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Child Murderer Who Tortured Two-Year-Old Girl Killed In British Prison

Child Murderer Subhan Anwar Killed In Jail

A man who tortured and then murdered his partner’s two-year-old daughter has been killed in prison.

Subhan Anwar was convicted in February 2009 of murdering two-year-old Sanam Navsarka of Huddersfield, West Yorkshire and was given a minimum 23-year sentence.

According to BBC News, the Ministry of Justice has said Anwar died on Thursday night at Long Lartin Prison in Worcestershire. Anwar is understood to have been held hostage in a cell before he was killed.

A Prison Service spokeswoman said:

“An incident at HMP Long Lartin on Thursday February 14 resulted in the death of prisoner Subhan Anwar. Two prisoners are now in police custody and the matter is being investigated by police.”

The two inmates have since been arrested on suspicion of murder.

A police spokesman told reporters:

“West Mercia Police has launched a murder investigation after a 24-year-old man died in Long Lartin prison last night. The body of the man was found by prison officers just before 8pm on Thursday, February 14.”

The spokesman added:

“Two men aged 47 and 45 have been arrested on suspicion of murder and are currently in police custody. West Mercia Police is working closely with the Ministry of Justice to establish the exact circumstances surrounding this man’s death.”

Sanam Navsarka, two, died in severe pain with 107 separate external injuries to her body, including fractured arms and legs

In the original court case, Anwar’s partner, Zahbeena Navsarka, was cleared of her daughter’s murder but was found guilty of manslaughter and jailed for nine years.

At the time, the court heard that the toddler had suffered 107 injuries at Anwar’s hands. During a month-long ordeal, a metal pole was used to shatter the child’s leg.

The child’s hand prints and bloodstains were found inside a cupboard where she had been put as a punishment at the couple’s home in Huddersfield and also at a property in Batley, West Yorkshire.

Both Sanam’s thigh bones had been fractured, causing fatty deposits to enter her bloodstream and resulting in her death. She died with fractures to all her limbs.

As well as putting her in a tumble dryer, Anwar dumped the toddler in the bin while her mother watched, Sky News reports.

During the couple’s sentencing in 2009, Judge Peter Thornton QC said:

“Your deliberate cruelty is beyond belief. Humanity has let her down.”

 Long Lartin Prison

An additional systematic failure occurred when a social worker failed to pass on vital information about Sanam’s abuse just one week before she was murdered. As a result, the social worker, Judyth Kenworthy, was suspended in January 2011.

Long Lartin is a maximum security prison near Evesham in the West Midlands area of the UK which holds up to 622 inmates who must be serving a threshold sentence of four years.

Notwithstanding that a fresh crime has been committed, what is your reaction to the news of Anwar’s death? Sound off below.

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202 Responses to “Child Murderer Who Tortured Two-Year-Old Girl Killed In British Prison”

  1. Heather Johnson

    No sympathy for the baby killer.

    You know you're evil when even the bad guys hate you.

  2. Yolanda Tamez

    anyone who hurts a child deserves a bullet but that would be to humane….he got what he deserved…

  3. Shanghai Kate Hellenbrand

    Good. He should not be allowed to live nor the mother. That poor child and her pleading eyes… Such things horrify me… These people do not deserve to live…

  4. Linda Petrone

    To torture an innocent child is beyond belief, whatever he got in prison was well dererved, I am appalled that her Mom was also involved, she should be imprisoned for the rest of her life to make sure she never has another child!

  5. Cindy Leviner

    maybe the social worker should be charged to instead of just being suspended..maybe if she had been doing her job this could have been avoided.

  6. Kathleen Grace

    Sometimes the courts just don't get it right, not because of the law but because there is no suitable punishment for the horrendous torture of a small innocent toddler, the pain that tiny body and soul endured. There is no earthly punishment to suit that crime. And while I don't necessarily believe in death for death, what I do believe is that Anwar was terrified for however long it took for them to kill him, and that was worth it.

  7. Kay Fogleman

    The men that killed him should have their sentence shortened.They did what the courts should have! I hope they tortured him first! Publish their address so we can write and thank them!

