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Bieber Rips Carney, Says Black Keys Drummer Needs To Get ‘Slapped Around’ Over Grammy Comments

Justin Bieber nerf gun assault

Black Keys drummer Patrick Carney picked a fight the wrong person: Justin Bieber. Yep, the 18-year-old Canadian pop star fired back at Carney today after the Black Keys singer said that Justin had no place at the Grammy Awards.

Carney said over the weekend that Bieber doesn’t deserve any recognition from the Grammys. After winning a few awards of his own, Carney said:

“He’s rich, right? Grammys are for like music, not for money … and he’s making a lot of money. He should be happy.”

Of course, Carney is pretty rich, too. In fact, most of the musicians who won or performed at the Grammy Awards on Sunday night probably fall into the “rich” category.

Regardless, Bieber took offense to the comment and fired back on Twitter.

Bieber wrote: “The black keys drummer should be slapped around haha.”

So there you have it. One rich musician making a non-nonsensical comment about another musician. And one rich musician playfully threatening another musician. This, ladies and gentleman, should be considered the Twitter fight of the year.

Of course, this musical battle won’t be settled in 140 characters or less. But it could be settled by looking at the artist’s Grammy total. By my count, the Black Keys take this won 7 to 0.

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201 Responses to “Bieber Rips Carney, Says Black Keys Drummer Needs To Get ‘Slapped Around’ Over Grammy Comments”

  1. Curt Pangracs

    Notice Beiber didn't say HE would slap him around…that's because he's a complete vajayjay. That drummer is a complete geek and he would still make Beiber scream like the little girl that he is inside.

  2. James Conway

    first off, does anyone over the age of 21 give a flying F*** about the girly canadian? He's just a little boy, who looks like a nancy boy, that is too damn full of himself…noone over 21 could give a damn about this little poser.

  3. Anonymous

    they call you four fingers casuse thats how many you can fit in your butthole?

  4. Nick Lehmkuhl

    I had to check out the article when I saw "Bieber rips Carney" in the now trending because I'm thinking – Carney? Justin Bieber's talking trash about Art Carney? Who the hell knows the drummer's last name?

  5. Anonymous

    beiber may be rich, but when it comes to talent, he's a bum.. Have you ever seen Carney drum? He's a freaking beast! He's got more talent in the big toe that works the hi-hat than that punk has in his entire body. OF COURSE he's going to skunk Bieber at the Grammys and he's right-on about Bieber having no place there either.

  6. Dererk Huckelson

    This kid wouldn't know how to slap a fly around. Also, while I'm not a big Black Keys fan, Carney is right, they do make music and those are the artists/bands that deserve to win Grammys, not some autotuned punk like bieber. Here's hoping he's gone in a year or two. I agree with James. No one with half a brain care about him.

  7. Micah SinisterKid Schroer

    he tweeted that right after he finished his juice box and the sandwich mommy made for him. TBK has so much more goin for them then a temporary heart throb playing his princess pop music.

  8. Anonymous

    One sucky singer berating another sucky drummer that could be replaced by a digital box, in a mediocre band at most….between all of them they don't have any music that sounds good… they both suck! So they can smack each other with a hairbrush in the shower…..

  9. David Neice

    I had never heard of the black keys until the night of the grammys.and I am a muscian and listen to much music and radio everyday.and I was not at all impressed with there performance at the grammys.pretty weak stuff.i know I wouldn't buy there CD. or even have no desire to even listen to it.i thought they were pretty much a joke.

  10. Ralph Leaman

    the look alike realm goes down this way the Ace someone they didn't have and needed to utilize then besides him Spiderman too the irritation from his mindset so in the real world a witch home guru operated by a lesbo blond nympho finally gets married after everyone is either in line for Aids medication or a confirmed I need pot to cure my blues by condemning the Zen sign application Cancer so a bimbo just like herself another duplicate Spiderman David.

  11. Chris Jackson

    Hasn't this little snot nosed kid with a pompadour had his 15 minutes of singing like a chick already? Who listens to the "Beebs" anyway?

