Fight Mom: Mother Defends Actions After Helping 15-Year-Old Daughter Beat Up Rival

Fight Mom: Mother Defends Actions After Allegedly Helping 15-Year-Old Daughter Beat Up Rival

A mom defended her actions after a fight in which her 15-year-old daughter beat up another teenager at a Cincinnati high school — with mom’s help.

The mother, 31-year-old Precious Allen, claimed that the other girl attacked both her and her daughter. The fight mom also noted that the girl was taller than the both of them as well.

The incident took place at Withrow High School, with police claiming that Allen and her daughter attacked the other girl. A police report said that Allen held the girl down while her daughter beat her with fists, feet, and a combination lock. The daughter said she was carrying the combination lock for protection after receiving threats from several girls.

Police charged the 31-year-old Allen with felonious assault and aggravated criminal trespass charges.

Allen said it didn’t happen that way — she claims she was talking to a teacher when the other teenager cursed at them and attacked. The girls then started fighting, Allen said.

The fight mom defended her actions as necessary to protect her daughter, and is confident that the school’s videos will corroborate her side of the story, ABC News reported.

“I won’t be charged,” she said.

The Cincinnati Enquirer tried to seek video of the incident from Cincinnati Public Schools, but officials declined to answer questions about the incident or confirm if video existed.

The fight mom not only defends her actions, but also claims she never tried to hurt the other girl. She said she was just pulling the girls apart by their hair to stop the fight.