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Brits Join ‘Mile High Club’ In The Frisky Skies More Than Other Nationalities, Survey Reveals

Brits are more likely to “join the mile high club,” a new survey has revealed, bucking the stereotype of English people as far more reserved about sex than their counterparts of other nationalities.

A website survey revealed that Brits are the mile high club’s most frequent fliers, and if you’re unfamiliar with the euphemism, it is a polite way of describing the act of in-flight intercourse.

The revelation about those frisky Brits and their mile high club leanings was discovered in the course of a survey from the website Skyscanner, as the site examined the awkwardly named trend of “flyrting.” Of 1,000 respondents, nearly half expressed interest in or experience “flyrting,” and many even said they’d met and mated with fellow passengers while traveling.

Of Brits and their affinity with the mile high club, Skyscanner reports:

“The survey of over 1,000 travellers revealed that 45% of passengers admitted to flirting whilst on board a flight, with a third leading to a rendezvous following the flight, and 8% of them resulting in a relationship … More shockingly, for a small minority the flirtations may actually lead to membership of the infamous Mile High Club; a separate survey found that 20% of travellers have joined this risqué association and half of these had done so with a stranger they met on a flight.”

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