..

  8. Jules 'Ilikeanani Kd

    How in hell did this racist, redneck gun nut get a weapon on the plane? We give up tons of rights to the TSA, having to basically let them strip us, and we're not even allowed to have lip balm or hand lotion, but this abusive dickwhistle gets a weapon onto a plane? I hope this guy rots. How do people get away with things like this?

  9. Anonymous

    I've been on flights where the parents ought to have slapped the bottoms of their kids. I sure would have liked to myself. The parents knew their kids were kicking my seat the whole time or pulling my hair or just being loud and rude. No, I take that back. THE PARENTS should have been slapped.

  10. Amanda Sargent Guarneri

    That a**h*** is lucky that it wasn't my child he slapped, because I can promise you he would have gotten a stilletto to the groin, numerous times. Also, how the hell did he get a concealed weapon on a plane?

  11. Tracy L. Hueckstaedt Phillips

    Don't rush your judgement? What defense could this man possibly have for slapping a baby? Where was TSA to pat him down and feel him up and then block him from getting on flight on the grounds that he was intoxicated in the first place?

  12. Earl Francart

    I would have been in jail for putting that bastard in the hospital if that had been my son.

  13. Pamela Evans-Jones

    Thank God it wasn't me because this story would have a different ending!

  14. Carolyn Ingold

    He was probably escorted around TSA as were Kim and Kanye and that's how he got on the plane with the weapon. Wow, takes a special idiot though to slap a baby!

  15. LuAnn Valentine

    Wow, since when is assaulting an infant a simple assault. If the mother had done that she would have been hit with so many charges, yet a stranger does it and it's simple assault. And the lawyer adds insult to injury by saying "let not jump to judgement." What a bunch of crock. You slap a baby and call it the n word you should be put in the city lock up with a sign on your chest stating your actions. Let's see how big a man you are then.

  16. LuAnn Valentine

    Wow, since when is assaulting an infant a simple assault. If the mother had done that she would have been hit with so many charges, yet a stranger does it and it's simple assault. And the lawyer adds insult to injury by saying "let not jump to judgement." What a bunch of crock. You slap a baby and call it the n word you should be put in the city lock up with a sign on your chest stating your actions. Let's see how big a man you are then.

  17. Janet Lurker

    When small children or babies fly they have problems with their ears. Sometimes giving a baby a bottle will help. This man was purely ignorant. I am glad he was arrested and needs to spend some serious time in jail to think about what he did.

  18. Anonymous

    There is no reason to have to rush a judgement…a 60 year old drunk slapped a baby and called it a n***** while doing so judgement rendered no need to rush! Throw him in jail and let him rot there!

  19. Billie Jones

    This is one of the worst things that I have heard of in a long time. Unfortunately it does not surprise me. When people are drunk they show their true colors. If this was my child that had been slapped by that man , I would be in jail for assaulting him.

  20. Anonymous

    I don't think ya'll get that the child was his… is that correct? Maybe I read it wrong myself. I don't agree with him hitting the child either and I'd be pretty pissed if it was my child he hit. I'd probably be in jail for assault, Anyway. I think it's very offensive to call people redneck gun nuts. But sometimes your nerves can only take so much on a plane and some parents…don't know the first thing about parenting. As for him getting on the plane with a weapon? this whole story stinks to high heaven. I get a full body MRI scan everytime I go to the f'ing airport for internal surgical staples. I hate flying! All the f'ing idiots wearing perfume and their loud mouths talking like everyone wants to hear what they are saying. Some folks are flying for business, OR FUNERALS, and are just ready to get the F home. WE don't give a s** about your vacation plans, your kids or anything else.

  21. Nunyo Biznuss

    What a pathetic loser. If I saw someone do that on a plane near me, it would not be pretty….

  22. Adam Tricky Dick Elmore

    How do any of y'all know the real facts? You judge people so commenly. As though you are gods. Your a mear man. No different than any other air beathing species on earth. This world wide web has the whole world upside down. The humans as a whole are stupid very stupid.

  23. Lorae Carter

    wow simple assult? On a plane with a concealed weapon….and drunk…..OMG and only getting a simple assult…There is NO simple here…not only did he use a slur….he slapped a baby….In Mulberry Florida…that's child abuse…..

  24. Jessica Konkoly Haas

    1. How did he get past TSA with a weapon, when my 9 year old got searched because she had a nail clipper in her purse? 2. Who kept serving this lunatic alcohol until he was drunk enough to slap a baby? 3. This man does NOT represent all Idahoans, trust me on this!

  25. Anonymous

    I highly doubt he was a gun nut!!! Actually, by his demeanor, I suspect he was a gun-grabbing liberal. They all want to control everyone around them all the time, including infants.

  26. Anonymous

    Yeah, REAL moms wear stilletto's…..carrying a baby…..on a plane.

  27. Matt Becham

    niggers do let their babys cry and show out where ever and laugh about it. at 60 he's tired of the shit. I don't blame him.

  28. Mrs'Leonard Nimoy

    What does that have to do with SLAPPING a BABY and calling it the n word? Two completely different things.

  29. Callie Oriol

    The baby cried louder after being slapped? Astonishing! What a complete moron. He would not get off that plane alive if he slapped my baby…

  30. Mrs'Leonard Nimoy

    I was going to say something about that and thought I was the only one angered by it. It's like they wanted to take away the fact that that’s her baby or the baby acts like that but not its white mother. It's her baby regardless of birth or adoption smh. Belittling if you ask me.

  31. Jon Norman

    "After the man slaps the crying baby, police also found that he was intoxicated and carrying a concealed weapon. And his attempt to quiet the baby didn’t quite work, either — the police report noted that the baby cried louder after being slapped."

    Is this suppossed to be a joke?

  32. Jon Norman

    One thing's for sure – America is going to be a very interesting place for the next 10 years. Between mental illness, guns, sporadic violence, mass murders and unemployment (due to China taking our manufacturing jobs), I'm going to be watching the news a lot.

  33. Arica Justice

    So I had to throw out all of hand lotion because it could have been a bomb but this guy gets past TSA with some sort of concealed weapon? WTF

  34. Arica Justice

    So I had to throw out all of hand lotion because it could have been a bomb but this guy gets past TSA with some sort of concealed weapon? WTF

  35. Arica Justice

    So I had to throw out all of hand lotion because it could have been a bomb but this guy gets past TSA with some sort of concealed weapon? WTF

  36. Debra Miller-Woodley

    Damn… can't even let the kid reach his first birthday without a violent, racist encounter. That's really sad. I hope his life gets better! And I hope some judge mandates some serious intervention for the nut job who laid hands on him… since the mama didn't get to take him out.

  37. Anonymous

    Mrs'Leonard Nimoy – Ya'lll are really taking this INQUISITR story serious aren't you? And you probably think this is real news. Who gives a F. He didn't kill a baby. I don't think the baby heard what he called him and how do YOU know he really called him that or if SOMEONE just didn't claim he said that so they could file a lawsuit?? Oh NO!! Not that couldn't possibly happen could it? I'm just playing Devil's Advocate here with you liberal nuts.

  38. Michelle Mathews

    They would have had ME in handcuffs for assault if that was my baby. I'd have whipped that guys ass!

  39. Jennifer Danley

    If that was my child, I would have slugged him….a few times. What a jerk. Who the heck slaps babies?

  40. Ive Vazquez

    Damn it …. This pissed me off and made me laugh….poor baby……. Ass hole face old fart……… I hope the baby is ok…. Next time i hope someone punches the old ass fart out…

  41. Anonymous

    Jewelll DA Margolis – OMG. Please, stay off all public transportation. You are a danger to yourself as well as to society.

  42. Victor Reynolds

    Let's see…boarded a plane with a concealed weapon. Then assaulted-physically and verbally-another passenger. Aren't those Federal offenses? I say put him in Federal lockup with the terrorists and mobsters who'd give anything to see their children. Punk wouldn't last a minute. They'd also need to fire the TSA agents who let him on with a weapon.

  43. Anonymous

    What do you call someone who calls another human being a racist, redneck, gun nut, abusive dickwhistle? A contradiction.

  44. Joyce Martin

    Article states it was "Hundley's adopted child." It doesn't change the greavity of the situation but, it appears instead of stating "a man slapped a child" the article should read – father slapped his child. Why is a guy like this allowed to adopt a child?

  45. Debra Miller-Woodley

    And I'll bet the other passengers would have run interference for the mom, if she had attacked him, to keep "security" from pulling her off him too quickly…

  46. Tom Linder

    They don't say what the weapon was. It was probably something small that could be missed (even though it shouldn't be, of course).

  47. Susan Rena Smith

    Drunk with gun slaps baby and uses the n word= Nazi! What happened to federal laws? He should be charged with child endangerment, child abuse, and carrying a weapon, and drunk and disorderly! I have a feeling this case will turn to something big! I hope they lock this pig up for a long time! Anyone who slaps a baby is a danger to everyone! If he could do that, what else will he do?

  48. Susan Rena Smith

    Drunk with gun slaps baby and uses the n word= Nazi! What happened to federal laws? He should be charged with child endangerment, child abuse, and carrying a weapon, and drunk and disorderly! I have a feeling this case will turn to something big! I hope they lock this pig up for a long time! Anyone who slaps a baby is a danger to everyone! If he could do that, what else will he do?

  49. Catherine Acton

    that would have been the day I went jail…………..omg………..what the hell is wrong with people today………and drunk and had a gun………

  50. Mark Friden

    Who wrote this? The second sentence of the second paragraph has the word "when" spelled "wen". The entire sixth paragraph is misplaced – it reads as though it is supposed to be the first paragraph, leading off the story.

  51. Hazel DeLorenzo

    LuAnn; He was/is NOT a man. He is an animal and should be treated as a dangerous one. Typical of a male who hasn't and won't ever mature into a man.

  52. Anonymous

    So YOU Shari are advocating MURDER of a an old man who was drunk going to a funeral? Wow!!! Just for trying to get a kid to shut up? You never hit your kids? You never got hit as a kid??

  53. John Watkins

    think of how big this would be if a black man slapped a white baby. oooohhh

  54. Anonymous

    OK to hit an old man!! Yeah way to go! Let's don't respect no more elderly folks!

  55. Annie Butler

    So if the mother had took him down and beat the hell out of him, I suppose he would have cried self defense if he shot her.

  56. Nunyo Biznuss

    Nail clippers and a wine bottle opener are forbidden items. He probably had something like that. What a loser this guy is.

  57. Diana Dorn DeJane

    first of all, who wrote this story, a child? Worst sentence structuring ever! wow, and secondly, if he was intoxicated and carrying some kind of concealed weapon, how was he able to board this flight?