  8. Maria L Keegin

    like my mother always told me people who do that to children need the same done to them, he might not have gotten what he did to that little girl but I have no sympathy for him.

  9. Michael A Martinez

    Good riddance! Hey Kate, I'm not sure if you remember the Troy Wimmer case here in Salt Lake circa 1990's, where he killed a baby-child by pouring hot peppers down her throat for crying; he was chopped to pieces at the Utah State Prison. Deservedly so!

  10. Hope McGinnis

    justice served I say…. people slip n fall all the time in prison….who says this killer was murdered..any witnesses to a murder there?

  11. JoAnne Price

    Are you crazy? Just where is it going around? You voted for O, didn't you?

  12. Candy Rainsbarger-Weaver

    Well, the creep should have received the death penalty AND CARRIED OUT. Well, bless those 2 men that did it for the justice system! As I see it, saved tax payers lots of money and for us, more air! And where is the mother? she should have been there when the boyfriend received justice….and received the same! why is she still living?

  13. Sylvia Lopez

    He still probably didn't even go through half of what he put that innocent baby through. Both him & the mother are disgusting human beings

  14. Kathy Lee Barr

    OUTRAGED.. he deserved worse than death…tortued every day wouldn't have made up for his evil damages unto that precious little girl…

  15. Carmen S. Rivera

    No sympathy whatsoever. These 2 inmates did what the court should have done in the first place.

  16. Cynthia Gale Call

    Ahh..and WHAT are we supposed to do with THAT…are you Kidding me, I want both(mom and dad) to die for this UNSPEAKABLE Crime, but My Father God tells me to forgive and Walk in Love and Mercy…Please Dear God in Heaven, help me to forgive the people guilty of this horrifying crime..I, in myself have No Mercy for these kind of crimes"any crime against children", but God tells me to have mercy as He has Mercy for me…I have to believe that Our Father has this baby in His loving care and that He gives me the Power to forgive… Sanam is watching and helping from heaven now :)

  17. Denise Wilson

    The punishment they both should have received should have been exactly what they did to that little helpless baby. I hope the woman who gave birth (she's not a mother) gets exactly what he got. That's real justice. And give the 2 that did him in a steak dinner.

  18. Erika Neu Pogue

    I don't get how political affiliation plays a role here at all. Besides, it seems to me that generally republicans (or non-O supporters) are the ones demanding people have babies (pro-choice and anti-birth control coverage), and not providing any assistance or care (medicaid, TANF, education) to the children that are born

  19. Kathryn Trachsler

    I don"t feel bad for the man dying in prison but that poor baby and the case worker not know this and the thing is a terrible trady

  20. Robin Barnes Nagy

    He got what he deserved only if it was painful and frightening. Just like the torture he inflicted on that innocent baby. People like him have no use in this world. Good riddance!

  21. Ginger Muse

    How could you have even a thought of hurting a defensless child..we are supposed to protect them.I have a 2 year old daughter..anyone ever attempted to hurt her I will kill them..they should have let him live to endure the same kind of torture.

  22. Cynthia Gale Call

    At Cindy L. Not necessarily…The guilty ones are the Mom and Dad and only the Mom and Dad…

  23. Rose Blankenship

    The mother is next……..I hope she suffers too…….and she only got 9 years and he got only 23………is that all that beautiful baby was worth? Now HE WILL ANSWER TO GOD………..and go straight to HELL……and she probably will get hers in due time.

  24. Gail Finnell

    Don't think she is crazy…..she is just saying he did a terrible thing to a toddler and karma/god/the creator whatever/whomever you choose to believe in saw fit to make sure he went out the same.

  25. Rose Blankenship

    Amen, I have a relative in the Penn……..he said that anyone who comes through that has hurt a child…….pays dearly…if you know what I mean.

  26. Laura Yepthatsme

    Shit the mother needs to be murdered to, both should of been put through a month long torture and died a very horrible death. Those who killed the guy in prison should be REWARDED!