  12. Chris L Adams

    Take this "won"? Is caring enough about what you're about to put online really out of style? Learn to type and give me a holler.

  13. Kristen Slater

    Justin Bieber isn't even a musician. He is a computer generated piece of shit and I'm sick of him acting like he is so much better than everyone else. If it wern't for Youtube and Usher he would still be nothing, he should be grateful that stupid little girls enjoy the crap he calls music.

  14. Samuel Thomas Duncan

    What are you talking about? Won was used in the correct context. I think you have some reading comprehensions.

  15. Courtenay Crane Cross

    I agree. Baby boys who have children as fans and buyers of their music really don't make music. They don't deserve awards…or any recognition. They are adored by CHILDREN for goodness sake.

  16. Jerry Rosko

    David Neice, what radio stations do you listen to? The Black Keys are one of the most popular bands around. Bieber is not a musician! He should not of been in the house.

  17. Robert Fowler

    I don’t know anything about Bieber, but these comments seem unfair. I looked him up on Wikipedia:
    (Bieber’s mother) Mallette worked a series of low-paying office jobs, raising Bieber as a single mother in low-income housing.
    Chris Hicks, Bieber's A&R at Island/Def Jam, explained Bieber's huge online following to HitQuarters, stating:
    He was doing something different. He was an attractive white kid singing very soulful R&B hits. That set him apart immediately from anyone in his range because no one was covering or singing these kind of records. But equally important was that you believed in these songs – it was real. And you wanted to hear more.

  18. Ally Emran

    first of all UR slap wouldn't kill a fly.second your canadian(not so gangsta) and your not black HOMIE HOMIE! and what did USHER teach u how to fight? no1 will now bieber in 5 yrs, he will be that "CHILD STAR" that got caught up in the fame and is now a crackhead.

  19. Anonymous

    By my count, the Black Keys take this won 7 to 0….It's "ONE". The Black Keys take this one 7 to 0. Proofread your articles!

  20. Nancy Young

    And Baby Bieber is going to be the one to do this? I doubt it. He's a shrimp with a big mouth and the general consensus is that he is either gay or is a female. Bite that bullet, Bieber. You are lucky that nobody has slapped you around. A little girl could do it, but they don't even listen to your crappy music.

  21. Victor Steele

    Chris Brown, Frank Ocean, Justin Bieber? How is it that dead Tupac is still more threatening?

  22. Doug Glass

    Sorry. The Black Keys have sold their songs to more commercials than any band in recent memory. NPR did a story about them and some other band that plays equally pleasant edge-free rock and roll.

  23. Curt Pangracs

    I might respect David's opinion more if he was a SUCCESSFUL musician. Unfortunately, most good musicians I know make music, not install printing presses

  24. Anonymous

    a quick look at demographics…Bieber = tween girls and the Black Keys = everyone else…just sayin'.

  25. Joseph Cesare

    That drummer plays like a 14 year old bashing away at his first kit. This trend of two-person "bands" can't end fast enough for me.

  26. Faye Gundy

    Second off, I am over 21, & I do give a flying F*** about the young canadian man. People are so cruel,guess it would be OK to talk about you that way.

  27. Faye Gundy

    I listen to him, & stop with the negative remarks coming from a nobody grown-up,or a wanna be grown-up.

  28. Jeff Wong

    Carney is full of himself…he should be glad that Black Keys is recognized…because they ain't all that!

  29. Faye Gundy

    I quit watching The Grammy's, as it was SO BORING. Some of the musicians I have never heard of,& what I did see wasn't all that great. I don't care for western music,so switched channels & watched NCIS reruns.

  30. Kevin MacDougall

    Are you going to do the slappin Beibs, you enormous twink? Or will you have one of Urshur's entourage roll up on him. Nothing is worse than fake tough guys. You are lucky to have lasted this long. Save your dough kid. It's almost over.

