LL Cool J Performs Whaddup at 2013 Grammys Closer

LL Cool J Leads All-Star Closing Performance At The Grammys [Video]

LL Cool J did a spectacular job leading the Grammy’s closing performance with Z-Trip, Chuck D from Public Enemy, Travis Barker from Blink-182, and Tom Morello the guitarist from Rage Against the Machine.

The insane (in a good way) mash-up was the brainchild of DJ Z-Trip. The song performed is named “Whaddup”, and as DJ Z-Trip told the Rolling Stones:

“LL and I have been working on some tracks, and this song in particular, he was like, ‘We’re gonna perform this on the Grammys, but let’s get the right people together; I want to have live musicians,'” Z-Trip told Rolling Stone. “So I reached out to Tom, Travis, Chuck as well, and everyone came in. It’s like the A-Team; we put out the call, everyone’s in here. It’s like putting together a magnitude, a supernova that’s gonna burn this whole place down.”

The group is still not sure if this will be a one-time event or if they will continue that group in other performances of the song.

As reported on MTV, the performance covered many songs, but the major song of the performance was LL Cool J’s new single “Whaddup.” The performance began with the new single and then moved on to LL’s “Rock the Bells” before returning to “Whaddup” with Chuck D droppig in some “Terrordome.”

The performance continued with Tom Morello’s solo, followed by “No Sleep Till Brooklyn” from the Beastie Boys where LL honored Adam “MCA” Yauch by raising his hand in salute, saying “Beastie Boys, MCA forever.”

The performance came to an end as “Rip MCA” was scrolling on the screen, while LL and Chuck D yelled the chorus to the Beastie Boys song and finally ending with a mashup of “Terrordome/Whaddup”

The spectacular performance by LL Cool J and the entire group is featured bellow; let us know what you think.