  58. Debra Miller-Woodley

    Oh seriously? The people who think there's something wrong with some guy laying hands on someone else's child are liberal nuts? LOL! Thanks for your expert opinion. Those kids kicking your seat & pulling your hair (if that was true) must have been liberals, huh? Please change your user name so you don't continue to embarrass folks in either of the Carolinas…

  59. Debra Miller-Woodley

    Oh seriously? The people who think there's something wrong with some guy laying hands on someone else's child are liberal nuts? LOL! Thanks for your expert opinion. Those kids kicking your seat & pulling your hair (if that was true) must have been liberals, huh? Please change your user name so you don't continue to embarrass folks in either of the Carolinas…

  60. Nancy Kelley

    Buford Doyle Oh so calling names is manly? Doesn't matter what it was. It was still a concealed weapon. And no he isn't a mental midget–you are!

  61. Nunyo Biznuss

    Hey genius, she was going to a funeral, not the racist child abusing loser.

  62. Mike Boz

    It wouldn't be covered at all if a black man slapped a white baby….the liberal media would protect the minority you stupid racist fool

  63. Anonymous

    WELL We certainly know who is crazy when they DON'T drink. Jewell, I told you to stop letting your cat out of the bag!!

  64. Anonymous

    Actually, the mum and her child were on their way to the funeral. Read good.

  65. Rutherford O'toole-smythe

    I love the way he had a concealed weapon on him. I guess the TSA only searches elderly women in wheelchairs…

  66. Anonymous

    I wish The SOB would try and slap a kid around me, the cops woul be the least of his worries.

  67. Nunyo Biznuss

    Hey genius, the mother was on her way to the funeral, not the racist child abusing loser.

  68. Diana Dorn DeJane

    it's one thing to hit your own kids, Carolinagirl, it is quite another thing to hit someone else's child

  69. Diana Dorn DeJane

    carolinagirl965 and did you even read the story?? Doesn't sound like it.

  70. Chanda Upton Engle

    Can you not read, they said weapon, NOT GUN! Moron, that can be any number of things.

  71. Anonymous

    Moni Milow – Thanks Moni. And yes, I certainly think he had a severe lapse in judgement here all the way around.

  72. Anonymous

    a concealed weapon could have been toe nail clippers w a file on the end, an eye glasses screw driver or something else like that. The guy is an a-hole who deserved to get his a$$ beat by the mom and every other parent on that plane.

  73. Beth Hamilton

    Pepe Perez I'm sure you've heard about women who will pick up a car to save their child. NEVER, and I mean never mess with somebody else's kids. Yes a mother can be Very tough. Go head Lauren! I agree with you 100%

  74. Kris Hansen

    A concealed weapon on a plane? Slapping the baby is the minor part of the story. Some tsa agent/s need to.
    become part of America's unemployed!

  75. Chanda Upton Engle

    I love how people see "weapon" and automatically jump to "It MUST BE A GUN". This guy is a cranky old douche who should of kept his hands to himself. Now days they consider a forgot lighter in a pocket, a pair of nail clippers, heck any liquid over 2oz a weapon. So get over yourselves…very un-likely it was a gun!

  76. Andrew Kim

    So much sloppy journalism; where do I begin? Hundley (the slapper) has a child that's adopted? Says so in 2nd to last paragraph. Where's the child? On the flight? In Atlanta? Whose funeral? The child's? Another relative? Or did you mean Bennett's (the mother) African American child (slapee) is adopted? And how did Bennett clear security with his concealed weapon?

  77. Joanna Bostwick Backman

    what an ass! as a mom of a now grown son, who is 21 and a wonderful young man, I can relate to when this same son was an infant, flying and him screaming and screaming because of his ears hurting. have a little pity for parents in this same situation and for God's sakes try and keep lunatics like this idiot out of the airplane in the first place!

  78. Anonymous

    Debra Miller-Woodley = . Either way they weren't being tended to or corrected by their parents. And I fly to the Mid-West several times a year for business. I'm not saying the guy was right in any way. I just hate the way some of these posters are saying the guy was a racist gun nut. Being from the South, that riles me a LOT. Being a parent of boys, I know how to keep mine in line. Knowing other parents who let their kids rule their households…I understand that shit gets old quick. He's a 60 yr old man who was under the influence of alcohol on a coach flight possibly en route to a funeral. And I bet a dime to a dollar ur a f'in Yankee transplant to the South so f off.

  79. Djinn Sirocco Green

    happy_paul, what a typically conservative thing to say. yeah, let's make this political. you mentioned control? what about trying to control what we do in the bedroom and if we have the right to believe in god or not— you know, the things that have absolutely nothing to do with anyone else? so, let's keep this about a disturbed person who did something outrageous…

  80. Robert Martinez

    Shouldn't he be getting a medal? He had the courage to do what everyone else wanted to do but couldn't. (I'm not talking about the racist part).

  81. Chris Stacy

    Imma call bs on that comment. Im a white male and what he said was wrong. He should get the shit kicked out of him and believe me when he goes to prison and the other inmates find out what he did im sure he will get whats coming to him! Im in the military and have served with people of many different cultures and skin color! And u know what? We all bleed RED! So stop with the black and white comments already……OOOOHHHH!

  82. Anonymous

    Nancy Kelley – I could say so much here Nancy… But you know what it is, and I'll leave it at that.

  83. Anonymous

    pretty dumb statement you just made mr.watkins considering that you are black. quit playing the race card.

  84. Tina Resendez

    I would have slapped him right back but with such vengeance his head would have landed before the plane did!

  85. Deanna Prichard Chambers

    "Hundley’s child is adopted, and they were on the way to Atlanta for a funeral, the Daily Mail reported." So the child was his adopted baby? Most of the article sounded like he was a stranger to the mother and child, but at the end says Hundley's child is adopted. How sad.

  86. Christina Shields

    Ok people. I'm going to be the voice of reason here. You read it on the internet so it must be true, right? Wrong! Think about it. Obama is set to talk about gun bans, he's african american. This seems just a little too convenient for my taste. I'm not saying it couldn't happen, but really. I'd like to hear it from the horses mouth. I've a good mind to call that airline and the people "reporting" this news and check it out for myself.

  87. Don Boyd

    The weapon could have been any of 100 things on the TSA list, biggest thing is he got off the plane with out someone giving him a beat down.

  88. Christina Corradi

    I don't care about the slapping my eye caught the CONCEALED WEAPON? WOW now how the heck did that happen exactly? Great FTA agents wow.

  89. Tina Renee

    WTF? If that woulda been my child I would have literally ripped that mans head off.

  90. Anonymous

    Did you see all the editorial mistakes in that article? WHEW! Are they hiring retards?

  91. Norma Sajak

    simple assault really this person needs to be charged with assualt, abuse and what ever else we can throw at him…. RACISM has to stop this is an innocent child he is a 60 year old man do the math…throw the book at him….

  92. Anonymous

    "The 60-year old man was then arrested for slapping the baby and charged with simple assault.

    A 60-year-old Idaho man has been charged with simple assault for allegedly slapping an infant aboard an Atlanta-bound flight."? editors are brain damaged? They also spelled "when" as "wen"……..

  93. Stephanie Iaboni

    This article is either really poorly written or it makes no sense. The person who slapped the baby is the adopted father? It says in the article "Hundley’s child is adopted, and they were on the way to Atlanta for a funeral, the Daily Mail reported."

    I'm not clear on what that means.

  94. Richard Miller

    What is your problem Pepe? Obviously you don't have children, but if you do, God help them!

  95. Sandy Burgess McClay

    I would be suing that SOB after he gets out of jail….God I hate hearing this!

  96. David Waddell

    There is no excuse for slapping an infant child unless it's on his/her bottom at birth Who knows they probably don't do that anymore these days.

  97. Donna Mineer-Rayburn

    If he had slapped my baby, I would have been the one in handcuffs. The EMS would be carting him off.

  98. Anonymous

    carolinagirl965–Another idiot who doesn't read. Now, you see the problem with this country.

  99. Anonymous

    As I eluded to earlier…I didn't read the entire article. And the dubious facts within it are less important to me than setting some of you leftwing posters here on fire. Don't you even know when somebody is fng w/u? Probably not, as you are always the one doing it to someone else. Well start getting used to it. Parents have been hitting kids since time began, you all should be used to it by now. If you're not, you didn't get hit enough as a child. It builds character.

  100. Richard Miller

    Buford, he was acting like a nut. And these are the kinds of people who should not have guns. Unfortunately these are generally the types that carry guns.

  101. Anonymous

    I would have tried to kill that old man. Just because you live a long life doesn't mean it can't come to a short end.

  102. Cea Taylor

    You seem to be defending him and his actions Carolinagirl965. Drinking or not it WAS and IS wrong. You must be a woman who let's your boyfriend slap you around. You in no way, shape or form can justify that man's actions. If it had been my child he would NOT have been walking out of that plane. I will protect my child from idiots like that and *let's justify this behavior* woman like you.

  103. Anonymous

    Renee Doan, Thanks for posting the best thing you could come up with. I suppose you never made a typographical error. And, FYI, I was speaking native to "tortillaface."

  104. Jason Johnson

    This has nothing to do with race. Legally it's simple assault and that's how it's written in the books. A parent is charged with more crimes when they abuse their kids because there are specific laws that have to do with parent abuse of children. The man is charged with simple assault right now, but he'll also get hit with any hate crime laws, but depending on the state, there aren't many specific laws that have an specifics against slapping a baby and calling it a racist slur.

  105. Rebecca Nirmala Peacock

    This is f up. The flight attendant button is there for a reason. He could of asked to be moved. And to have some one hit your child my god what is wrong with people?

  106. Anonymous

    This man's attorney says we should not rush to judgement. So what exactly did this man do when he slapped the baby and used a racial slur? Also, how did he get a concealed weapon on the plane? This whole situation seems like something you would have expected 40 years ago… Not in the year 2013.

  107. Smith David

    @booford he's from idaho which makes him a bonafide racist gun nut…

  108. Carla Keller Walker

    um..a concealed weapon? TSA let one get by them? wow..with mammograms and proctology exams going on left and right you would think that wouldn't happn!

  109. Arthur Kelly

    They would be slapping me in handcuffs for attempted murder on the bas#$d. He will get a bloody fine and that will be the end of it. First time offense—blah blah blah–slap slap slap on the hand-measley ass fine and bingo–bye bye birdie. They would seriously still be trying to get me off his scrawny arse. Like stink on a june bug.

  110. Valerie Smith

    John Watkins it was a white man slapping a black baby and he was arrested! He will pay for this in prison/jail and for the rest of his life. He got what he deserved. Also are you saying that if it were a white man slapping a black baby that all the white passagers are racist and would have beat him up? Not all white people are racists and I am offened that you think this way and put me and other whites into the racisit group. Shame on you.

  111. Christina Heather Anderson

    I am willing to bet that he was drunk before he got on the plane, so it would NOT have helped to have banned booze…

  112. Lisa L. Burton

    carolinagirl965 I'd even advocate that. If some stranger put his hands on my baby, I would either cause him extreme harm or death–and just because he gets shot doesn't mean he'll die. I know my fiance would shoot him had he hit our son. Are you advocating that just because an old man is drunk and going to a funeral (which was the mother going and not the jackass) he has the right to slap your baby to get it to shut up? Personally, I wouldn't care what his problem was.