  27. Michele Perry

    Gotta love Karma! Thank God this guy is no longer alive! I can't imagine what that baby went through. And…the mother should be next! She allowed her coward, twisted boyfriend to do this to her own baby! This is one sad story.

  28. Tracy Hoey Kelly

    It's called Karma you son of a bit%*. If you ask me, you got off easy…

  29. Julieanna Bava-Reyes

    I would like to thank the guys in prison for taking care of business. Poor little angel….may she finally have peace.

  30. Stacy Payne

    No punishment would justify what he did to that poor toddler. Not even Hell deserves scum like that. Doomed to an eternity of reliving the atrocious things he did and FEELING that bullet enter his body again, and again, and again. Even that doesn't seem good enough.

  31. Fabio Paolo Barbieri

    Exactly. In British prisons, child abusers and child murderers are called "nonces" and are routinely kept separate from the rest, because if not they will be killed. Apparently these two guys managed to enter the monster's own cell, which should not have been possible. They meant to kill him, clearly, and they did so even though they knew it would mean another life sentence for each of them. Evidently the idea of what had been done to that poor child was enough for them, even to say bye-bye to any chance of freedom.

  32. Twyla Busch

    I absolutely agree. She and the case worker should be put in the same cell as the two who sought out the right punishment for the baby killer

  33. Ilse Dujmovic

    Not nearly enough punishment and why were the inmates that killed that piece of human garbage arrested. BTW how do you arrest someone already in prison? I too hope they made him suffer.

  34. Amy Stirewalt

    Slow down there Joanne…"what goes around comes around" was meant for the animal who murdered the baby!! So stop getting so defensive….sheesh!!
    Btw…I voted for "O" 😉

  35. Sandi Ballard

    Deserve it as it is said an eye for an eye. Now mother needs to meet her maker…

  36. John Martin

    No social niceties here..hopefully they gave him a thousand times more pain and punishment then that poor little girl who suffered at his hands. May that baby rest in peace and he rot for all eternity.

  37. Kitty Skelson

    Inmates do their crimes for whatever reason, BUT no matter how hard a criminal, even THEY have boundries. Child rapist/murderers are even LOWER than the Low in ANYBODIES book. Surprised he lasted as long as he did. I hope he got at least a taste of what he did to that defenseless baby!

  38. 'Katherine A Sims

    I have no sympathy for EVIL. We are all God's children but I think some get adopted by the devil. Adults who kill kids do not live long.

  39. Tina Kerns Moore

    I hope they tortured him to death in his cell. It's exactly what he gets. Hope the so called mother meets the same fate in her cell!!!!

  40. Jennifer Cole

    I am sorry but I have to disagree. We just went through this two years ago in Great Falls, Mt. Little October Perez died at the hands of her mother's lover. The mother knew what was going on the whole time and so did the social worker that had been on the case for months. She seen the horrifying conditions that little October had lived in. Including but not limited to, an old tattered mattress thrown on the cement floor was her bed. There was feces all over the floor along with a lot of filth. Her arm had been broken and just so much more horendous things that this two year old child had to endure. After he killed her the autopsey revealed that her spine had been severed, and she a lot of other broken bones that she was not even treated for. The boyfriend was the only one that imprisoned but the mother as well as the social worker are free to do whatever they want. While she lies in a tiny little grave and her whole family is left devistated!!! Not fair at all!!! I think that both the mother and the social worker should be imprisoned as well.

  41. Vicky Barratt

    Mistakes happen, but by being suspended the social worker is at least prevented from making another one. I think that's enough for the time being.

  42. Carolyn Foster

    This is what I call justice & the two who killed him should be rewarded with their freedom….As for the Mother, I cannot conceive of watching that done to her child….She should be next….

  43. Ange Ncali

    It is just as bad that the mother just let it happen and watched it all and particpated, the courts gave her the wrong sentence! they should also tie her tubes!

