Heart Attack Grill spokesman dies from heart attack

‘Patient John,’ Second Heart Attack Grill Spokesman, Dies Of Heart Attack

John Alleman, the unofficial spokesman for the Heart Attack Grill in Las Vegas, has died from a heart attack.

A year and a half ago, Alleman began standing outside the restaurant urging people to come inside. Alleman wasn’t paid for his advertisement, but owner Jon Basso often gave him free food.

“I told him if you keep eating like this, it’s going to kill ya,” Basso told the Las Vegas Sun Friday. “He’d say, ‘I just love your place, Jon.’ He’s the only person I know who was probably at the restaurant more than I; he’d be here every darned day.”

Alleman, 52, was on life-support in a local hospital over the weekend before passing away Tuesday morning.

The Heart Attack Grill is known for its namesake-inducing creations, such as the double, triple, and quadruple bypass burgers. Guiness World Record named the latter its “most calorific burger” at a whooping 9,982 calories.

Alleman isn’t the first victim of the artery clogging cuisine. Last February, a diner experienced a heart attack while eating one of the infamous burgers. Basso called paramedics and the man was taken out on a stretcher. Fortunately, he survived. Two months later a female diner collapsed after eating a double bypass burger and drinking and smoking with friends. She also survived.

Heart Attack Grill spokesman John Alleman dies