  113. Jodie Higgins

    not to make excuses, but has anyone considered how it might feel to sit next to a screaming kid for 3 hours while mom does nothing? maybe that's what no one is talking about. none of you know what happened aside from the reactionary report that was issued. traveling is stressful for everyone, let alone an older person. mix in strangers, kids screaming, etc and bad things are bound to happen.

  114. Brian Gard

    I've never wanted to slap a crying child in public. It's the parents I want to slap.

  115. Pat Mojarro

    What has this guys adopted child got to do with him being ignorant and a bigot. I'm sick to death of people thinking children are suppose to act like adults when some idiot adults don't act like adults.

  116. Royce Dressel

    how did he get a weapon on a plane? sounds like a one way ticket to the age home, hope he don't get slapped around by the nurses and such. they don't put up with squat outta the prisoners in the age home. death sentance every time.

  117. Carla Keller Walker

    you John Watkins are a racist pig…. blacks do this kind of shit everyday but the Liberal media covers it up so as to cause racial tension…. dont act like it doesnt cause you know it does and worse!!

  118. Jessica Johnson

    carolinagirl965 had the child been mine, they'd have been arresting me for more than disrespecting the elderly. you must not have children.

  119. Darrin Cothran

    "After the man slaps the crying baby, police also found that he was intoxicated and carrying a concealed weapon".

    What kind of weapon? How the Hell did he get on board with a concealed weapon? In these days of granny getting half stripped search, some drunk guy with mental issues can get a concealed weapon on board a plane?

  120. Linda Smith

    Russell Troute that was hilarious!!!!!! LOL!! The sad truth though!!!!

  121. Darrin Cothran

    John Watkins –always has to be one person that turns it around and tries to make this into some overall racial problem in society instead of what it really is. A nutjob with anger management issues.

    I remember when they said "Wow, a Black man will NEVER become President"! Doesn't that change anything in your mind?

  122. Imari McCoy

    You know. I applaud this mom for not going in berserk rage mode on him. I know if that happened to me while I was with my mom she would get to him before I did. And I'd have to constrain her. Fatima. Am I right mom?

  123. Jessica Johnson

    I cannot possibly convey the amount of vengeance I would have unleashed on that POS….and he's a bigot to boot. People who abuse children are a new kind of low life coward.

  124. Anonymous

    Maybe if they disciplined their kids just once the passengers wouldn't have too! Sounds like the mom is looking to win the 'he be a racist lottery!'

  125. Jennifer Hope

    How many right do you want them to take from us? Just cuz there is a crazy or two out there dont mean that the rest of us should be punished?

  126. Anonymous

    John Watkins if it had been a black man who slapped a white baby we would,nt have heard a word from the press

  127. Anonymous

    Yes Ms. Shein, we will see how the case plays out in court for your intoxicated, concealed weapon carrying, racial epithet spewing, baby slapping client. Oh, and Ms. Shein, do you also believe in the tooth fairy?

  128. Anonymous

    Apparently this little black kid was jumping in the aisle, wailing at the top of his lungs for 30 minutes!
    Shut up already! It took a drunken fool to do what everyone else was thinking the baby's mom should have done in the first place!

  129. Anonymous

    Jessica Johnson – I do have children. And I would have been the first one in that man's face, believe me. I'm extremely over-protective. The police had to hold me back in the middle of Main Street one day b/c some boys jumped my son at the library. I just think some of the points of this story is in question here and everyone has already shot the old man, beat him up and give him a black eye. Not saying he doesn't deserve it ,mind you!! I guess I'm just in the mood to get some people's feather ruffled who think they are above hitting a child. I don't believe all these parents on here have never hit their kids. I have certainly given my boys a spanking when they deserved it. I have never hit them in the face though. But I grew up being beat with a belt and hit in the face and one time til my nose bled so maybe it's not such a big deal for me as it is for others.

  130. Beverly Grant Drolle Orefice


  131. Nefertari Thompson

    There are some people who NEVER need to be allowed out of the house. What a sick individual. On the other side of the story, HOW did he get on board with a weapon? The TSAs made me take my shoes off in the airport in Atlanta two years ago, and I don't even own a gun.

  132. Lori Jeske

    What difference does it make, if the child was adopted or not? Curious as to why the person who wrote this news article, made sure to point that out.

  133. Jamie Cornish-Armstrong

    This is how we are sometimes treated and it has gotten worse since 2008. Nobody wants to hear the word rascist in these matters , when everybody knows that is excactly what it is. To the haters and race baters, to the fools full of booze no more. To the fathers who dissapear, while others take care (children) Wake Up protect yours, be there, be strong, Lead.

  134. Owen Kinnan

    Wait a minute. Carrying a concealed weapon? WTH? No TSA security? Come on, something about this story doesn't sound right.

  135. Rebecca Jones


  136. Deirdre B Pride

    What are they charging the MF for the gun. How about child endangerment. child abuse, hate fuxing crime? What twisted world we live in…….

  137. Patti Boyer Govero

    I clicked on this and my page went nuts. I got out of it as fast as I could. I don't know what happened, but I hope it wasn't a virus.

  138. Dave Dobbs

    the mother should've kept the brat quiet…or make a baby section in the rear…

  139. Dave Dobbs

    the mother should've kept the brat quiet…or make a baby section in the rear…

  140. Deirdre B Pride

    She should have grabbed him by his wrinkled old arse ballz and squeezed them till he fainted.

  141. Melissa Belcher

    "lets not jump to judgement" are you kidding me? what could ever be said in defense of this idiot and his violent,hateful actions? i hope the judge he goes in front of is a mother, and cuz i believe in karma, black! take that you racist,child abusing creep.

  142. Deanna Prichard Chambers

    The article says that a 60 year old man got angry when a baby started crying due to the altitude change as they were landing. He turned and told the mother to shut the (racial slur) baby up and then slapped the baby scratching his face. The man was arrested. The article above at the end makes a comment that Hundleys baby is adopted, which is the name of the guy who slapped the baby. However, all 3 other sources I checked made it sound like he was a stranger assigned to the seat by the mother.

  143. Kellie Arrowood

    Not that I'm a violent person, but had it been MY child, the man wouldn't have lived long enough to be handcuffed and charged with simple assault.

  144. Michael Lindberg

    No need for jail. They were in Atlanta right? Just drop him off in one of the neighborhoods and yell what he did. I'm sure justice would be served. And yeah carolina winch I'm advocating violence.

  145. Susan Gayhart

    a concealed weapon on a plane? He slaps someone elses kid? Calls the kid a n… what the hell are we coming to?

  146. Colin Waddell

    “We think that it is important to let the case develop, and we’ll see how it all comes out,” His lawyer asked people not to rush to judgement. I'm not rushing to judgement. I took a solid 3 seconds to realize this guy is a racist piece of shit who was drunk and tried to fight someone on his same intellectual level. WTF is wrong with people these days. If you can't behave in public and appropriately handle people who are different than you, then you need to stay inside, only venturing out to go to your Klan meetings.

  147. Beverly Grant Drolle Orefice

    Of course, the baby cried louder after being slapped! He was in a lot of pain! I would love to know, too, how he boarded that plane carrying a concealed weapon? Whoever was responsible for that needs to lose their job. The whole situation is outrageous! It makes my blood boil to think that man actually slapped an infant! My God! If that was my baby he slapped he would have been lying in the aisle with my foot down his intoxicated throat!

  148. Wayne Wintermute

    I would have slapped the piss out of this guy right there right then! What? slapping an infant! Another thing..he was carrying a concealed weapon? What was the weapon and how did he get it on board? What?

  149. Anonymous

    Not rush to judgement? Let case develop? Into what? Self defense? The baby started it? The man HIT a baby and called it a name because it was crying. WHAT IS THERE TO WAIT FOR? It is pretty close to a hate crime if you ask me. Call it what it is and charge the idiot.

  150. Jose Cenal Paran

    yes! why simple assault only! a baby boy a defenseless to an old deranged man! let this old man slap by shaq what will happen to him. and even the lawyer they told us not judge the perpetrator! what will be your reaction bout that! OMG!

  151. Lori Jeske

    A comment like that, in print wit your name, address, friends, likes, location and contact information, will be useful in court for your conviction of a hate crime. Just sayin'…

  152. Callie Lamb

    Simple assault? That mother should have slapped HIM if not knocked him the hell out. Jump to judgement? The idiot slapped an infant! Ridiculous….people are so incredibly petty and stupid. What happened to justice?

  153. Kenn Spitz

    Obviously we have gotten nowhere since 9/11 if people can still get on planes with concealed weapons. Shame on you Delta.

  154. Debbie Rogers

    OK slapping the baby would get him knocked the F**k 0ut..but how in the hell did he get a concealed weapon on the plain. all kind of s**t wrong here…

  155. Mari Soares Alvarez

    Drunk, slaps the baby AND carrying a concealed weapon? Thanks for that one TSA….

  156. Denise Ratcliff-Kennedy

    That has to be the strangest "article" I've ever read. It reads like it was translated from another language. There is a typo "wen" instead of "when." And the writer states "Hundley's child was adopted." I believe that s/he meant "Bennett's child was adopted." In either case, it is irrelevant. How does the child being adopted relate to the story?

    Either way, the man should go to jail for child abuse.

  157. China Kaddon

    Geez, bad day for this little baby boy on the plane: 1) He cries because he was probably bothered by the cabin pressure; 2) Gets slapped in the face for his troubles; 3) Gets called a horrible name in addition to being slapped; 4) And to top it all off – he's described as an "it" by the editor whom wrote about the incident! I think the poor little guy could use a DRINK after all that!

  158. Virginia Roberts

    This isn't about what race the child was..This is about a man hitting a baby..That man needs to get prison time for it.. If that would have been my child..He wouldn't have walked off the plane..and I would have went to jail.

  159. Julie Moskal

    THIS is why I'm for abortion. You never know who's REALLY going to take care of your kid when you "choose" adoption! Better yet, WEAR CONDOMS!

  160. Bettie Landrum McGraw

    The article says that "Hundley's child was adopted". Are we to make from this that the man slapped his own adopted child? Seriously the article is not clear, but a number of reader's have assumed the man was a stranger when in fact he was the child's father. Obviously the man shouldn't slap a child under any circumstances.

  161. Leah Thorpe

    " People should not rush to judgement" LOL I am judging this scum bag….what he did was wrong and disrespectful…

  162. Robin Voiles

    I'm confused. Not that it makes any difference, but is this guy the baby's stepfather or what. Why does it say Hundley's child is adopted unless he is the baby's father? This story is so poorly written it's difficult to ferret out the relationship between the man, the woman, and the child. In any case, I hope they lock this guy up and throw away the key. The racial epithet, the violence towards a baby, inexcusable! And I agree with LuAnn below. How is that "simple" assault?

  163. Christina Lee Kwai-Coburn

    I don't give a damn what race either of them was. You don't hit a baby, let alone someone else's baby. I would have whooped his @$$.

  164. FRank Crosthwaite

    If some one slaps my child they leave in a stretcher. Really, I would go all Freddie Kruger on thier a$$.

  165. Christal Letizia

    Id be the one getting arrested, for murder! Let someone touch my child!

