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Brian Williams Angry With NBC Over Changes? [Report]

Brian Williams angry with NBC

Is Brian Williams angry with NBC over changes to Rock Center With Brian Williams after the show was shunted over to a Friday night timeslot?

The idea that Brian Williams is angry with NBC over the move comes in part from comments Williams himself made on-air and in part due to a long piece in The Hollywood Reporter about overall NBC goings on.

Speculation that Brian Williams is angry with NBC goes back to a musical chairs situation with Rock Center‘s time slot. After its debut in November of 2011, the program, originally airing Wednesdays, moved to Thursdays before getting shoved over to Fridays. Many Hollywood types believe the most recent time slot shift does not bode well for Rock Center.

The THR piece alleging Williams is displeased with NBC explains that a remark made by the anchor on February 8 seemed a bit snippy, saying:

“But NBC brass might have upset Williams with the move … He closed Rock Center on Feb. 8 with a segment characterizing Friday as its ‘latest resting place.’ Sources at NBC News say Williams was angered that Burbank execs did not give the show the promised promotion, while plans to expand it to multiple weekly airings have been abandoned.”

Huffington Post covered THR’s piece about Brian Williams being angry at NBC, and Alexandra Wallace, executive producer for Rock Center, replied with a statement about the furor over Williams’ remark:

“Brian’s take on our new time slot was truly funny and the furthest thing from ‘angry.’ He made light of our travels through the schedule — and we are all thrilled by Rock Center’s strong ratings after our Friday night debut. We look forward to settling down in our new home.”

brian williams slow jams the news

Whether or not Brian Williams is angry with NBC, the new time slot doesn’t seem to be a bad thing — Rock Center drew 5.3 million viewers in its first Friday night showing.

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24 Responses to “Brian Williams Angry With NBC Over Changes? [Report]”

  1. Mike Cobb

    Considering how NBC's ratings are dropping… and not being one bit surprised by it… I believe if I were employed there I would have already updated my resume.

  2. Anonymous

    He should be angry about NBC being a typical Liberal Biased Obama loving non significant news agancy.

  3. Parker Shilling

    Maybe NBC will treat Brian Williams the same way they treated Anne Curry, an just FIRE his butt. I really don't care about Brian Williams anyway.

  4. Anonymous

    So sorry you are sad Brian. You are an enabler for this Socialist agenda with your bias and not reporting the truth to the average Joe about the massive power grabs of Americans freedoms.The financial ruin coming to future generations because of Socialist out of control spending is never reported in a truthful and honest way. You Sir, cover up, lie and deceive.You have no journalist ethics.

  5. Robert W Moore

    It's about time he gets his chain yanked. He use to be fair and good,now he's neither thanks to the Obama brass at NBC . His end is coming.

  6. Joyce Hughes

    I don't like NBC, but I like Brian Williams. He is extremely funny on the Late Night with Jimmy Fallon. Doing the slow jam news is one of the funniest takes on air. You go Brian Williams.

  7. Tom Hawley

    Too bad for Brian "Hollywood" Williams. If NBC cancels this lousy show this pretend newsman will have more time to be Letterman's puppet.

  8. Linda Cramer Wilson

    I use to like Brian Williams, but he has been sucked up with NBC far left crap! Have been done with NBC news years ago! They tell too many lies and not honest about their broadcasting!

  9. John Smith

    Please Brian Williams get with Ann Curry and go to CNN where you can be appreciated. NBC news is in the dumps. I cant watch TODAY anymore even on the weekend because they allow that insufferable Jenna Wolfe to stay there and ruin my weekends. During the week, I have switched to GOOD MORNING AMERICA. Lester Holt should leave with Brian and Ann; however, NBC would never let any of them out of their contracts. I like Rock Center.

  10. Anonymous

    I think Brian is great and he should run for Political office as a Independent!

  11. Bob Young

    To be frank the show is not very good.NBC is tired and not keeping topical with it's reporting.There is a sameness about everything. The fact that NBC needs to retool it's news division is the real solution.Their cutting the throat of Onn Curry when she really did not want to be cast in that role proves my point.Political bias should be left to amateurs like Fox.

  12. Carol Kovalsky Fornadel

    I really like Brian Williams, and I'm a fan of Rock Center. I cannot stand NBC. The powers that be who run this network, all need to get the boot. After the Ann Curry incident, I never tune in the Today Show. I cannot stand any of the prima donnas. Brian Williams should change networks.

  13. Karen Fandal

    Boo Hoo No one watches these puff pieces. Where is the outrage over the drone program. NBC is the campaign headquarters for this administration. That is what is sad.

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