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Don Johnson Gets $19M In Lawsuit Over ‘Nash Bridges’ Contract

don johnson

Don Johnson got $19 million in a lawsuit from Rysher Productions over the television show Nash Bridgers.

According to Deadline, Johnson has been fighting for a share of the profits from Nash Bridges since 2010.

Johnson sued Rysher Entertainment for not living up to their contract. Johnson claimed that his contract gave him 50% of the show’s profits if Nash Bridges ran for more than 66 episodes. The show ran for 122 episodes and a jury awarded Johnson 50% of the Nash Bridges copyright in 2010.

Rysher knew that it had to pay Johnson but it the two parties couldn’t agree on a sum.

According to The Wrap, a jury awarded Johnson close to $28 million (which ballooned up to $50 million when a judge added interest) after he filed his lawsuit. Rysher appealed the decision and a panel of judges lowered the sum down to $15 million in October.

Johnson could have appealed the case again to the California Supreme Court but it looks like the two parties have finally come to an agreement. A court document filed in January states that Johnson received $19 million from the production company for his share of the Nash Bridges profits.

The Hollywood Reporter notes that Johnson signed “an acknowledgment of satisfaction” and the case is now closed.

Johnson is best known for Nash Bridges and Miami Vice but he’s also made some notable big screen appearances. He was in Machete with Danny Trejo and recently starred alongside Jamie Foxx and Leonardo DiCaprio in Django Unchained.

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14 Responses to “Don Johnson Gets $19M In Lawsuit Over ‘Nash Bridges’ Contract”

  1. Melanie Erwin

    Still my favorite actor (besides Mickey Rourke and Steve Cochran).

  2. Holly Roenicke

    My world stopped whenever one of Don's shows came on. He's been in the business a long time, and knows how to negotiate a contract, I'm sure! A win long overdue.

  3. Anonymous

    Great actor, one of my favorites too and still as sexy as ever! Happy for him.

  4. Ricky King

    don needs to find melanie and take her back. then hire me to protect them and also as a advice counsler. I have help many on their road of recovery from all facets of life. I truely believe they can. Best wishes, call me.. Ricky King 336-625-7856.

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