  166. Ramona Abrego

    Lets get this cleared up, this old man was drinking and slapped an infant on flight to Atlanta. He is a POS and there is NO excuse and nothing simple about it. Had he done that to my child, they would have taken him off the plane in a body bag. The concealed weapon and public intoxication took place in 2007 and was not a flight involved incident. Reread the story folks, get your facts straight. Nothing is more frustrating than people that don't get the facts straight.

  167. Nichole Roberson

    I am praying fot that man. He slapped an infant and called the baby the "N word." You sir should have many seats and your lawyer as well. He hit the right woman's child, once you endanger my babies I am no longer responsible for my actions.

  168. Adam Lanza

    This is dumb. It's just a typical stupid Black baby. It should of been aborted when the crack mother had a chance..or at least it should of been a student at Sandy Hook, if you catch my drift LOL.

  169. Libby Urbanowski

    What's also really sad is that this article was apparently edited to show a change in the charges the man had against him yet they still didn't see that they incorrectly spelled 'when' as "wen".

  170. John Sapp

    What the douche rocket did was insane and he should get the Karma coming to him…but once again to make a story sensational the reporters added he had a concealed weapon that was not true, Yahoo just retracted it saying it was from years ago on something else.

  171. Anonymous

    we dare all going crazy…he called little booboo a "N****". That child is going to blame everything that goes wrong in his life on that one, incredible incident.

  172. Bill Anderson

    I don't have kids, but if I did and some stranger slapped my baby on a plane (or anywhere for that matter) I'd be going to jail and he'd be going to take an extremely long dirt nap. This coward needs to sit in the jailhouse for awhile.

  173. Anonymous

    Hundley's child is adopted? I am confused. I thought Jessica Bennett was the one with the child….

  174. Anonymous

    Hundley child was adopted? I thought Jessica Bennett was the one with the baby.

  175. Anonymous

    Any man that hits a child like that especially in anger not to mention racism, is a coward pure and simple.
    If that had been my child I would have mopped that plane with his ass, and gladly gotten arrested myself. Let me correct that if I had seen this racist coward hit any child I would have mopped the floor with his cowardly ass.

  176. Anonymous

    Uh, huh! The lawyer thinks we should wait until the story develops? So, how long do we have to wait until the baby learns to speak to get the baby's side of the story. Now, if I were the father of the infant, and had been seated one row over, due to booking problems, I would have stepped up, and put my foot up his a-s!

  177. Leo Roland

    I read in on a different site that this guy could only get 1 year. Any crime commented on a airliner, is a Federal crime. Useing the word that he used should make this a hate crime. He should go away for the rest of his day's and this baby should own everything he and his family owns.

  178. Melanie English

    I agree that it is ridiculous that he is only getting charged with simple assault and that his lawyer says not to judge. Wow, I guess this is how America is now!

    Also, if people would read it now, it has been updated now. (UPDATE: A previous version of this story misidentified the man who slaps the crying baby as being charged with carrying a concealed weapon. That charge was from a previous incident.)
    But obviously the writer isn't very good at editing because he spelled "when" wrong. He spelled it "wen."
    It also just randomly says, 'Hundley’s child is adopted, and they were on the way to Atlanta for a funeral, the Daily Mail reported,' but it never previously states that Hundley, the 60 year old man that slapped the baby, is the baby's adopted father. So who knows how much of the information is actually legit and from a reliable source and there isn't anything said from interviews with witnesses.

  179. Deirdre B Pride

    If you read the story correctly, the story was previous written to make the readers think the concealed weapon charge happened during this incident. You're right though, " nothing is more frustrating than people that don't get the facts straight."

  180. Rbw Culpepper

    Wow! Are all the crazies coming out now? Everyday it is some nut case doing something insane. You never know what's going to happen next. People are flipping out from all walks of life (police, teachers, olympians, children, politicians) just to name a few. This is getting out of hand.

  181. Chrissy Kim

    This article is so poorly written. There are so many tense changes. Is the information correct about Hundley, the assaulter, having an adopted child? Did the author mean Bennett's child? Anyway, what a jerk. He was only charged with simple assault? What a joke.

  182. Susan Vitetta

    It sounds to me like it's been written by someone who doesn't speak English that well, spelling errors, past tense, present tense mixed up. It's very odd. I get from that Hundley has an adopted child with the lady he was sitting next to. What a guy.

  183. Susan Vitetta

    It sounds to me like it's been written by someone who doesn't speak English that well, spelling errors, past tense, present tense mixed up. It's very odd. I get from that Hundley has an adopted child with the lady he was sitting next to. What a guy.

  184. Cookie Carletti

    What a big man he is slapping a s all infant.SICK MOFO, I have to wonder. What makes woman sty with low life's like that??

  185. John Demirjian

    Shut the nigger up. Quit appropriate for the moment. Unfortunately, you can't tell anyone the truth anymore without undue consequences.

  186. Ruth Dougherty Torres

    If you read the update he did'nt have a concealed gun on the flight. that was from a previous arrest. Having said that, if he had slapped my baby he would have needede a gun.

  187. Jim Carter

    Beware of men with two first names from western states. They're tough hombres.

    Perfect example of how our country continues to backslide into the 1950s. We are the most hateful people on planet Earth. I'll continue to say that our biggest security threat is not from overseas, but from EACH OTHER. Why this inbred didn't also get a child abuse charge is beyond me.

  188. Anonymous

    I despise a crying baby on a plane just as much as the next guy but geez, talk about extreme.

  189. Anonymous

    OMG! I would have knocked that man down! no one would ever touch my child! He deserves much more than a simple assult! are you serious. we all want quiet at times but a baby! He needs more than that! Jail time for sure! at least 1 whole yrs for assult. I just don't understand people. how can they even think of hurting a baby. a child? kick is ASS I say! and if he is put in jail. he WILL get his as kicked! poor baby!

  190. Anonymous

    If that fool had hit my kid there would have been an assault alright, and well before the plane landed. Hitting a baby, hope they put him in jail where he can be Bubba's baby.

  191. Tyna Wade Madden

    these are the actions of one man being exacerbated purposefully to divide us into a race war. To the oligarchs of the world, there are two races… us, and them. divide and conquer. don't fall for it. this story was chosen for a VERY specific reason. you will be seeing much more of these types of articles in the future.

  192. Att ABoi

    white folk always being arrested for pointing out facts and putting them @#$$%^ in their place.
    Vote GOP! Stop the Obama madness!

  193. Sophia Minott

    I am livid. And the lawyer with that statement of 'not to rush to judgment?' He is on the same level as this disgusting animal. You do not put your hands on someone else's child, even worse a baby, under no circumstances.

  194. Odette Dotter

    Just read this and horrified that ANYONE would touch another person's child, particularly in a violent manner. Jeeeez, if I had been the Mother, prob would have tried to throw him outta the plane!

  195. Diane Nielson

    totally should be a hate crime! this is disgusting on so many levels, not the least of which is hitting a child, hitting a child who isn't even related to him, and calling the child racial slur.
    this man hates babies, hates other races, and apparently hates himself in order to act this vile way. Sounds like hate crimes to me!

    bravo to the other passengers coming to the aid of mom and child. and kudos to mom for not outright killing this man for laying a hand on her baby!

  196. Robert A. White

    After reading a ton of these posts, I can't believe the number of people who read into the article. The man was not carrying a weapon at the time of the assault. The carrying of the weapon while intoxicated occured in 2007.

  197. Naomi Aloha

    He, the slapper was once a 2 year old and I bet he cried and bothered people. Everyone has to remember that 2 year old will act out and should never be slapped. We were all 2 year olds…so "suck it up" and endure. Life is to short to make a drama out of a natural thing..throw the book at the slapper..

  198. Seijuro Hiko Hiko

    a lot of weird things happens these days nothing moves me he was possessed with a demon of anger blame it on the demon, that was very abnormal.

  199. Larry Lane

    This man is going to get the ass whoopin' of his life when people find out who he is.

  200. Lia Hrey

    Sorry but never would that a$$h33e have pulled back anything but a stump had he slapped a baby next to me on a plane! I'm surprised he made it to a cop car!

  201. Heather Gray

    Why did they have to mention the baby was adopted, does it make any difference in what happened did it make the baby cry anymore, did the guy do it because it was adopted no, so why mention it in the first place, no only the news media and columns like this seem to have to broadcast a person is adopted.

  202. Katherine Babcock

    Yep, it only takes a minute amount of intelligence READ the entire article and then spout crap. Did those people really gragiate from 2nd grade?

  203. Robert A. White

    This is how rumors get started…..I used to think it was the media's fault but now I understand that alot of Americans can't read…..

  204. Duke Rhodes

    Listen John Watkins. What more do you want a riot in Atlanta? The person was charged and I'm sure will prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. I swear no matter what the case is when ethnics are mixed lets do our best to leave RACISM out of it.

  205. Duke Rhodes

    Ok folks. finish reading the article. He did not have a concealed weapon on him. That was from another incident! Holy crap a baby got slapped here that's the issue! The next thing some joker that doesn't know how to process information will be commenting on is that he slapped the baby with a concealed weapon.

  206. Kendall Marlink

    yes , syr overpaid lawyer….no rush to judjement here! find him guilty (next week) and publickly hang him the following day!

  207. Acacia Edwards

    What the hell! They should have whooped his wrinkled ass, and a simple assault…REALLY? B.S. Seriously!

  208. Duke Rhodes

    And just to add. I don't use the "N" word, but how can it be a racist word? It is thrown around these days in common conversation, and no matter to what ethnic group. I think people have forgotten the struggle to overcome the "N" word. February is Black History month look it up its' true.

  209. Anonymous

    Slap my baby and be ready for the consequences. You may not get your hand back at all.

  210. Juanita Lee

    What was the significent in sharing information that the child was adopted? Would this impede on hippa law whether the family wanted this info shared with the world, duh! Won't soften the blow either way.

  211. Chuck Lewis

    Why do peoploe think he had a concealed weapon on a plane? The article says nothing of the sort. They simply mentioned his previous run-ins with the law. Nothing there about bringing a weapon on a plane. There…..

  212. Lynda Needham


  213. James Rothstein

    Wow… if that was my kid, that motherf*cker would not have left the flight concious, I can promise you that.

  214. Jan Picard-Noyes

    yeah if it was the mother she would be in jail and the kid taken away this a-hole needs to be locked up Sorry mom and baby had to go through this If it was my kid believe me he would probably have a hole through him by now.

  215. Cher Pyat

    If I were that kid's Mother I would've jumped all over him kicking the crap out of him. Bet he wouldn't of enjoyed getting the piss knocked out of him by a woman since he's racist (would it surprise you if he's the typical sexist misogynistic pig too?) He should be required to wear a sign that reads, "I'm racist and I abuse children." out in the open public and then lets see how much of a 'Man' that bastard really is. What a prick!

  216. Jan Picard-Noyes

    what an asshole hope mom takes every measure she has to put him in jail and sue for all its worth what a pos he is.

