Free Baby Crib IKEA

Free Crib To Babies Born In 9 Months? IKEA Rewards Productive Couples

IKEA is giving a free crib to babies born in the next nine months. In other words, the company is hoping you had a very productive and satisfying Valentine’s Day.

If you’re an Australian citizen and your upcoming bundle of joy was conceived on Valentine’s Day 2013, then you stand to receive a free IKEA baby crib for free. According to the Examiner, any baby born on November 14 will receive a coupon for a crib valued at around $99.

Of course, conceiving your child on or around Valentine’s Day doesn’t necessarily mean you’ll be guaranteed a November 14 due date. In order to redeem the coupon, your child must be born on date specified by IKEA. Unfortunately, no early or later vouchers will be accepted by the company.

The Wall Street Journal explains that all parents need to acquire their new Sniglar cot is the clipped coupon and a certificate which authenticates the child’s existence. Once all of the requirements have been met, the free IKEA baby crib is ready to be assembled.

The advertisement reads:

“To celebrate Valentine’s Day, IKEA is offering parents-to-be a free cot if your baby is born on November 14, 2013. Limit one cot per baby. Proof of birth must be provided. Voucher must be presented to redeem offer. Delivery not included.”

Those who discover they are having several kids in nine months may want to start setting aside a few extra coupons right now. Since IKEA only offers one crib per child, additional vouchers will be necessary for those parents who are expecting twins, triples, and so forth.

Right now, it would seem that IKEA is only offering the “free crib to babies born in nine months” deal to folks living in Australia. Although it’s too late for other markets to get in on the offer, the company could expand into other territories next year.