Kurt Warner Home Auction - NFL Star Selling Arizona Mansion

Kurt Warner Home Auction: NFL Legend Selling House To Highest Bidder

Paradise Valley, AZ – A Kurt Warner home auction is on the cards after the NFL legend became sick of waiting for his Arizona mansion to sell on the market.

Warner’s six-bedroom home will go on the block on February 27. The house, which has been on the market for 18 months, is expected to fetch in the region of $5 million.

The 11,000-square foot home boasts six bedrooms and five and a half bathrooms, not to mention plenty of other treats. There’s a home theater, billiard room, massage room, ping pong room, in-ground trampoline and 62-foot pool with an overhead waterfall.

It is, in the words of Jimmy Chase, “the most amazing home I’ve ever seen.” Chase was one of several dozen guests who attended a Super Bowl viewing at the former Cardinals quarterback’s home last month.

Real estate agent Rob Brown adds:

“It’s a great house for entertaining for sure. It’s a stunning, stunning home.”

Despite its myriad features, the home has proven difficult to sell. That’s why, later this month, a Kurt Warner home auction will take place at the property. If you have a spare $5 million, feel free to pop along. If it helps, there’s no minimum bid. Selling agent Chrissy Donnelly says:

“This is just another way to get this sold and it will be sold by the end of the month.”

As for the Warners, they’ve moved to an even bigger home in nearby north Scottsdale .

The home has had its share of famous sporting owners: before Warner and his family moved in, the property belonged to pro baseball player Roberto Alomar.

You can see more pictures of the property below. Anybody here planning to attend the Kurt Warner home auction?

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