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Is Solar Power The Answer To America’s Energy Woes? One Expert Says Yes [Interview]

Solar power expert Bill Heid recently chatted with The Inquisitr about the benefits of solar generators for both emergency use and off-grid living. Heid helped Xantrex pioneer solar backup power. The antiquated and over-taxed nature of the power grid is causing enhanced concerns for many Americans. As the sun prepares to hit its 11-year peak, NASA and NOAA scientists are even more watchful for powerful solar flare activity. The controversial Smart Grid concept likely prompted a few more foes after the Super Bowl blackout.

Bill Heid feels that solar generators offer a true sense of freedom for those seeking an off-grid lifestyle. The solar power expert also believes that solar generator kits offer a viable clean energy alternative that reduces reliance on traditional power sources.

IQ – Solar generator kits and solar power in general, are integral aspects of both an eco-friendly and prepper lifestyle. What are the fiscal and environmental benefits off-grid power?

Heid – True off-the-grid solar electric systems do not really provide a reasonable payback as a financial investment. Their primary value is that they can be installed as an electrical power source in places where the installation of utility company power is either impossible, impractical, or cost prohibitive. As a primary power source, they offer the advantages of no fuel purchase, no fuel storage, no operational noise, no exhaust fumes, are not subject to utility distribution system failures or brownouts, and are very low maintenance requirements. Grid-tie solar systems that allow excess electrical production to be sold back to the utility company can; however, provide a significant financial return on investment.

Solar generators provide a portable power system similar to a gasoline generator, but with the advantages of no fuel purchase, no fuel storage, no operational noise, no exhaust fumes, and very low maintenance requirements.

The primary environmental benefit of solar electric power is that every bit of power supplied by solar reduces man’s environmental pollution by the amount that would be created by the use of the same amount of power from nuclear or fossil fuel powered electrical generation plants. Another environmental benefit is that solar systems, even those built on a massive scale, do not carry the danger of catastrophic accidents such as those that are related to nuclear plants, and even fossil fuel plants on a smaller scale. The worst case scenario of large scale failures in a solar electric system would lead only the destruction of the systems hardware and related facilities with very little, if any, impact on the environment.

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