  31. Anonymous

    The Grammy Awards are a way for the music industry to say "THANKS!" to the performers (not necessarily artists!) who made them a significant amount of cash that year. Sometimes great music is commercially successful. However, that is not what this award is about. Beiber and the Black Keys should just smile and be humbled that anyone is paying attention…

    "A million people can't be wrong…"

  32. Jerry Cordero

    Not a Bieber fan but I am annoyed with artist that act like they are still living in a dump when they are millionaires or when they act live they don't deserve to win anything. Why wouldn't Beiber deserve to be there, its pop music and Black Keys is mainstream too.

  33. Nicholas Galloway

    Youre clearly lying about listening to music if you dont know who the fucking black keys are.. they've been internationally popular for a couple years now. If your a real music listener you know that the grammy's dont mean anything anyway.

  34. Alexandra Norman

    I'd love to see his pint-sized ass try to slap Carney…will never ever happen. Make up sex..maybe. *eye roll*

  35. Shari Lentz

    Bieber needs to grow up and shut up. After he (Justin) appeared on the CMT awards with his pants below his butt and his belt holding up his butt cheeks, Justin and everyone who allowed him to represent CMT should all be slapped. This was a total disgrace. CMT stands for COUNTRY MUSIC- NOT RAP or HIP-HOP! I have no clue how Justin has made it far as he has when his songs have a total of 10 words that keep getting repeated over and over. Please stop calling him a vagina. A vagina is hard, strong and can take a beating(giving birth). He is more like a set of balls. Soft and weak.

  36. Stephanie Lopez

    Bieber The Black Keys are Musicians.. Talented Musicians who play instruments you my friend are a puppet who wears a head set to sing! Enough said..

  37. Diana Dorn DeJane

    the Black Keys are awesome and make awesome music, Bieber does nothing like that, he does NOT belong there or anywhere there are award shows, just drive your cars, smoke your weed and try to save some money now because sooner or later there won't be much coming in anymore.

  38. Jay Thomas

    whiny little girl,no talent,maybe he and Taylor Swift should get together,so we never never ever have to listen to this bs

  39. Sandra Cook-Aschoff

    After that ridiculas Valentine picture…can Bieber talk….he is the joke….the way musicians of today act. It is absurb…so full of themselves. An they talked about Elvis, Ricky Nelson, Fabian…..the singers of this generation are just nasty.

  40. James Conway

    Faye Gundy , if I were such a pompous jackass I would deserve people to talk about me that way…goes with the territory. Thanks for your reply regardless

  41. James Conway

    Max Light-Pacheco ,obviously you must belong to the JB fan club(I feel sorry for you).In reality Im more annoyed with the spoiled little girly boy…. its my opinion and Im sticking to it ! Besides the little gay opens himself up to the comments that people are leaving…Isnt his 15 minutes up already?!

  42. J Cross Fotography

    Beiber should be lucky that he has a career. I heard him attempt to sing on SNL last weekend and his vocals are very limited and not that great at all. He was lucky enough to be marketed the right way, have a slew of young fans and he's not a bad looking kid. A Grammy ARTIST he's not. He should get over himself and be grateful for the undeserved success that he's currently enjoying.

  43. Stefan Rabrenovic

    The Black Keys are artists…. Bieber is a singer who sings songs that are written for him very well. Which is why he has ZERO Grammys… Black Keys drummer was 100% right…. Get that kid out of here..

  44. Marco Velasquez

    "Of course, Carney is pretty rich, too. In fact, most of the musicians who won or performed at the Grammy Awards on Sunday night probably fall into the “rich” category."
    Uh… probably not Halestrom, though they might be in a few months with the sudden Grammy and coming out of left field in the most ridiculous category, "Best Metal Performance"… what the hell does that even mean?
    Metal Bands (and Progressive Rock/Metal) make ALBUMS, not Hits among filler.
    Bieber will always be the Poster Boy for HATE among Rock, Metal and Prog bands because these bands don't get ANY media-hype or Radio-play, yet they make Albums with the highest degree of musicianship. But because we live in a world of the attitude; "If no one knows them, they must not be good/They don't sell out arenas/Haven't sold a bizillion albums etc.", the fans around the world have to spread the word through word of mouth, blogs, social media and Internet Stations that cater to these musics.