  44. Cindy Leviner

    i know they are overworked but their job is to remove or at least report suspected abuse when they make house checks…and they should not have to call ahead either it should be surprise visits…and i know its the parents fault and its a shame we even have to get involved but until idiots stop bring babies into this world before they can take care of them we have to…there are just to many abused and neglected children today…

  45. Mike Baughman

    Sorry. The towel head killed a baby. Innocent life taken at an adults hands, and you're going to punish someone, anyone for killin this garbage. Gimme a break, whoever did it, should be praised.

  46. Jonda Spurlock

    At least justice was finally served on his ass.that's the way it should be.I hope they tortured him for hour's. I can only hope now that the mother gets what she deserves too..I agree the guys who killed him should get a metal for what the courts dident do..its a shame that family members aren't allowed to take care of scum like that themselves.I know if it happend to any of the children in my family, the only person unfortunately going to prison, would be me..

  47. Phil Traver

    are they giving the two guys that killed the slime some sort of reward? seems like they should since the courts failed to protect a little girl. justice was done.

  48. Stacey Hanks

    Karma ! I hope he suffered a long, slow painful death! I guess we know what prison to send all of the monsters that inflict pain & death on defenseless children!
    I think the prisoners that killed that scum deserve a thank you at the very least!

  49. Cherie Sawyer

    The wrath of God that awaits him now will be worse than any punishment man could have given him. I can not even imagine what God will do to him. May the love of Jesus surround the little angel child that was tortured and killed at the hands of 2 monsters. her monsters weren't under her bed they were in every room. I pray that God will have mercy on the other 2 men that murdered the monster.

  50. Fay Thacker

    God bess the child,,, and if I had the money I would get attorneys for whom ever killed the sonofabitche ,, now it's mothers turn,,,wonder if the place she is in will be less swift.

  51. Jan D Davis

    I sure hope this worthless piece of crap suffered for a while before he died. Thank you cards should be sent to the two men that made sure he would never be able to hurt another child. The dead guy was only in his twenties and got a max sentence of 23 years. He would have been out before he was 50. No telling whose lives these men have made better for the future by killing him.

  52. Anonymous

    Heather Johnson's comment is powerful yet leaves out all the calls for a retribution killing. Thank you, Heather. It is well said.

  53. Anonymous

    Rose Blankenship You mean he's going to find out why they call it "the pokey," Rose?

  54. Anonymous

    Linda, even the courts let this child down with the short sentences meted out. That he died in prison makes no difference to me, as long as they didn't try to make him comfortable before he died. Her nine years is way too short, too. Sure, she should have stopped it. But she needs more than nine years of intense psychiatric therapy before anyone should even consider releasing her. The thought of her having more children is just horrifying. She knows how to manipulate the system and there is no reason for her to ever stop having children and living on welfare as her profession.

  55. Anonymous

    Vicky Barratt Except for the fact remaining social workers must take on an even heavier caseload until a replacement or replacements can be found eligible for hiring, then trained, then set loose on his or her first cases, visiting homes but falling all over themselves with showing respect to the convicted and not really noticing things more experienced workers would (a door that's always closed with a tall chest in front of it, that sort of thing). The convicted probably talks a good game, and fast, and the inexperienced social worker is quickly out the door feeling good about making that home visit and thinking, "this shouldn't be too hard."

  56. Cdchina Davidson

    good to see scum like that given their justice and saves the planet (and the tax payer) sharing air with that animal.

  57. Amber Elizabeth

    2 wrongs do NOT make a right, an eye for an eye type thinking will just continue to bring evil into this world. Sinking to a killers level makes you just as bad. Would it not have been better for him to have to continue living his life knowing what he did, being punished the way that doesn't let him get away with it instead of just taking his life away from him? What good is there in any of that? None.

  58. Lillie van Hoogen

    lol, yes arrest the guys already arrested…….and let us know that they are in police custody…..

  59. Stephanie Powell

    I hope they made that devil suffer before he died…. As for the mom I hope the women in there show her how it feels to be tortured daily…Justice was swift for that beautiful little angel.

  60. Captn Pythagoras Barnaby

    Why is there never any sympathy for war statistics? why let the media manipulate you this way? 2million iraqis killed and all you can do is comment on this… how many iraqi children have been tortured by allied soldiers? sensationalism…. idiots.