  217. Mary-Ann MacInerney

    Um…the lawyer doesn't want us to rush to judgement? Really? 'Cause I'm thinkin' slapped a baby and called it a…well, you know. Not much to consider, is there? Don't rush to judgement? Okay. Sure!

  218. Tammy Barrett

    he should be charged with child abuse, and the fact that this public intoxication is a problem. If someone would of ever slapped one of my babies I would beat their whole family.

  219. Debbie Doran

    their is so much hate in this world, to target an innocent baby is as low as it gets,,, wonder if the ole man was a republican?

  220. Kimberly Barnett


  221. Patricia Kowalczyk

    What he did was wrong and racist , however most liberal media doesn't touch the stories of the 3 blacks who doused a white boy with gas and set him afire while calling him a cracker. Or the new wave of crime in which several groups of young blacks canvass the streets robbing, harassing, and assaulting white/Asian/Indian decent people until police are called , then they scramble. Then there are the mass looting troops who rob stores in groups of 20-50 and the security has to sit and watch. All done by blacks but reverse racism never makes it into most media to not offend. I have many black friends and we all agree that the media is afraid to publish these much more offensive crimes. NBC is getting sued for manipulating the 911 call with Zimmerman , making him sound guilty and racist. They don't tell the stories of Zimmerman who is Peruvian/Jewish doing charity work for blacks and still helping some of them after the work ended. Pick your liberal media wisely.

  222. JocelynluvsJesus Colon

    they would have had to remove me with handcuffs and a few officers if someone touched my child and called my baby any names…ppl have no respect for children or their parents…what do you expect from a child that has to sit still for 2-3 hours on a plane? what a jerk! and what is this simple assault? are you serious? so it's okay for people to put their hands on other ppl's kids? this world is full of screwed up ppl…I can imagine all the sane ppl's reaction on that plane and I'm sure most of them are parents too…I'm so surprised they didn't report the mom losing it on him.

  223. Susie Gray Bishop

    For some reason those idiots think that is some negativity to add to their wonderful stinking story. grrrrrr Like you say…it makes no difference. Where is the compassion anymore? It's gone. >:(

  224. Anonymous

    sounds like the little monkey wouldn't shut up and momma monkey had no intention of trying to shut him up.

  225. Charlie Gerdes

    FOR ALL OF YOU WHO HAVE READING COMPREHENSION ISSUES; THE MAN DID NOT HAVE A CONCEALED WEAPON. READ IT AGAIN SLOWLY. HE HAD A PRIOR CHARGE UNRELATED TO THIS INCIDENT THAT INVOLVED A CONCEALED WEAPON. IF YOU READ THE ENTIRE ARTICLE, INCLUDING THE UPDATE AT THE BOTTOM, LAST STATEMENT, IT STATES THAT VERY CLEARLY. He was absolutley a jerk and needed to be arrested, nobody slaps a baby of any color for any reason. That said, most of the posts I read made it clear you don't really know what happend and are simply blowing smoke, otherwise there would not be so many of you who wondered how he boarded a plane with a weapon. He didn't, and it said so.

  226. Anonymous

    If that was my kid that B@$#@# slapped they wouldn't have to bother arresting him when that plane touched down. Just radio ahead for the nearest "coronor".

  227. Anonymous

    There's a lot a guys in prison that would "love" to get hold of somebody that abuses children; especially a defenseless "baby"…They'll know what to do for em…If he's half as smart as he was dumb for doing that to that baby he'll "stay out of the showers"!

  228. Anonymous

    With that mothers baby being "assaulted" aboard flight; Id say she should have one H%$# of a claim!
    As for the creep that assaulted her baby,…he should be "flagged" within all passenger airlines reservation systems and "banned" permanently from ever traveling on any passenger airliner again!

  229. Sandra Mundy

    What was mom doing? She should be charged with negligence! Didn't she see a hand coming up out of her peripheral view? I am sure that drunkard was belligerent and smelly she should have asked to be moved or keep a sharp on the baby. How can you now see a menacing hand coming after your baby and not break it! *Ain't nobody got time for that* All when the plane land mi still a beat him! LOL

  230. Margie Gonzales

    If that was my baby he had slapped I would have knocked his ass out! His lawyer is an ideiot as well…

  231. Dennis Robertson

    What kind of devil slap a child and then called it a ni**er? He is 60 year old… can't teach an old dog new tricks. He probably did the same thing back in the 1960s and just had a flash back to his old GOLDEN days. He lucky it was not my baby. Concealed weapon….black people wake up and start packing. I see a TREYVON Martin event again…..start packing too.

  232. Anonymous

    Wonder if charges of simple assault against this guy can be upgraded to a "hate crime" seeing that the assault was accompanied by use of a racial slur against the child.

  233. Anonymous

    In case anyone is wondering, this piece of human excrement Mr. Joe R Hundley resides at 2203 Cumberland Pkwy SE Unit 206 Atlanta, GA 30339.
    His home telephone # is (770) 436-1715. Property valued at nearly $300,000 which is not bad for Atlanta area. 4 bedroom 4 bathroom house, situated in a very white, VERY CHRISTIAN neighborhood I'm sure. Send a greeting card. :)

  234. CJ King

    If it were my kid, I would have beaten the hell out of him right there.

  235. John Matsukes

    I fly a lot! These parents with crying stinking diper changing babys nee a section of the plane reserved for their use (soundprofed). Those babys are the parents responcibilty and they need to think about the other people on the plane.

  236. Barry Champ

    No…you don't have an alterative motive….white/Asians/Indian as decent people. Too bad, they don't see you the same way… decent that is….. Also, you sound stupid as hell the media is WHITE….so now the media only report white crimes. Just like the media is only LIBERAL…you idiots sound as stupid as you look.

  237. Beth Wright Shook

    what does the fact that his child is adopted and he was on his way to the funeral have to do with anything? Soinds like someone needs to lay off the liquor too…. idiot.

  238. Barry Champ

    VERY CHRISTIAN…yeah they were CHRISTIAN when they used to go to CHURCH and praise GOD on Sundays. And right after church go to a hanging of a black man…..while laughing and joking. Nothing CHRISTIAN about them….more in line with the DEVIL.

  239. Ascendo Tuum

    read the story people, he was not armed, at the time of this event, "He also had a 2007 incident in which he was charged with carrying a concealed weapon and public intoxication."

  240. Willoughby Chislyn

    He would have been effete up had he slapped my child, then made a racist comment afterwards? He would have been done up all up in that plane.

  241. Willoughby Chislyn

    He would have been effete up had he slapped my child, then made a racist comment afterwards? He would have been done up all up in that plane.

  242. Anonymous

    Lucky I wasnt anywhere around. This guy would have become a millionaire for the "simple assault" he would have gotten if I was.

  243. Mark Forrette

    How much does anyone want to bet that Joe Rickey Hundley is one of those "Aryan Nation" Neo-Nazis AND a Straight-Ticket-Votiing REPUBLICAN! He SHOULD be charged with a Hate Crime as well and locked up with some BIG, MEAN, SWEATY, HORNY and UGLY BLACK "BEARS" (BULL-QUEERS)!

  244. Maurice Coplin

    Why do some white people immediately go to the "N" word? In my experience most of the racist comments come from white people…Oh yeah they invented the word! When I'm with a group of people we never use racist comments towards white people, ie honkey, cracker, etc. It's alway's this white person, or those white people. Never anything racist…As far as slapping that baby! His ass would be in the hospital right now, If I'd had something to do with it!

  245. Anonymous

    A man's hand is very big and heavy! And he dared to slap a baby? A baby is delicate all over. To help him realize the weight of the pain he inflicted on a delicate child, we would need to get a heavy book, like a dictionary and slap him in the face with it, so he can grasp what kind of pain he inflicted.

  246. Scott E Coleman

    Keep your squalling brats at home or drive! Its not right that the rest of us have to hear this crap….that includes movies and restaurants too….Go to WalMart or something!

  247. Seth Copes

    I have a question, why did the author make the point of saying the baby is adopted? Does it matter if the baby was adopted or not?

  248. Lynn Bowman

    Give Joe Hundley, prison time and he can be around real men.Then he can slap them around and he will get his ass kicked.But no worse than DCS in Tennessee, where they have lost the records of children who have died in DCS custody.DCS will say we R sorry we made mistakes.DCS needs to go to prison 4 life no parole.

  249. Justin Harrer

    Hes lucky father wasnt there. Otherwise that drunk old man would have had the snot beat out of him.

  250. David Grant

    Why does it even matter about the color of the child or the fact that the chid was adopted. You don't slap babies in the face. Why simple assault when this is a child were talking about. Babies cry when they land and take off in a plane. Why call the baby a nigger. I'm so sick of these racist people that are still alive and kicking. If you don't like some one because of there color then that is your sick, demented, out of control problem. There is way too much hate for people in this country. Finally the article said"let's not jump to conclusion". You just gave us all of the information. what do you expect people with sense to think? Ok I'm done.

  251. Justin Harrer

    Drunk with a concealed weapon? Yea that sounds safe. Should be a crime.

  252. Anonymous

    As a father if it was my child this happened to, I would be the one in handcuffs because I would have beaten him half to death before the plane landed.

  253. Anonymous

    As a father if it was my child this happened to, I would be the one in handcuffs because I would have beaten him half to death before the plane landed.

  254. Madeline Kay Loupee Norton

    OMG – Seriously? I know we have all gotten "upset" when we have to sit next to a crying baby on an airplane – but that is NO excuse to slap them. I have learned A LOT MORE PATIENCE since I have had my own grandchildren and have had to deal w/them on airplanes! I'll never forget the time when I flew on a red eye from LA to Tampa – a baby literally "SCREAMED" all night. Everyone was so frustrated b/c we didn't get one moment of peace during that whole flt. The flt. attendants, parents, etc took the baby into the bathroom, anywhere to try and let the rest of us get a min. break – we could hear it anyway. Come to find out, the poor child had an awful ear infection (stupid parents should have been slapped!) So, until you know all the facts, how could this idiot even think to slap an infant that could have had others problems that were beyond his control! Such idiots out there! Hope all involved are OK and that Mr. Hundley gets "slapped" w/a huge fine and jail time!

  255. Madeline Kay Loupee Norton

    OMG – Seriously? I know we have all gotten "upset" when we have to sit next to a crying baby on an airplane – but that is NO excuse to slap them. I have learned A LOT MORE PATIENCE since I have had my own grandchildren and have had to deal w/them on airplanes! I'll never forget the time when I flew on a red eye from LA to Tampa – a baby literally "SCREAMED" all night. Everyone was so frustrated b/c we didn't get one moment of peace during that whole flt. The flt. attendants, parents, etc took the baby into the bathroom, anywhere to try and let the rest of us get a min. break – we could hear it anyway. Come to find out, the poor child had an awful ear infection (stupid parents should have been slapped!) So, until you know all the facts, how could this idiot even think to slap an infant that could have had others problems that were beyond his control! Such idiots out there! Hope all involved are OK and that Mr. Hundley gets "slapped" w/a huge fine and jail time!

