Lady Gaga Surprise Visit

Lady Gaga Visits Sick Fan In Chicago

Lady Gaga made a surprise visit to a sick fan in Chicago this week after a canceled concert date threatened the little girl’s chance to meet the singer.

Five-year-old Kaylee Gurbynski, who suffers from a terminal heart condition, was originally scheduled to meet Lady Gaga at an upcoming Chicago concert. In order to attend the show, Kaylee and her family made the trip from Wisconsin to Illinois.

E! Online writes it began to look as though Kaylee would miss the chance for a face-to-face encounter with her favorite singer when Lady Gaga announced the end of her tour this week.

Despite being forced to cancel due to an extreme inflammation of joints and a hip injury, Lady Gaga had a surprise up her sleeve for Kaylee.

According to WSAU News, Lady Gaga was determined to keep her promise of meeting her young fan and made a surprise visit to the sick fan on Wednesday.

It was a moment that has WIFC Radio personality Tony Waitekus, who was responsible for arranging the original meeting, singing Lady Gaga’s praises:

“It just goes to show that no matter what you say about some of these high-falutin artists, many of them do have huge hearts and put them to good use sometimes, and that happened here.”

He added:

“She did the right thing, and she did it because she wanted to do it. I just can’t say enough about her for doing that.”

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