    There are probably 25 Bands we Metalheads could have fit in the category if it was "Metal Album of the Year". They probably wouldn't have included Halestrom. But the Lead singer for the band could Slap Around Bieber with her voice let alone her FIST.
    We could have had Meshuggah on-stage musically slapping Bieber and the audience silly with their 2012 Album KOLOSS if the right people knew what Metal was :/.
    But all Bieber would have to do is add an "edge" to his next album and it would make "Best Metal Performance" on the Grammy's :/.

  45. Alexis Partee

    Getting that AMA gave Beiber a big head. I think it convinced him that he made good music.

  46. Darrin Cothran

    The people who should be slapped around are the ones who buy either one's music to make them rich.

  47. Ben Press

    Whine…snivel…sob…The funny thing is Justine Beeber couldn't slap her way out of a p paper bag. If anyone needs a good slapping, it's the Canadian Creep. Add fyi Mr.Carney, the Grammys aren't about , LIKE music, they ARE about music.

  48. Aaron Rodriguez

    You talk shit about someone in front of the entire musical industry? What a low class thing to do. Beiber has a right to be pissed, I wouldn't want some self righteous prick making me look bad in front of the world at a professional venue either.

  49. Anonymous

    Let the young man alone he dosent hold a gun to your head and make you listen to his music. Most people are just envious of his talent and good looks. Grow up and stop wasting your rude remarks because you need to save them for defending your own dumb ass.

  50. Jose Antonio Donato

    Beiber ain't no tough guy. You a boy. be careful what you say. You might get BITCH SLAPPED when you least expected.

  51. Debbie Cooper

    Every time JB opens his mouth lately, he gets harder to tolerate. So he got snubbed at the Grammys. I guess prepubescent girls didn't get to vote. Hopefully he'll outgrow his "the world revolves around me and my monumental talent" attitude. Until then, good riddance. BTW, if Beibs decides to do the smacking around himself, my money's on Patrick Carney, not the little wannabe thug. Unless it's a hair pulling, name calling match.

  52. Anonymous

    So everyone is going to act like JB isn't a musician? Ok.
    Btw like it or not he is a very successful pop artist and therefore should be at the Grammy's.

  53. Debbie Cooper

    Faye maybe since you feel the need to comment on everyone's negative posts, this isn't the right comment thread for you. You might be better suited on a Beiber fan page somewhere. I'm sure you'll find other like-minded remarks there.

  54. Debbie Cooper

    Faye, you may want to direct your fight to end violence at JB. He is the one who made the "he needs to be slapped around" comment, like the little bi**h that he is.

  55. Elias Marquez-Garcia

    I'm not a huge fan of the Black Keys. I have never even heard of them until I first got my copy of Rocksmith. Tbh, I'm not impressed by their music, but it's still better than anything Bieber ever has or will put out. And I agree he doesn't belong at the Grammy's. Especially with all the glitter he wears, and his fans wonder about the comments. Saying a drummer needs to be slapped around is just ludicrous coming from him. If anyone, that child could use a good booting or two.

  56. Jay Montez

    I have no idea who this drummer is or what he looks like but if I was him I would do anything in my power to get near Bieber and kick the living shit out of that spoiled little bitch. I hope someone beat this overrated teen girl only fans asshole. Glad Selena Gomez dumped his fruity looking ass.

  57. Daniel Adams

    I guess the Beeb is turning into a wannabe thug with the tattoos and hanging around a bunch of loser rappers trying act like a tough guy with his little spaghetti arms. I wonder when he is going to get his grill done. What a worm.

  58. James Conway

    Faye, talk about a "wanna be" grown up….arent you too old to be listening to the no talent little girly boy? I'm getting the idea that you are probably a clueless old lady when it comes to good music…. The bieb opens himself up to all this negative critisism. If he was the least bit humble or had even a little bit of talent, I dont think he would be getting all these well deserved negative posts… My advise to you is pick a fight you can win, you are just as guilty as anyone else here with your wanna be and nobody comments…I mean who the hell are you?!? a nobody wannabe your damn self?

