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Ted Nugent Responds To President Obama’s Gun Control Proposals

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Ted Nugent left the State of the Union Address largely unimpressed. The rock legend stated that President Barack Obama was simply spewing “more nonsense” during his time at the podium. Nugent maintains that nothing in the President’s gun control proposals would have stopped tragic mass shootings from occurring.

As previously reported by The Inquisitr, Ted Nugent was Representative Steve Stockman’s State of the Union Address guest. Stockman is a Texas Republican. The rock star had this to say about President Obama’s speech:

“Nothing Obama proposes or nothing he’s proposed would have stopped any of the shootings. None of those shooters are gonna register anything. Canada final abandoned its multi-billion waste of a C68 gun law where goose hunters and farmers had to register their squirrel rifles. And it didn’t do anything to reduce crime or save any lives. Who doesn’t know this? Who doesn’t know that registration and limitation on magazine capacity and the color of guns has anything to do with saving lives and reducing crime?”

Ted Nugent’s comments were uttered just moments after the State of the Union Address concluded. The “Catch Scratch Fever” singer was surrounded by the media just moments after the president left the stage, The Blaze notes. Nugent also added that, when the president utters a “flowery” speech, he either does nothing at all or does the opposite, BuzzFeed notes.

The rock star did enjoy a few parts of President Obama’s State of the Union Address — the parts that he couldn’t hear clearly. Ted Nugent remarked that, when he couldn’t hear the President’s words clearly, he couldn’t get angry.

Is Ted Nugent’s take on the ineffectiveness of the gun control proposals accurate?

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5 Responses to “Ted Nugent Responds To President Obama’s Gun Control Proposals”

  1. Wayne Beigel

    This fool has not done anything relevant since Cat Scratch Fever in the 70's. Whether that was relevant is debatable. He is just an ignorant redneck and the dumb asses in the press pay attention to him. The only people who even listen to this rube are other rubes. What happened to his dead or in jail promise? Still waiting Ted, still waiting.

  2. Dale Sagebiel

    Ted lives his life on his own terms. He has been perfectly clear and consistent about this, he wants what most Americans want, to be left alone, to not have big brother trifle in his life. Live and let live.

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