  61. Captn Pythagoras Barnaby

    Why is there never any sympathy for war statistics? why let the media manipulate you this way? 2million iraqis killed and all you can do is comment on this… how many iraqi children have been tortured by allied soldiers? shot, killed, VIETNAM-style, hipocrits and sensationalism chanting idiots

  62. Deborah Hudson

    The EVIL BASTARD got what he deserved. Her Mom, and the Social Worker should be taken out next and last but not least The Judge for not giving him the Death Penalty.

  63. Brian Froberg

    Hey Kay you know these 2 guys who killed them are NOT nice guys. They were already in prison for hurting other people. Innocent people. I'm sure the families of their victims would not think they are heroes. Also the UK does not have the death penalty and hasn't for 50 years.

  64. Brian Froberg

    Hey Kay you know these 2 guys who killed them are NOT nice guys. They were already in prison for hurting other people. Innocent people. I'm sure the families of their victims would not think they are heroes. Also the UK does not have the death penalty and hasn't for 50 years.

  65. Judith Parker-Proctor

    Jennifer Cole I'm curious about the devastated family of little October. Where were they during this torture, if it went on long enough for the social worker to get involved, did they intervene? Did they try to get her out of the home? Why was the Mom not charged? We had a similar occurrence in our area, both Mom & Step-dad were charged. Seems to me social services spends too much time trying to keep these families together in the misguided conclusion that it's best for the children. Children who have no defense again much larger, angry adults. As for this fellow ending up dead, I'm a non-believer in the death penalty, but a believer in doing the same thing to the felon that he did to his victim. If during this torture he ends up dead, well….

  66. Tom Corey

    Hey buddy, easy on the 'towel head' reference. He doesn't represent me. I'm on your side with this one. As a person (and I use that term loosely) he reaped what he has sown.

  67. Robin Ray

    I am NOT a violent person but, that so called Man should have had the same things done to him as he did to that beautiful little girl! Smash all his limbs then put him in an industrial dryer while the so called Mother and everybody else watched! Maybe if we had this kind of swift punishment it would stop others from doing these kinds of things! I did say maybe…RIP Baby Girl! :(

  68. Robin Ray

    You know what Joann this is NOT about politics!!!! I do not see anything abut animals in Michele's post and you are acting like a 12 year old!

  69. Robin Ray

    I would like to agree with you Amber but, number 1 I do not want my Tax dollars paying to keep someone like him alive, and two he would not even bat an eye if he were allowed to live!

  70. Robin Ray

    Captn this is NOT about the War! Different story and you are just assuming how people feel and calling names!

  71. Monica Martin

    Don't feel bad for the guy but what was wrong with the mother? I would have killed him if he did that to one of my four boys. She has to have a few loose screws to say the least. Tragic death for this small child. I don't understand people who let harm happen to their children or let others do it. YOUR child you gave birth to should mean more than some man or woman.

  72. Wanda Towe

    I just hope they fractured the bones in all his limbs, the way he did the baby. A little 2 year old is so tiny, so dependent on who they are with to protect them! Not to torture them! I hope the mother never has another child.

  73. Elusive Vee

    Unreal!! The mother Im sure will soon be next! Makes me sick to think people do this sort of thing! May God take that sweet little one in his arms and hold her forever!

  74. Erick Pacheco

    Whatsoever a man sows , so shall he also reap. – Bible To paraphrase. Whatever you do come back on you. How true , how very true… He rewards the evil and good men do in this world and in the next. Nobody escapes justice.

  75. Ryan Quattro

    Captn, you are full of crap. 2 million Iraqis did NOT die. The only verifiable sources have the number at around 200,000. That still is a horrific number, but that is a far cry from your invented statistics that have no basis in reality. War statistics are often are warped for political means. The truth is that anyone can cite whatever number they want because outside of press and hospital reports, deaths are hard to track in war.

