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Pete Rose Erased From Topps Baseball Cards, But PED Users Remain

Pete Rose Erased From Topps Baseball Cards, But

Pete Rose has been erased from baseball history thanks to his lifetime ban for gambling on the game, and now the all-time hit leader is being erased from baseball cards as well.

Rose hasn’t had his own card since he was banned in 1989. Baseball cards are officially licensed MLB products, and as a “permanently ineligible player” Rose is forbidden from having his own card. An astute baseball card fan, Rob Harris of Chicagoside, noticed that Topps is taking the ban a step further.

When the back of the cards for certain players list all time hitting lists, Rose’s name is some how absent. The back of the Topps card contains a list called “Career Chase,” showing just how far that player is from reaching the all-time greats. The cards list the record-holders by name… until it comes to Pete Rose.

Chicagoside looked at the card of A.J. Pierzynski, noting that instead of saying “Pete Rose’s record,” the all-time batting crown is simply called “all-time record of 4,256″ hits. The story has since been picked up nationwide, including the home of the Reds, the Cincinnati Enquirer.

Harris took issue with the fact that Pete Rose was erased, while player linked to performance-enhancing drugs were kept intact. He wrote:

“The decision to ignore Rose is particularly questionable given the ongoing furor over performance enhancing drugs. Barry Bonds and other suspected steroid cheats have so far been denied entry to the Hall of Fame. Yet Topps has chosen to take the bloom only off of Rose. Why? Do they deem his crimes more serious? Is their standard that permanently ineligible players should be denied recognition? They’re not saying.”

Do you think it’s fair that Pete Rose is erased by Topps while PED users continue to have their records stand.

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18 Responses to “Pete Rose Erased From Topps Baseball Cards, But PED Users Remain”

  1. Vicki Schafer Foster

    We have athletes who have been involved in violent crimes and are still revered as wonderful people and athletes. Really? Pete Rose was a gambler. Yes, he made bets on his own team, but there was never any evidence it influenced the outcome of any games. Pete Rose should be in the Hall of Fame…period.

  2. Philip Norris

    Growing up I was a HUGE Pete Rose fan. I had my Pete Rose McGregor glove, I tried to bat like Pete and when he went to Philly, I was hurt BUT I became a Reds fan that followed Philly and rooted for OHIO boys Mike Schmidt and Pete.

    Pete was guilty of ONE thing during his playing days, he played hard and played to win. He may not have been as fan friendly as say Johnny Bench or Mike Schmidt, BUT the man could play any field position and win a Gold Glove. I'll never forget the All Star game where he knocked down and badly hurt Cleveland's catcher, or the game where he took a pitch to the calf just to get on base and bring the winning run home.

    For TOPPS to do this while still recognizing SCUMBAGS that truly cheated is pathetic and IMHO a display of prejudice against Peter Edward Rose beyond comprehension. Their "excuse" which seems rational on the surface is BS. The reason being, when I was a kid and collected cards they had cards that named the highest stat leaders of all time and where the players of the (ahem, 70's) were in regards to that. I found out about Joe Jackson because of TOPPS baseball cards and one of their trivia questions one year (I believe it was on a Rich Folkers card) was "What player was known as "Shoeless Joe?" (BTW Shoeless Joe Jackson is one of the ORIGINAL "banned for life" players, by Judge Kenesaw Landis, due to the Black Sox scandal of 1919 and his supposed participation (it was only proven that he attended one meeting with the players and had no idea what they were talking about) in throwing the World series that year.)

  3. Sam Johnson

    So sad a man who through natural ability and determination a record is banned from the Hall of Fame for betting on his team to WIN no less, is now erased from the records while those who used performce enhancing drugs to break records are still listed as the record holders is pure insult to any and all who ever played the game. Pet Rose is the all time Hit Leader and he should be acknowlededas such UTIL someone (not on PEDs) breaks the record. Just mh

  4. Dennis Ching

    Pete Rose is a great player and he deserve to be put on the hall of fame! He did it without drugs or enhancement pure genuine talent and love for sport.

  5. Gene Gardner

    THis is a disgrace, the guy bets on a few baseball games, that he didn't play in and he gets treated like he killed the pope. Since 1994 when a bunch of millionaires went on strike because they didn;t make enough money and this treatment of one of baseballs greatest players, baseball is dead to me!

  6. Philip Norris

    I think it was a 1978 Playboy interview that Pete stated he tried speed to better his game but it did nothing but make him nervous. Given the period he played and HOW hard he played, had he played in the 90's would he have done PEDs? No one will ever know.

  7. Philip Norris

    Look at how the NFL praised Ray Lewis during the Super Bowl, because it was his last game.

  8. Larry McAdam

    Great player? Heck yeah!
    Dumb about gambling, no doubt. And yet so many others slide under the radar. And he even bet to WIN!

  9. Anonymous

    If baseball really cared about it's fans, they would let the fans vote on whether Pete should be allowed in the Hall of Fame and in other areas of baseball. Pete made history and the records still stand. Give him the recognition that he deserves. I know of a past president who denied "having sex with that woman", and his dna was found on her blue dress. Nobody took his name off the list of U.S. Presidents.

  10. Robert Hollingsworth

    Yet Barry Bonds still has cards, records stats, same with Sammy Sosa, Mark McGuire. All definite cheaters and PED users that should have all their records and stats erased. Babe Ruth has the home run record, not Cheater Bonds, who before his excessive PED use was nothing more than a decent player that gagged as bad as Arod in the playoffs.

    Pete Rose at least admitted to cheating, but it was AFTER his playing career and did nothing to accelerate or help out his statistics.

    What a shame MLB and Topps are going so far on Rose but not on the guys that really did huge damage to the game.

  11. Aurelio Papo-lelito Soto

    this is bullshit.. he made bets he didn't use steroids or corked his bats to get all them hits… but all these ped users and people who used corked bats continue with cards and on the run for hall of fame…. its a shame.

  12. Serafin Pabon

    thats a damn shame, but in the end, those who use peds will get theirs, if the recent treatments of guys like mcguire and sosa are any indication. you can have your fun on the field, but when it comes time to get your recognition in the hall of fame, you aint getting shit. and this is what baseball has become, ladies and gentlemen

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