  256. Tom Lowery

    I agree he should not have slapped the baby, but I cannot even begin to count how many times on a flight a parent let their child scream its head off without so much as picking the baby up and trying to calm it. Parents need to take RESPONSIBILITY for their kids and not expect others to suffer the unattended bad behavior of them. The man should have complained to the stewards and THEY should have insisted the mother do something to mollify the infant. Pick the child up, walk with it in your arms, a bottle, a pacifier…as to banning alchohol, that is the STUPIDIST thing I have ever heard. Shall we ban black people from public transit because they are loud?

  257. Don Webb

    What I think I know so far…
    He was intoxicated.
    He was pissed off at a crying kid.
    He slapped the kid, leaving a mark on the childs face.
    He apparently used the "N" word while telling the mother to shut the kid up.
    His lawyer says "let's not rush to judgement…"
    I say it's best to keep this guy locked up until his trial, he's a danger to society.

  258. Alice Paul

    lock him up and throw away the key I say. a baby really, pick on someone your own size.

  259. TomandMichele Clephane

    It is terrible what people do drunk or not put him in jail and throw away the key. How would the lawyer feel if it was some drunk white, black, Asian what ever who slapped her baby? Prison time is the least he should get. I like the sigh around his neck one saying what he did.

  260. Scott Hiers

    This guy is a terrible waste of humanity. What he did is inexcusable. That said, I am not taking up for him, but, a lot of people are posting things like "how did he get a concealed weapon on board". He DID NOT have a concealed weapon on board with him. Read the story again. It said he was charged in 2007 with carrying a concealed weapon and public intoxication. Doesn't say anything about him being on a plane.

  261. Greer Phillips

    I don't know how the mother restrained herself. If anyone ever laid a hand on my child it would be the last time they'd see that hand.

  262. Susan Williams

    If you read it again, it was HIS baby! Maybe a good thing his character comes out now. Maybe that child will be taken away from him and save the poor thing from a lifetime of mistreatment.

  263. Anonymous

    Actually, he should be charged with a HATE CRIME. He is obviously racist and God only knows what other hateful/racist/violent acts he has committed. Make an example of this racist baby beater with a very stiff penalty. Make him do some community service helping out minorities and if he does not do well, punish him more!

  264. Renee Hawes

    People! read the article! He DID NOT have a concealed weapon in the plane! It was a whole other incident!

  265. Girard Nitschke

    Bad parenting, not able to take personal reponsibility. Just wait, once we hear all the facts we will find out the baby was actually a 5 year old. With that said, you should bring ear plugs onto a plane anyway, just in case you sit next to an irritating passenger.

  266. Kim Lee

    wow I'm telling ya if he would have slapped my be in jail to..cause id of beat his old ass to death..

  267. Girard Nitschke

    Bad parenting, not willing to take personal responsibility. Just wait, after the facts are out we will see the baby was probably a 5 year old. Anyway with that said, you should bring ear plugs on a plane anyway in case you are sitting next to an irritating passenger.

  268. Kitty Kate

    how about some heat on the mother! c'mon now you can "smell" a drunk! did she ask to change seats? or at least put the child on the other side of her? alert the stewardess.. you just never know how alcohol affects people! to me, SHE put her child in harms way! take it a little bit further, SHE IS GUILTY OF NEGLIGENCE!

  269. Anonymous

    Put him in a cell with Laternius and tell him what he did…He will come out needing the services of a petrologist to repair his bung hole.

  270. Rashika L. Hall

    Wow, it never ends. BTW this article doesn't say he had a gun onboard, it was referencing an earlier incident, which is good news to me, because if he has the twisted mental faculties to hit a baby in a insane rage, think what could've happened if he was carrying. I just thank God that baby walked away with scratches, this is absolutely appalling, but could've been even worse.

  271. Anonymous

    Come here and let me slap the crap out of you and see if you stop crying…..what a jackass…throw the book at him, child abuse, assault, stupidity, public intoxication…..

  272. Sanjose Mike

    News alert: Babies cry!

    I always bring noise blocking headphones on flights, even short ones. They are getting less and less expensive. Failing that, you can always stick kleenix in your ears, it is surprisingly helpful. If you use both, you probably will hardly hear anything, much less a baby crying, even if next to you. Earplugs at a pharmacy cost about 4 bucks.

    A flight is a "public place." Babies have as much right to be there as you do. But perhaps I'm being too logical? I hate listening to babies cry too. But the solution cost very little and CERTAINLY will not put you in jail.


  273. Alvi Mana

    "Hundley’s child is adopted, and they were on the way to Atlanta for a funeral, the Daily Mail reported." It should probably read: "Bennett's babyis adopted." Hundley is the racist miscreant who abused the baby.

  274. Latasha Whitley

    If it would have been my child that he slapped across the face like that and called the N word, he wold have been picking up all of his damn teeth off the floor. I would literally would his as until the police had to pull me off of him.

  275. Jamie Ott

    Let's not rush to judgment? Are you kidding? He slapped someone else's kid, plain and simple. If it were the mother who slapped the child, CPS would have taken the kid away.

  276. Tom Banerjee

    Put the old man in Jail with a radio, which only plays sound of crying baby non stop day and night. Break the on of switch and the volume control.

  277. Dorcie Lacy

    Anyone that slaps a baby much less someone elses' baby should be arrested….

    Wow…. I would be frightened to be aboard a plane with someone that had no control of their temper to the point that they would attack and slap a poor helpless crying baby. The parents may have been at fault… maybe…. the chid was hungry or soiled… we all know how stressful flying can be. I never feel angry at children the parents should be prepared for flying but maybe they did not know how to pack. Where were the flight attendants?

  278. Jackie Stewart Slaughter

    the man was seen slapping the baby, he was heard calling the baby a name…….no conclusions to jump to. facts are facts! should be adding more charges including public intoxication.

  279. Jackie Stewart Slaughter

    the man was seen slapping the baby, heard calling this baby a racial name…..what conclusions are there to jump too? facts are facts! should be more charges added including public intoxication!

  280. Jim Baker

    Leave your screaming babies with grandmother, and please do not inflict not parent persons with their screaming… Not saying he should have hit the child, however, the child was invading his space, he purchased a ticket, I'll bet the mother did not purchase a second ticket for the screamming child. I refuse to sit by a screaming child in a resturant, and darn sure do not want to be locked onboard an airplaine with no way of getting away.

  281. Ugonna Wosu

    I don't want to attack the mother or anything, but what exactly was she doing as this stranger was touching her child and calling him names? I don't get it. Watching? Clutching her pearls?

  282. Kathy Carlson

    I thought we were past that kind of racism in the US! I also read that a white man whose wife had just given birth, was being cared for by black nurse so he wrote out a request that she not touch his family. The stupid birth center complied and reassigned the nurse for the duration of their stay. I am outraged at the hospital (The "dad" is just ignorant and karma will get him!) The hospital should have had her back!

  283. Bill Peace

    isn't this what everyone wants to do to an obnoxious crying baby? minus the racism of course… if you have to take your annoying children out keep them quiet.

  284. Kathy Carlson

    As for the guy that slapped the crying infant & called him the N-word. Turns out drunk and stupid are arrestable offenses. Jerks like him will make it so no one will be able to drink on an airplane (except the pilot of course).

  285. Chris Brooks

    There is just no excuse for people like this. It angers me that we are seing more of this blatant stupidity. SO glad I was not on that flight!

  286. Dolores Clark

    Slap his azz in a jail cell for 25 yrs..See who he slaps there! He will be a baby crying when they finish w/him in prison, Jmp to this attorney, U have an abusive BASTARD for a client.Someone should slap u for your comment.

  287. Brenda Morton-Wilson

    Yes, true! Had it been the other way around and the headlines read: "Black man slaps white baby for crying"…our country would be in an uproar right about now! I would even bet that a few politicians would be involved in the case….that's the reality-of-the-matter….so sad! But, once he is locked up, let's see what is waiting for him behind bars….now, that really is the reality-of-the-matter!

  288. Jenell Hasan

    how in the world is this SIMPLE assault.. not only did he hit him, he called him a nasty name.. they need to increase the charges on him.

  289. Gene Hall

    he shoulod have just slapped the mother. its her baby an already she cannot control the kid. what is she going to do later in life with the kid?

  290. Anonymous

    the guy has a problem with society it seems but when u put your hands on a child or anyone then ya you derserve what you get he had no right even saying the racial slur or putting his hands on the child hope he goes to jail and gets what is coming to him.

  291. Vana Lopez

    What excuses for the man? Drunk? He better quit. Mentally ill? He better get treatment.

    The baby was adopted? Not sure how that would cause his outburst.

    I agree–no excuses for racist stupidity. And violent stupidity against a BABY?

  292. Barbara Gaston

    This jackass of a man, needs to be thrown under the jail and throw away the key. Hopefully, he'll never get out of jail. It's a shame that someone didn't smack the sob. As far as this jackass carrying a concealed weapon, the article says that this is from a prior incident.

  293. Anonymous

    If he'd pulled this kind of thing on a bus, they'd have thrown him off, right then and there! It's a shame they didn't do the same thing here! Oh, maybe not; the EPA might have charged them with air pollution!

  294. Anonymous

    If the headline had read; " Man slaps toddler" it wouldn't have been quite as sensational. But a gossip tabloid like the Inquistr feeds on sensationalism. Even though the action is still a terrible thing to do to any kid, this kid is two years old and is a toddler, not a "BABY". But the Inquistr got what it wanted; all the hens to start cackling and the roosters to start crowing like the idiots they are. And then too, there is probably more to this story. Maybe previous interaction between this man and the toddlers mother? No, tell just enough of the story to get a frenzied reaction from the FOOLS of the internet. And, I really could care less about "likes" or "replies".

  295. Teresa Hardin

    his lawyer says "don't rush a judgement"? WTF! once again some dumbass takes it upon his self to quite a child in a manner that most parents wouldn't even have done. and a simple assualt is the charge! for that fact alone I would sue the pants off of him. if the system won't handle it properly, then yes sue! as far as this guy, I wish the mother would have hauled off and busted him upside his head. this is not a man, this is an idiot!

  296. Anonymous

    Stupid people! Clearly this moron has issues not only alcohol, but bigotry and anger management problems. Don't care if he is in his sixties, somebody should have punched his lights out.

  297. Sara Kahkejian

    Apparently no one can read! HE WAS CHARGED IN 2007 FOR HAVING A CONCEALED WEAPON OUT IN PUBLIC, NOT ON THE PLANE, you idiots! READ don't skim thru an article.

    What he did was wrong, but I know how frustrating it is when a child is crying and wailing and his/her mother does nothing about it! The child is yours! Shut it up! No one one wants to sit there and hear it cry! I know I go to stores all the time and all you hear are crying children, and their mother continues to shop. Stop what you;re doing, console the child, shut it up and do what you need to do! SIMPLE AS THAT!

  298. Sheila J Daniel

    If he would have slapped my baby they would need the police AND an ambulance because he would not be walking off that plane.

  299. Karen Curtis Cook

    The baby was crying because it's ears were hurting. This man should've had more compassion for this baby who was in excruciating pain. I hope he does time.