    Your remark about US soldiers is wholly nonsensical. There is no proof that US soldiers "tortured" children. It is a sad fact that many children have died in that war and some at the hands of US troops. But few were killed intentionally. One of the worst aspects of modern war is that the power of the weapons can unintentionally kill or maim innocent people.That is why we must be judicious when making the decision to wage war.

    Based on your rather ignorant post I would say that you are in position to call anyone an "idiot".

  76. Clarence Vandiver

    for two years, the age of that baby the same should be done to him, 107 injuries, shattered legs everything with time to heal six weeks, then repete, heal, repete, heal, repete at the end of two years hang him. iam willing to bet those crimes will drop.

  77. Jack Fry

    If someone is already in on a life sentence, what difference does another one make? Unless of course another one will get you executed…

  78. Grace Carrin

    Give medals to the guys who took care of what the court system should have done. And they saved the government of supporting a slug to begin with. All in all, not a bad system! Good work prisoners!

  79. Grace Carrin

    Well Brian it doesn't say what they were in for and since the prison has a four year threshhold, they could have been in there for anything, even a victimless crime.

  80. Ray Stoinski

    Great news! Good day! He was probably tortured and beaten by the inmates.. Got EXACTLY what he deserved. Give the inmates some privaleges for doing community service.

  81. Minnie Spencer

    Jack Fry If it were me already in prison for commiting a crime I would gladly be executed for protecting a child or killing a molester or child killer.

  82. Anonymous

    Okay, now the easy treatment is over for him. I think it's going to get hard now.

  83. Anonymous

    Okay, the easy treatment is over for him now. He's in for a very rude and enduring surprise.

  84. Anonymous

    A country of whinny, gutless hypocrites. You don't want the death penalty (how bloody uncivilized, what) but all take morbid glee that justice was done and the baby killer got what he deserved (your words). So you don't want it on your conscience to implement laws to take care of these animals, but you are giddy with delight when somebody else does your dirty work for you and go on with your sanctimonious lives and phony piety. You make the rest of the world sick.

  85. Mike Baughman

    LOL you kill me T. LOL I don't mean kill me kill me. but like kill me figure of speech kill me.

  86. Peachez Jackson

    Vicky Barratt I must disagree. If this social worker couldnt see that something was wrong with the child then she was not qualified to be a social worker. Hell, most of these ppl who come into your home and try to judge whether you are fit to raise the child you gave birth to always seem to get it wrong. They take children out of good homes to put them in foster homes and the kids have it worse oiff than if they stayed in their own home. But in most cases they leave children who are clearly being tortured and abused in the home with their abuser until they are killed. In situations like this, not only should the incompetent social worker get jail time but should never be able to be or work around children…EVER!!

  87. Cynthia Gale Call

    I will, but I still have God's True Word on my FB <3

  88. Delores Buckaloo

    I agree with you Kay. The men that killed the baby abuser should not be charged. At least they had hearts that couldn't stand the evil done to the sweet baby girl. I get so mad when judges and juries don't charge these evil people with death or 99 years and 1 day sentences. These people get off wait too easy. When anyone hurts and tortures children who are defenseless it should ALWAYS be a capital offense. They should ALWAYS get the most severe punishment instead of what they get. They get off so easy and I feel that is why we have to worry so much about people hurting our own children.

  89. Cari L. Fedorchak

    Thank YOU 2 nice prisoners who gave us a wonderful Valentine's Day gift! BTW, how can you say the 2 are in police custody? Since they're PRISONERS doesn't that mean they've been in police custody (JAIL) all along?

  90. David Delboy Jackson

    Now let god deal with him the doors of hell are waiting open for this evil man how one can hurt a little baby is so so sad :(

  91. Roxanne Billiot

    Why does everyone get so upset when a child is murdered but not when an adult is murdered? I don't think it's fair- why post "anyone who hurts a child deserves to be killed.'' What about anyone who hurts an innocent adult?

  92. Sonia Medina Lewis

    Good, he got what he deserved, I have no sympathy for this man and am hopeful he got what he deserved as a result of his actions, as far as the mother goes, I hope she got what she deserved while she has been in jail.