  59. Brad Stacks

    Well David if you were a true musician or even listened to half of the music you claim to you would most definitely know the Black Keys because… obviously A LOT of people have heard of them if they WON A FUCKING GRAMMY YOU ASS HAT! Have a good day :)

  60. Brad Stacks

    Jonathan Bédard Very valid point… the radio does play one of their songs for sure I know. I don't listen to much radio since now it's all Nickleback and Nikki Manaj *or however you spell it*
    Pandora is a pretty good source for new music and friends.

  61. Anonymous

    Who needs to be SLAPPED is J.Bieber himself INTO MANHOOD. Stop actin like you Black and Hard From The Hood.
    If you git locked you be the Best Lookin BITCH in Jail..

  62. Doug Cook

    congrats to carney hes right beiber has no class or talent just a bubble gum pop star they come and go average age beiber fans is probably pre-teen.

  63. Hannah Hickerson

    Are you all high or just ignorant? Behind all the flash, Justin Bieber is actually multi-talented: sing, dance, play several instruments including what Carney can do–the drums. Watch Justin on youtube before he became famous to see the God given talent he was born with, which neither you or I can take away from him whether we're a fan or not. It is what it is. At least get your facts straight before calling somebody talentless when evidence will prove your statement false. Speaking something wrong only exposes your ignorance on the subject.

  64. Anonymous

    @temptones; I give them over/under 4-5 yrs till there flash in the pan is over. Just because a hook nose executive makes you famous doesn't mean you have talent. 2 perfect examples right here………..

  65. Linda Womble

    He's a cute little boy but come on. It was painful to watch him sing(?) on SNL. I just hope he is investing his money wisely because this just can't last.

  66. Hannah Hickerson

    Are you all high or just ignorant? Behind all the flash, Justin Bieber is actually multi-talented: sing, dance, play several instruments including what Carney can do–the drums. Watch Justin on youtube before he became famous to see the God given talent he was born with, which neither you or I can take away from him whether we're a fan or not. It is what it is. At least get your facts straight before calling somebody talentless when evidence will prove your statement false. Speaking something wrong only exposes your ignorance on the subject.

  67. Anonymous

    I met Carney after a show in chicago he's actually really cool.The lead singer is kind of a dick or just wondering why I was there. I had backstage passes though.but anyway Bieber doesn't make "music " and even though the keys kinda sold out the last couple years they do. Keys 1 – Biebs – 0.

  68. Anonymous

    Since when did anything Justa Beever says become relevant to anything?

  69. Winston Stevens

    one BIG mistake I this article…beaver is NOT a musician. He's not Justin Timberlake, multi-talented all around performer (and I don't like the Lake's music for the most part, you just cant deny his talent), beaver is just the latest flavor over extending his welcome. Please go away and let the grown-ups talk. I think the kiddie table is over in the other room.

  70. LaRae Rae Coleman

    Beiber is nothing but a girl trappd in a boy's body. Too me, he looks like a cute little lesbian.

  71. Winston Stevens

    David Auerbach of TBK has already been around alot longer then that working with other artist, producing, etc. S your 4-5 years thing is already shot to shit

  72. David Oman

    Is this Punk Kid serious? I think that one with little True Talent should keep his own douche mouth shut…before he goes and criticizes one with talent and ability and certainly before someone decides to take it upon them to do it for him…

  73. Bill Kropp

    Hang it up Bieber. You are making yourself look like a complete idiot. Fire your P.R. (Public Relations) people because they are doing a lousy job managing your image. I mean, have you looked in the mirror recently? Seriously? Do you dress yourself or does your management actually make you wear that get up?

  74. Shantiann Daya

    I am soooooooooooooooooooo tired of this narcissistic meglomaniac…..pack your bags and go back to Canada if you can't take some criticism from the states! Besides, only the teeny-boppers want you here and until they get older and get some sense into them, they don't count much as far as their "musical taste" is concerned because rarely do they have one. It's all hormones and googly-eyes.

