Road Mice Are Ergonomical Nightmares, Well Worth The Pain

As a lover of anything automobile based I immediately gravitated towards the new “Road Mice” line of computer peripherals, forget that they’re about as far from ergonomical as you can get, they just look so amazingly cool, heck they even have headlights that actually work!

The novelty mice are designed to mimic some of the best designed cars to be manufactured in their classes including the Shelby GT500, Challenger, Dodge Viper and even a Lamborghini. Simply connect them to your Mac or Windows based PC via USB and you’re ready to go!

Once plugged in the mouses headlights turn on and users control the left and right mouse buttons by pressing down on the hood of the cars while using the scroll wheel that protrudes upwards like a custom exhaust system up from the cars hood. [SlipperyBrick via Road Mice]