  93. Paul Soto

    It is a pity when criminals know the punishment deserving of a crime better than the liberal, bleeding heart so-called educated leaders of today. In some Western countries such as England and Canada, there is no death penalty, only for the victims of the murderers, such as this 2-year old child. Countries such as Mexico, pride themselves in not having a death penalty, but her citizens die a horrible death in the deserts trying to reach the USA for work and the cartels murder each other in the thousands. It is the idiotic hypocrisy of these nations raising up their collars and boasting of not having a death penalty, on the mountains of dead bodies of their innocent citizens. They could learn from the justice the criminals met out occasionally as the criminal on the cross next to Jesus said, "We are here because of our own actions, but this man (Jesus) is innocent." Jesus praised him.

  94. Beverly Cook Ashby

    The USA does not deal justice on child abusers or killers either. In this case, after prison sentence and the baby killer is in the confines of the prison a couple of prisoners actually do what should have been done by the judicial system. Killing babies and children has become something that the perpetrators are not afraid to do because there is no punishment. What this person did to that baby should have been done to him!!!!
    I say the two prisoners are heroes and should be set free!

  95. Gabriel Ziegler

    Who is served best by his death? Is the release of death a greater punishment than living to realize the monster he was? Would our system have been better able to learn from and prevent similar abuse with his input? Could society have grown the smallest bit better, by learning from his rehabilitation, perhaps saving the lives of future victims and criminals? What was the life that came before that led to such broken people? The first tragedy here is the cause of the abuse. The second is the child who was tortured. The third and by far the greatest, is the call for blood. If our best response to horror is an equal measure of violence, which is the greater evil? The society that can only avenge and condemn, or the broken victims we allow? Does this violence help society, or is it indicative of a greater failure of empathy, and education?

  96. Michael Martin

    hopefully it was a slow pain fill up the ass broken bones hurting type of killing.

  97. Alfred Thein

    Actually this is the norm in many prisons (at least in the western world).

  98. Alfred Thein

    Captn Pythagoras Barnaby Why are you posting here when millions of innocent babies are being killed by pro lifers? (see what I did there)

  99. Lin Moy

    I think he got what he deserved. Hope he was in such pain. They should not give those prisoners more time because they did all a huge favor.

  100. Geri Ann Sawyer

    Good..I hope they atleast gave him a torturous death! Now this is justice…those guys stood up for that baby since know one else did, not even her mother. He deserved it and I really wish that inmates all over that are doing extreme hard time would take some of these child killers out! Think of it like this…we are paying for a person in prison that did the ultimate evil by killing an innocent child, so if the inmates took them out it would be1 less person our tax dollars pay for!

  101. Ann Hoskins

    Took them long enough to kill him didn't it?! Should have killed him asap after they heard what he did and when he arrived in prison. After all guys, you have nothing to loose when you're in prison already. Just kill these bastards as they arrive. Just so they don't get loose on a technicaility.

  102. Earl Grosser

    At first I laughed at the 23 year sentence because in America, they don't even get the minimum.
    Then I laughed at the fact that the police "have the 2 prisoners in custody" (Bet that was tough).
    Then I just laughed at his death. Read what that sick inhuman and the mother did to the child! Locking Sanam Navsarka in a cabinet? The child died from fractures to ALL LIMBS!
    Sick, why waste the tax payer's dollars on even prosecuting these men? Were their crimes worse?

  103. Earl Grosser

    Wow! I don't know where that comment comes from,but just because you don't see people commenting on the war in Iraq don't think for a minute that there aren't lots of people that protest what happens over there and other countries! Don't think people have forgotten the tape that led to the American government going after Wiki-leaks founder because he posted the video showing Americans killing a journalist and then running over him with a tank while laughing about it,because we haven't and never will!
    Private Bradley Manning is still in a Kuwaiti prison for being the whistle blower on that event. Free him now!
    But this story is about something else. Let's try to stay focused on the issues.