  300. Brian Sheppard

    What an idiot. What this moron doesn't understand the baby was probably having issues with his ears. Being in a pressurized environment and not being able to equalize it's ears to relieve the pressure. Someone should have decked this old drunk!

  301. Wanda Zachary

    Travel with ear plugs…I do. Changes in pressure does a number on infants and hurts their ears. A bottle or sippy cup usually eases it but in case it doesn't, ask for ear plugs if you don't have any handy. I have to admit, if I had to sit by an upset baby for very long, I would be occupying a toilet seat for most of the trip.

  302. Christina Gould Isley


  303. John Drapeau

    Mr. Potato Head needs to be peeled, sliced, diced and french fried! WOnder what party affiliation he is is? DUH!

  304. Nicole Williams

    I cannot begin to tell you the @$$ whipping he would have taken THAT day. I can see if he asked the Mother to PLEASE quiet her baby but to lay your hands on a baby. That's an @$$ whipping waiting to happen.

  305. Tamika Oliver

    If this guy was drinking before boarding the plane why didn't they remove him before taking off. But this guy is going to get what's coming to him he better not drop the soap……

  306. Jovee Gomez Escobedo

    Wow, simple assault huh? If the baby had been a dog instead, he would've gotten a prison sentence! Stupid laws don't make sense. If that had been my son he'd have slapped, I guess I'd be in jail right now because I'd have killed him.

  307. Theresa Beith

    Slap my kid? I wouldn't be responsible for my actions. He'd be luck to leave breathing.

  308. Cherri Hairston

    if that old goat had done that to me he would not be facing charges I would have…OMG this is horrible..why post a big picture of delta its not their faulit…post of picture of this idiot….poor lil baby….what has our society become..I hope they give him a big fine and plenty of jail time..this is totally unacceptable…what if a black man slapped a white baby and called him a cracker..OMG…

  309. Debbie Parrish White

    The concealed weapon thing was from a previous incident. He did not have a weapon on the plane. The previous version of the article did state that, but a correction has been added. This man is an idiot, at the very least.

  310. Melanie Mullikin

    Unbelievable. I would have probably been arrested for how I would have retaliated had it been my child.

  311. Teddy Simon

    What he did was really wrong but why do they add that he has a conviction for carring a concealed weapon , that has nothing to do with what happened here , and as far as using the N word I have several black friends and coworkers and I hear that word all of the time , now I don't use that word a lot but I have from time to time , I just find it strange that when a black person uses it its ok but when a white person uses it every body wants to call them racist.

  312. Buck Sheppard

    Can you people read? The concealed weapon was in 2007..last I loked that was 6 years ago.

  313. Anonymous

    I would have beaten that man to death -mid air murder…..Real Talk…Regardless of his Age. he would have been stomped to death and they could place any racist label on me while I stomped him to death…..Then id drug his sorry a** off the plane and sat with his a** til the police and coroner came for the body.

  314. Mark Lysle

    Yeah. He's a bitter redneck racist asshole and his lawyer says we "shouldn't rush to judgment."

    We wouldn't be so judgmental if you hadn't did what you did. From your past brushes with the law, I'd say we had a pretty open-and-shut case.

  315. Wes Scribner

    If it were a black man slapping a white baby it would have never been on the news just like all the other black on white assaults..Jus sayin. Still wrong though I would have beat his ass white or black.

  316. Patty Purlee

    He didn't have a concealed weapen that was a prior incident read the whole story…………… He was a stupid driunk racists…………… Read the whole story.

  317. Barbara Scott

    Wait, he assaults a BABY and IS NOT charge with child abuse? And what about the mother?, she doesn't move the baby out of harms way and start wailing on this old bastard. Something is not right here. And to all the comment about him boarding with a gun, reread this, it doesn't say he boarded a plane with a gun, just that he's been arrested for caring one and intoxicated. (not good either).

  318. Kelly Bliss

    If I was the mother I would of been arrested for at the very least assault

  319. Gwendolyn Walker

    what difference does it make it the child is adopted…and It's not rocket science to figure out that if you slap a child they won't cry louder…who are the idiots investigating this incident ……this guy was drunk and when your drunk your true feelings come out….so he did what he wanted to do all along…..THIS IS SO SAD….

  320. Sue Baird

    He did not have a weapon on the plane. That charge was from a previous incident.

  321. Dee Guerry

    You all know he is an undercover alqueds agent TSA knows it thats why they didn't fondle him on the way in they were bust stripping 99 yr old granny witht he nail clippers and have 10 yr old Janet get naked in front of everyone to ,ake sure she didnt have 1000 lbs of tnt strapped to her TSA IS A WORTHLESS JOKE AND THEY SHOULD ALL BE STRIPPED THEMSEVES… OF THEIR JOBS.

  322. Willie Mazzucco

    Yea Youd figure Slapping the baby would only make it cry worse..And calling it a "Nigger" although WRONG was funny LOL(opnion) he dosent know what that word means LOL he was 60 and drunk he'll get some jail time pay the family a settlement and some court orderd Aa.

  323. Willie Mazzucco

    Yea Youd figure Slapping the baby would only make it cry worse..And calling it a "Nigger" although WRONG was funny LOL(opnion) he dosent know what that word means LOL he was 60 and drunk he'll get some jail time pay the family a settlement and some court orderd Aa.

  324. Suemarie Bowers

    I do not like what the man did at all. I am sure the mother was doing everything she could to quiet the child. I just wonder if planes could have a special place for mom's and infants where the babies could be held, rocked, or walked around with. I am sure that the cabin pressures may upset young eardrums or even give them insecure feelings. I am 61 and when I fly, I sometimes have those feelings.

  325. Kendall Emerson

    I would have helped that lady out by repeatedly stomping this guy in the balls until we landed and the police took me off the plane.

  326. Janet Buddle-Price

    Ok people. He did NOT get on the plane with a gun. It stated that he had been previously charged with a concealed weapon in 2007. As for hitting that baby, no power on earth would stop me from punching his lights out. His is one of the many number of ignorant people walking around. As for the N word, it just shows that he is the N here. We all have been called names but if you don't acknowledge it, then it is definitely not a reflection on you.

  327. Audra Calvert

    wow.. crying babies irritate the best of us, but to slap a helpless defenseless child? What a man! And wth is up with the racist remark? Seriously.. if it had been the mother, she would have been charged with child abuse and the child removed from her custody. Surely the law cant be that stupid as to charge him with a simple assault?

  328. Merry Ragni

    If you read the entire story, including the UPDATE at the end, you will see that the concealed carry charge was from a previous incident. Just wanting to clear this up.

  329. Anonymous

    If that was my infant being slapped on that plane, Id be in jail for 1st degree murder. There is no way in HELL someone would assault my child. Enough Said..

  330. Ashley Mercer

    Did anyone read this article correctly!? First of all it clearly says " his lawyer" not hers!! It was his lawyer that asked us not to pass judgement! Also it says the concealed weapons charge happened in 2007! Not during this incident!! And to the person who said something so stupid as concealed means cant find obviously it was found or he wouldnt have been charged with carrying a concealed weapon!!! Either way in this case and the previous he was intoxicated and so it stands to reason he should obviously stat away from alcohol!!! Had that been my baby i also would have been arrested cause i would have punched the guy!!!

  331. Beau LaVergne

    If I had seen this- I would have beaten the shit out of this redneck! unmercifully –that is what he deserves– who slaps a baby– honestly–

  332. Dave McClellan

    Low information voters. There was no gun, that charge was from a previous incident. Read the article. No one should ever slap a baby or use the N word. If he did, he should be arrested (he was), tried in court (he wasn't yet), and punished according to the law. I thought we progressed beyond public stonings.

  333. Tommy Ware

    first of all the mother had no respect for the others on the plane.a crying can git on anyones nerves and most mothers now days don't try to stop them from crying if I was in his seat she would not liked what I would have said to her. if you cant control your kids don't take them in public places I for one don't want to hear a baby crying and the mother sat there and act like nothing is wrong. this is a problem with most of the young mothers now days. don't blame it all on him. as my mom would have said you better hush or I will give you something to cry about.

  334. Anonymous

    I'm confused as to why they mentioned that he has a child who is adopted. That, and his reason for going to Atlanta, are irrelevant to the story.

  335. Chicken Foot

    Hundley had a child with him, too? In that case, he, definitely, should have been more understanding! Sure gives Idaho a bad name, though…

  336. Tatiana Spearman-Kister

    O I would have gone all mama bear on his ass and throw a punch old man or not you don't touch my kids…if i wasn't a flight I'd probably use my taser

  337. Tina Bartolotta-Freeman

    This guy wouldn't be walking off the plane he would be crawling! I would have kindly hands my baby to the nearest flight attendant and beat the hell out of that sorry excuse of a human being! Touch my child and you won't ever touch another!!! That guy needs Jesus in many ways!!

  338. Chance Hunter Sophia

    What a coward, just like men who abuse their wives and children, let people be who they are and live their lives, stop pushing your ignorance display on those of us who love all of God's people. May she recieve comfort and know that not all people are like that "man" who can't even keep his hands to himself. Did you not ever learn that in elementary school?

  339. Justin Zalaski

    it's ok to discipline your kid but a baby? really? and it wasnt even his kid! that guy has nerve, he couldve nicely said to the mom "can you quiet your kid" but no he couldn't do that he went up to the kid an WAM! that guy is scum.

  340. Barry Meashey

    He also had a 2007 incident in which he was charged with carrying a concealed weapon and public intoxication.
    no where I mean no where did it say on a plane learn to read people. on the other hand I agree with one comment.
    post a sign on him stating what he did and toss him in lock up problem solved.

  341. Barry Meashey

    He also had a 2007 incident in which he was charged with carrying a concealed weapon and public intoxication.
    no where I mean no where did it say on a plane learn to read people. on the other hand I agree with one comment.
    post a sign on him stating what he did and toss him in lock up problem solved.

  342. Michael Kuchta

    It's times like that I truly wish I were on that flight! I doubt he'd have survived until the plane landed. Scumbag. I mean that in a Christian way of course.

  343. Ayla Coe

    Apparently people don't read correctly. The concealed weapon charge was from a 2007 incident in which he was publicly intoxicated and carrying a concealed weapon.

  344. Sarah Holt

    Who cares if the child was adopted? It was a child. Simple assault – it should have been battery!

  345. Anonymous

    His lawyer says "not to rush to judgment"? What an idiot! His client SLAPPED a crying 3 MONTH OLD baby! There's NO EXCUSE for his action and there's nothing to 'rush to judgment' about. He ASSAULTED a defenseless baby!

  346. Madina Shere Reaume

    babies cry its apart of life. he didn't accomplish nothing slapping the baby just made it cry more. if you can't handle a crying baby maybe you should stay home. it his disgusting act what he did he should be punished if it was my baby that he slapped I would pummel him. a baby doesn't understand what he or she is doing all he or she knows is to cry if anything is wrong if they don't feel good.