  75. Anonymous

    Haha biebs is a drummer too. Hes actually not bad.
    Hes still bieber but hes got a little talent.

  76. Brian Atkinson

    not a fan of either, but one guy in this fight knows the others name and one guy doesn't….maybe the "drummer" is just a little jealous of Beiber and his fame.

  77. Patty Anderson

    sort of tells you the level of maturity the Biebs is at.. Not smart to bring violence into the ordeal either.. More money than brains..

  78. Marky Sinnister

    beib's has been hanging w/floyd money mayweather, n.b.a. players, and he thinks he's bad.i know 'lil girls who could slap the taste out of that mouth.god bless him.

  79. Justin Chandler

    The Black Keys worked their way to the top or near top of the rock world. They're a great group that started from nearly nothing in Akron, Ohio, and have a ton of talent. I'm glad that they finally got noticed but worry that they will fall victim to the commercialization of their music like many others have. There have already been great changes in the polish to the production of their albums. "Polish", by the way, definitely not always a good thing.

  80. Anthony Tamburo

    Beiber is a little gay boy who needs to have the s@*$ kicked out of him just for breathing. Do it behind the wood shed in the barn or any place else that would suit the litte terd.

  81. Don McGuire

    I'm wondering why this is even a story. Who cares about the quarrels of two little spoiled girls that haven't a clue without their mommies?

  82. Phillip Nolan

    "Take this won?" Really? Then people sit there and wonder why America is in such a sad state.

  83. Mike Bushman

    that gay boy is a scared little bitch notice its a word fight not a face to face fight cause if it was gay boy wouldn't stand a chance.

  84. Jenny Carpenter-Teeter

    Bieber needs to drop the glove. That was a Michael Jackson thing and it makes Justin look foolish.

  85. Anonymous

    LMAO…my 14 yo honor student Son who started at Saftey for his Pop Warner football team could kick the beib's ass…I doubt he's slapping anybody around.

  86. James Patton

    Um CUrt…I hate to correct you sir, but David does NOT install printing presses sir, he installs PRENTING presses! Also he listens to "much muzak"….Hooah! Thank you for your service sir!

  87. Candace Pink

    I would pay a high price to go and see Justin sissy pants get '''slapped'''….I would also pay to see him and Carney in a ring together! I have to say I agree with Carney…Justin sissy pants had no right at the awards ceremony! But as long as there are little girls…and little boys….we will have to keep on seeing his face! Ugh!

  88. Morgan Madurski

    I'm still waiting to see why bieber got upset… I mean, carney didn't say anything that wasn't true…

  89. Anonymous

    Little Justa Beaver has an ego-to-talent ration of about 465:1. I don't know why, but the kid really does bug me. Partly, I guess, because he thinks his fame and riches are deserved when they are, in fact, simply his reward for being a vapid packaged product.

  90. Sherry Kernodle

    Justin Baby needs to just shut his mouth. Justin Bieber can't even sing for $h! t, there are tons of singers who can actually sing. Justin Bieber just sounds like a little and most of his fans are little girls.

  91. Sherry Kernodle

    Justin Babyshould sut his mouth. Justin Baby can't sing for $h! t. There are tons of singers who can actually sing. Justin Baby sings like a a little girl and most of his fans are little girls.

  92. Frank Lopez

    He's right. Bieber has no place in music! He's lucky to have a career.

  93. Linda Lippincott

    Yes JB does sound like a girl and he does have a little talent. He must be doing something right, because he has made a lot of money. He won't last forever. I just want to know why he wears the glove like Michael Jackson. He is not even close to his talent. That's a joke.

  94. Anonymous

    wears a glove and earrings who is this idiot you are not michael jackson you little want to be.

  95. JayCee Scott

    I will pay for the opportunity to watch as little Mr Bieber gets a lesson in threatening someone else. The first sock to the nose will have little Justin crying like a twelve year old girl.

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