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Man Gets 7 Years In Prison Over $2 Subway Fare

Man Gets 7 Years In Prison Over $2 Subway Fare

A man got 7 years in prison over a $2 subway fare after police in New York stopped him for fare-beating and found an illegal handgun.

The Manhattan PATH rider received his sentence on Monday, getting 7 years plus another 3 1/2 years parole. Cops had found the man, 37-year-old Ruben Sanabria, with a loaded .40 Smith & Wesson last March, The Associated Press noted.

Police saw Sanabria hop over the subway turnstile, and, when they frisked him, they found the handgun in his waistband leading to 7 years in prison over the $2 subway fare he skipped out on.

Sanabria pleaded guilty to possessing a weapon in the second degree and could have gone to prison for up to 15 years, the New York Post reported.

While 7 years in prison over a $2 fare sounds harsh, Manhattan DA Cyrus Vance Jr. said he can’t afford to have leniency when it comes to illegal guns.

“This defendant illegally carried a loaded semiautomatic firearm into a public transportation system used by thousands of people every day,” Vance said. “Preventing gun violence is one of my top priorities as district attorney, and I will make sure that this office continues to seek strong sentences for crimes involving firearms.”

Fare jumping is a serious problem in New York as well. Last year, the MTA estimated that it’s losing up to $100 million each year from people evading their fares, Transportation Nation noted. MTA Head Joe Lhota worked with NYPD commissioner Ray Kelly to step up police patrols, using uniform and undercover officers, to find people skipping on their fares.

What do you think about the man who gets 7 years in prison over his $2 fare?

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30 Responses to “Man Gets 7 Years In Prison Over $2 Subway Fare”

  1. David Swift

    Misleading titles huh? It sounds like he was given 7 years for not paying for a ticket. He actually got 7 years for an illegal handgun. Are you a news group or a fucking attention whores?

  2. Clyde Oishi

    If I was carrying an illegal handgun, I would not bring attention to myself such as not paying a fare. I wouldn't even jay-walk.

  3. Anonymous

    A little over the top!

    I think the real problem is having these weapons available on the streets in the first place.

    Also, the criminal justice system in this country is broken and does little to keep us safe!

    Build, build, build, build more prisons! Soon there will more prisons than schools, which is where these people belong when they young, before committing crimes.

  4. Lee Hawkins

    Oh really? Is that your personal opinion or are you speaking on behalf of your employer, The School of Rock, as well? Let me know. Thanks.

  5. Curtis Doss

    This guy got 7 years for a illegal handgun? But a man in NY that beats his grandmother to death gets 25?
    "Thejudge sentenced Spengler to the max: 8 and 1/3 to 25 years. That punishment was what is called an “indeterminate sentence.” The judge could not designate just how much of that time Spengler had to serve.

    So, beginning in 1989 – eight years after his sentence – Spengler was eligible for parole. But the parole board did not release him then. Nor did it in 1991, 1993, 1995, or 1997 – all years when he was eligible for supervised release.
    He got 25 years for beating someone to death, why didn't he get the death penalty or life with no chance of parole?
    What is wrong with judges now days? Give a man seven years for an illegal gun let a man that killed someone out out in 15…

  6. Haley Walker

    This dummy did'nt go to prison for 7 years over 2 dollars subway fares, the stupid criminal went to jail forillegally carrying a loaded semiautomatic firearm into a public transportation system used by thousands of people every day. Your story title is kinda wacky and misleading.

  7. Jeff Paul

    Why do you lie to us? No wonder people continue to distrust the news media. He went to prison for the gun, but you lie in your title and say it's for not paying $2. Dumb, stupid reporters and editors! Stop lying to us!

  8. Keith Milliner

    Rigjht to bear arms? Yeah, with a permit (license) Illegal handguns are going to be the excuse to take everyone's legal guns and all Obummer needs is an excuse so that when they confiscate our money and property, there will be no resistance, I am leaving for a friendly country where my wealth is not confiscated. Get the ganbangers who have the most illegal arms!! Oh but that is difficult, ordinary citizens are far easier for the deranged Government.

  9. Hank Simms

    What a bull shit story. The guy didn't receive 7 years for skipping a fare. How about some responsible journalism? In the current state of affairs, your decision to mix humor in a situation that involved a loaded illegal weapon being carried by someone using public transit in a metro metropolitan area is well, phucking tasteless. I bet you'll get some notoriety though…….

  10. Mi Win

    theft is theft, no matter if it's $2 or $2000. The guy shoudl just pay his fare share, and not worry about it. Then this would not have happend. At least we don't chop off a person's hand for stealing like they do in other countries!

  11. David Swift

    Clearly you didn't even read the article idiot. And no, 2$ and 8 Billion dollars aren't the same. When you're a corrupt bankster and you steal 8 Billion dollars you ruin lives forever. READ THE FUCKING ARTICLE BEFORE COMMENTING

  12. John High

    i would. I would also brag about it to every stranger i see. "pssst, hey you, look, i got a gun! But shhhhhh, its a secret cuz its illegal. Bye!" "Lala-la-lala" (skipping)*

  13. John High

    they planted the gun on him. Theyll do anything to arrest more people to fill up their prisons and take more of our hard earned tax money. Fuck the cops.

  14. Daniel Seib

    I lived in NYC for 30 years. I saw people constantly evading fares by jumping or going under turnstiles in the subway and entering buses through the back door. Nobody ever does anything about it – even when it is clear that the MTA employee had seen it. I guess they're just trying to avoid a possible dangerous passenger.

  15. Robert Hamel

    It's not even just the title that's misleading. Four times in that "story" they say he was sentenced for skipping on the fare. Man, I miss real journalism.

  16. Anonymous

    This was LAST MARCH? How does this old news come up for anyway? Yeah anyone with a gun in New York is a criminal.

  17. Anonymous

    This happened LAST MARCH? Why print old news now? Oh Yeah, because any one in New York that has a gun IS a ciminal? How do you live like that?

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