British Airways Flight Attendants Drunk, Abuse Passengers With 'Heavy Petting'

British Airways Flight Attendants Drunk, Abuse Passengers With ‘Heavy Petting’

Several British Airways flight attendants got drunk on a flight to Washington, D.C. British Airways is known for being the high class option for high flyers, and the rowdy drunkenness occurred in the premium class cabin.

The drunken British Airways flight attendants were accused of running up and down the aisles, falling over, and shouting and screaming “like spoiled brats.” They were off duty, but they even argued with on-duty staff when they were refused more alcohol because of their misbehavior. The cabin crew reportedly downed as many bottles of champagne and red wine as they could while in-flight.

According to Business Insider, one passenger told The Sun all about the British Airways flight attendants getting drunk and acting out:

“They were behaving like drunken spoilt brats and were incredibly unprofessional. They were running up and down the aisles, falling over and disturbing passengers. They let the airline down badly.”

Some reports even have the rampaging drunkards getting involved in random kissing and “heavy petting.” Passengers who had paid £7,500, or $11,748 USD, per seat were unable to sleep amidst the ruckus.

A British Airways spokesman apologized for the off-duty flight attendants causing such a ruckus:

“We apologize to customers. We’re investigating and will take any appropriate action.”

As previously reported by The Inquisitr, British Airways is not new to having drunks take over a flight. Back in January, several women became so “frightening” that the BA flight was diverted to France.

Do you think the drunk British Airways flight attendants should be punished for their misdeeds as normal passengers or as representatives of the airline?