  104. Dennis Kirk Kelch

    I don't see any reason to be upset about what happened to this guy, or even to charge the people who killed him. I know they have to keep order in the prisons but I think anybody in the situation of those men would have done the same thing.

  105. Lavadia Workman

    Rather bluntly I am going to say from the top that AWESOME to Anwar's murder sentence karma is what it is and other prisoner's get there own jusctice when a child is involed. Men are more ruthless.If he died in prision he was meant to…. But the mom ( Zahbeena Zarsarka) there is no excuse at all for her behavior she suppose to protect her child at all cost's no matter what. I do not want to hear what if she could not leave! what if! This and that. HER CHILD IS DEAD NOW WAS WORTH OR IS WHAT WANTED SO SHE TO BE RID OF HIM OUT OF OUT RIGHT FEAR AND CHOOSE TO ACT ONTHE WRONG INTINCTS. A CHILD'S LIFE IS WORTH MORE THAN THIS. When his abuse strated and it did with her after she became pregnant things spun out the of out control.T believe her sentence ( Zahbeena Zavsarka) is unplay's and is sysmpathic to the mom and she had a choice let ehr daughter live or die. At the very least for her role in tortue, abuse, and death of Sanam Narsarka. Zahbeena N. should have been charged to the max of the law allows, and the other charges should have been added to run separtly max.charges. this did not happen omly the partner was saw as the big bad wolf, wake people even in our country this happens everyday more offen than not sometimes abusecalls are call in children (oldest removed) youngest says and they die or worse. do your homework.

  106. Lavadia Workman

    I live in Florida a lot cases fall through the cracks. Believe or not more often than not they have social workers and they are at fault.49% go to these houses where the the report call's the workers knows the conditions (MOM ON DRUG'S GOING THUR WITHDRAW, SEVERE MENTAL ILLNESS, MAJOR CONDITIONS IN WHICH A CHILD SHOULD EVER BE LEFT IN THE CUSTODY A PARENT(S) of the homes and remove the older children leave the very youngest. ( infant- 2-yrs) some would die tragically or really bad things would befall these children the hands of these the social workers. Do your resources. A lot of other foster homes are bad and anything can happed. Florida ranks badly as far as have a good effective and protective children's service's agency. It is sad children have to die before help gets to them . YES SOCIAL WORKERS AND PARENT/CAREGIVERS SHOULD BOTH BE CHARGED TO THE MAX PENALTY OF THE LAW. THE STATE THINK THEY ARE IMMUNE TO THEIR RESPONSIBILITIES BUT IF IT AFFECTS THE LIFE AND/OR DEATH OF A CHILD AN THEY HAD PRIOR KNOWLEDGE.

  107. Anonymous

    Good job. This should be the fate of all child abusers. Allowing them to live is a waste of air.

  108. Anonymous

    and the mother basically walks in a few years-i find her even more responsible.

  109. Anonymous

    Please post the names of the inmates who carried out the jail house justice. I would like to put some money on their books! Job well done mates!

  110. Sam Davis

    I applaud the inmates who killed him. Thank you for saving people the cost of housing him and for doing what the legal system should have. I hope it took him a long time to die and really really hurt.

  111. Sam Davis

    Hopefully the police will not have or lose the needed evidence to make the murder charges stick.

  112. Mary Ann Leverence

    I wish they had put him in a tumble dryer for about an hour or so! And the "mother" there are no words horrifying enough to describe her! Made me cry reading about this poor baby and the horrors she endured. That so-called social worker should also be serving an extended sentence in prison.

  113. Edna Stadler

    Dying was an easy way out for him. And the mother – she should be locked up for LIFE. I can't even imagine a mother letting another person do this to her child. She could have left and taken her child to safety. Not even the battered woman syndrome fits this case.

  114. Patsy Lynn Garretty

    Let's find those two prisoners and give them a nice reward!

  115. Jill Brounstein

    I don't feel sorry at all for the man who murdered that beautiful child! I do know that inmates do NOT like rapists, molesters, child murderers or mothers who have been killed. So, the attack on the man was not surprising. If there IS a heaven, hope that man went in the opposite direction!

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