  347. Irma J Smith

    First off, at the bottom of the article, it states that he was charged with concealed carry in another incident, not this one. Second, he's damn lucky I wasn't there. I'd have knocked his ass into the third Tuesday of next week. I don't care who you are or how much it bothers you, you DO NOT HIT A BABY. It doesn't say much, but maybe the mother was trying to quiet the baby and nothing was working. How many of you have flown and know the pressure put on your "big" ears as the plane is taking off/landing? That may have been bothering the baby. His ass needs to rot in hell, oh wait, that's right. The devil is going to retire when I get there, so I will have an extra special place for him ;-). For those that believe, Karma will get him. Just give it time :-). Hope the mother and especially the baby are doing okay.

  348. Garlynn Imel

    Not sure who is more stupid, him or some of you posting. The article said he had a charge from 2007 for carrying a concealed weapon. NOT that he had a weapon with him on the flight. Otherwise, I agree, throw the book at him or ANYONE who would slap a child!

  349. Lissette Aviles Milton

    I cant believe that the mother of this child didn't get up and slap the heck out of this drunk ass redneck. He wouldn't made it out of that plane in sanity if I was the mother of that child. You as a parent are there to protect your children. As u said luAnn I cant believe he only been charge w simple assault. His drunk ass deserves a long sentence in jail for what he did. Can you imajine why he may do at home to his family or own children if any, if he did this to a total stranger? Oh, I forgot it was a non white baby. He is an animal and needs to be treated as one. And about the concealed weapon charge, people get it straight, they are talking about a charge he had in 2007 not in this flight. We need justice in this case. God bless the baby!

  350. Wes Coffelt

    Put him in the jail population and let word get around in there….He will be crying then…….

  351. Tonya Payne King

    I would have elbowed him in the face, then reached over and punched him in the space where his balls should be. Regardless of his age or his grieving, there is NO excuse for his actions. That is why you take headphones with you. What a fool.

  352. Beuteefulone Lugo

    If it were me, they wouldn't need cuffs, they would need a mortician! I would've killed him.

  353. Dawn Hendrickson Stuemke

    Good thing it wasn't my baby – he probably would have had more to worry about than the handcuffs and assault charge! So awful.

  354. Krystal Anne

    Amen to that !! Lord have mercy on your soul you slap a baby and it doesn't even have to be mine!! You would need the ems also and the

  355. Charlynn Blissit Martin

    Wow! The nerve of some people… (whatever ethnic background you happen to be) to slap a baby, let alone one that is NOT YOURS… just Wow! SMFH!

  356. Alyssa Smith

    who cares he was intoxicated? he slapped a baby! poor kid was probably dealing with the ear pops that are common in very young kids on flights. I was lucky, my son was four weeks old and we had to take three flights. He slept through them all. On the way back to seattle he woke upo during desent and he didn't cry at all. people were telling me how lucky I was. if my son cries on the flight in july and someone slaps him, id slap the asshole right back. only harder.

  357. Harris David

    Whoowee !! He would be F'ed up by some "Sister's" if it were their child..

  358. Andrew Gaskins

    Hopefully he gets stuck in a cell with a big black dude. Simple assault is a lame charge. Should be first degree. No one under any circumstance should ever put their hands on a baby in that manor. I'm surprised one of the passengers didn't step up to the plate and knock his ass out.

  359. Chantal Roberts

    OK I'm confused. How does it go from Bennett's child to Hundley's child? Did someone screw up in writing the article? (Which seems to happen with anything posted on the internet). Either way, he snacked a baby, there is no 'let's not rush to conclussions' here.

  360. Melissa Jeffrey-Vega

    Charged with simple assult? As if he slapped an adult? He hit a baby that wasn't even his. Shouldn't the charge be child abuse? O_o

  361. Leslie D Griffin

    if the mother had done it the state would have removed the child from her custody. This man has no excuse….being dunk should be added to the charges, not used as an excuse…the racist remark goes way out of bounds, but have experienced that ignorance for so many years it pales in comparison of his thinking he had the right to strike anyone, much less a helpless infant. I would like to see this man sit in jail for quite a long time!

  362. Matthew Boros

    Simple assault my ass. Charge this bastards with aggravated child abuse and let the baby's mother bitch slap the guy before he gets taken into custody. Charge the motherfucker with a goddamn felony

  363. Hal Paul

    I'm not sure why this article says that Hundley's child is adopted when the referenced Daily Mail article says Bennett's child is adopted.

  364. Margaret King

    If that was my daughter's baby he wouldjn't have had to worry about being arrested baecause she would have massacred him.

  365. Janice Tillman


  366. Dana Seilhan

    Y'all, he didn't carry a concealed weapon on the plane. The article says he had a PRIOR arrest for a concealed weapon, which I'm guessing he was not licensed to carry.

    Oh, and did you notice the baby's adopted? Ten to one he's fussier than usual because Mom's gone–YES, babies notice that, thank you–and it'd be messed up if his *adoption* was what led to the crying fit and thus the slapping. And you can bet that guy didn't just slap the baby out of the blue, he was probably grumbling about it already and she didn't have the frigging instincts to pick that baby up and move him out of harm's way. Woman, quit buying other people's babies and get a dog. I live for the day when non-abuse/neglect-related adoption is BANNED in this country and mothers in financial crisis actually get the help they need, not adoption agencies sweet-talking or guilt-tripping them out of their kids to sell to idiots with more money than sense.

  367. Anonymous

    He is seriously lucky I was not on that flight, and near. I would have beat the damn n-word right out of his mouth. I would have been arrested for whipping his ass. Yes! I would have.

  368. Anonymous

    He was lucky I was not on that flight. He would have gotten the shit and the n-word beaten out of him. Mine would not have been a simple assault.

  369. Beth Schneider

    No one should EVER HIT any child! Spanking is one thing but I have a MAJOR problem with parents who hit above the rear end AND Parents who over do it!( In other words Spanking just to spank and doing it conntinously or way too hard! I Especially have a problem with someone who Slaps a BABY who is simply crying especially when it is someone elses child that the slapper has never met before! What a CREEP!

  370. Cecil Holmes

    Go back and read the story again, He was arrested in 2007 for caring a concealed fire arm, NOTon THE PLANE.

  371. David Santiago

    This man seems to be begging for an attitude adjustment, New York street style.

  372. Harriet Darling

    "And his attempt to quiet the baby didn’t quite work, either. The police report noted that the baby cried louder after being slapped." They're kidding, right? The baby cried louder after he was slapped? Who would have guessed.

  373. Cordetta Spells

    If that happened to MY child, (or ANY OTHER CHILD of ANY ETHNIC BACKGROUND within close proximity), I'D be SHARING the cell WITH him 'cuz handcuffs would only be used to hold him down! The only other problem he'd have would be an inability to sit or pass anything but a kidney stone for quite some time.

  374. David Santiago

    I really would have liked this guy to have done this to a Puerto Rican mama, una de las bien jodonas de Brooklyn, Bronx, Spanish Harlem, New Jersey anywhere, just one of them PR mamas that can go from nice to BIACH in a New York second.

  375. Lori Lathrom

    Let the case develope and see how it all works out? We put down mean dogs. Or at the very least neuter them. He is very lucky that wasn't MY baby, I would have handed him to someone and beat the living piss out of him. They would have had to take me off the ****ing plane in handcuffs. You better watch your back buddy. This ain't over…

  376. Taylor Michelle Bricker

    Simple assault? Are you kidding me? That was not "simple" assault. And to what his lawyer said about not jumping to conclusion or judgement… he slapped and yelled at a baby! There is no excuse for that and he needs punishment for his actions.

  377. Kathi Mcdonough

    Why didn't they have him leave through the emergency exit……..mid-flight.

  378. Barnie Tolstad

    When I was on a flight my baby would not stop crying no matter what I did. It happens.
    The flight attendent became very angry with me and told me that I "Have to.
    make that baby stop crying!" What was I suppose to do? Smother it? The
    The flight attendent was horrible, not understanding at all! I tried to explain I was doing.
    EVERYTHING I could! What would you people have said to her?

  379. Sharyn Hoffman Friedman

    Simple assault? What about calling that child the "n" word. This is a hate crime.

  380. Terri Abboud Minor

    If that was my child or grandchild the police would have been pulling me off his disguisting racist ass! This man needs to do some time and see if he can slap some big men and make racist comments!

  381. Jazzi Rose

    I know why babies cry on flights their ears get stopped up they can not hear anything and it scares then plus the pain when I fly I get stopped up ears can not hear anything and it hurts the man needs to be paying dr. bills and give the child compensation like enough money to buy clothes toys and such until the boy turns 25 years old.

  382. Victoria Randolph

    well duh the baby is going to cry louder after being hit. wtf is wrong with people I hope that baby is ok.

  383. Amanda Allen

    If it were my child, they'd be carrying him off on a stretcher and I'd be the one in handcuffs.

  384. Kristin Clark Nalewajek

    What's sad is when I beat his ass for touching my baby I would have been arrested for so much more. What a racist pig, and sad excuses for a human being.

  385. Darby L. Snow

    he wouldn't have had to worry about TSA, I woulda slapped the shit outta HIM(and prolly gone too far), even if it wasn't MY child! *can I get a witness!*.

  386. Lori Lathrom

    By the way, it doesn't matter WHAT the race is of the man, the mother, or the baby. What matters is he is a detestable poor excuse for a man who would have been picking his teeth out of the bulkhead if that had been my baby. And don't tough woman me. The last person who touched one of my children had their nose rearranged. Deal with it.

  387. Yvette Valdez-Barajas

    Glad that he got arrested and hope he spends time in there for a while. I think that he should be charged for a hate crime as well, since he was being racist and then hit him. What the hell is wrong with people constantly putting their hands on someone else, especially a child??????

  388. Christi Carter

    The man was intoxicated. Something needs to be done about drinking on planes. Just like everything else the few IDIOTS are going to ruinit for the rest of us! Lets ban more things like trans fats and super sized sodas and let people drink themselves to death and hit babies on planes!!

  389. Brenda Nero

    Assault upon a baby by a drunken stranger coupled with the fact that it was a hate crime should come with a stiff prison penalty short of death. This man is not a decent human being and should be removed for a definite period of time from a society that considers itself to be civilized.

  390. Maryann Smith

    Now a days parents cant control their kids…I don't blame the guy for slapping it. I cant stand it when I'm on a plane and a baby cries the whole time, pick the the damn baboon up and feed it a banana or a slice of watermelon in its mouth! Now she'll know better to take a bus, train or drive to Atlanta next time.

  391. Tina R Montague

    That plane would have been torn the fuck up along with his ass, mad as hell just reading it

  392. Jordan Watson

    Had that been my child, this creep would have been wishing he had kept his mouth shut and creepy hands to himself! He would've been hurting.

  393. Laurie Ward

    I cannot described how angry this jerk makes me – which is worse slapping a child or calling the baby such a disgusting name, I don't care if he was drinking, he is an example of all the wrong things that still exist in our world. I can guarantee if I was on that flight I would have responded with more than just a slap in return.

  394. Steven Smith

    people–read the article a little better –the man did not have a weapon other than his hand–the gun charge was from a previous arrest and had nothing to do with an airplane.

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