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Police Cam Catches Brutal Beat Down At The End Of High-Speed Chase [Video]

Police beat down caught on camera

Collier County, FL – A motorcyclist is saying that police used excessive force when apprehending him after a high-speed chase. The dashboard camera footage seemingly corroborates the claim, as it shows an officer beating him up while he pleads with him to stop.

Mateo Falconi, a 22-year-old engineering student, was going 67mph in a 45mph zone when he was spotted by deputy Robert Lewis III, reports MSN. Instead of pulling over, Falconi increased his speed to 110mph in an attempt to escape. He finally stopped his motorcycle and put his hands in the air, but Lewis pushed him to the ground, threatening to kill him and punching him repeatedly.

He also reportedly shot Falconi with a stun gun while other officers surrounded him.

Falconi gave the video to the News-Press, after it was obtained through discovery in his criminal case. After being released on bond, Falconi was treated at Lee Memorial Health system for contusions on his hands, chest wall, hip and arms. He also suffered a neck sprain and a head injury.

In the video, you see Lewis shouting at Falconi to put up his hands, which he does. Lewis comes into view with his gun out, screaming obscenities and punching Falconi in the jaw. Falconi falls to the ground, and Lewis continues punching him. Another officer, Cpl. Robert Parker, joins Lewis in the beat-down.

The Sheriff’s Office declined to comment because of the ongoing investigation. Still, a spokeswoman said that the “Deputy’s actions appear to be justified and in line with CCSO policy.”

Though he is pressing charges against Collier County police, Falconi admits that he was wrong for leading officers on a high-speed chase. “I panicked,” he said of why he sped up after seeing the police car. “It’s destroying my whole life for a mistake I made.”

You can watch the video below and judge for yourself. Warning: the video is NSFW.

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34 Responses to “Police Cam Catches Brutal Beat Down At The End Of High-Speed Chase [Video]”

  1. Heather McGlenn

    He was clearly resisting! When you watch the officers bouncing and his arms NOT at his back…THAT is where the resistance is. I would beat his ass too. Can you imagine the adrenaline those police officers must have at this point. Chasing a motorcycle through the streets… I do believe he deserved it. Only my opinion.

  2. Larry Self

    How many lives were endangered by his recklessness. Why not just stop? Did he need to get rid of something? I say stomp his butt and he will learn to act better. First palce, 67 mph in a 45 is way stupid.

  3. Daniel Danotomyfriends

    this Crybaby ran from the cops doing speeds in xcess of 100 mph putting other pepos lives @ risk, if your f@#$g stupid enuff to run from the cops U diserve a BEATDOWN!

  4. Gypsy Rides

    He is not complying with their commands. Making them chase him put the officers at high risk as well as himself. He resisted and deserved what he got! If he had pulled over when light lit him up right away, he could have avoided getting in a fight!~.

  5. Michael Curry

    wow you people are retarded, he couldt give them his arms he was being tazed you stupid fucks, when your being tazed you cant move, and when your being punched in your face your instinct is to cover your face, I hope these scumbag pigs have to pay out millions to this kid, and put others at risk? there werent any other cars on the road and he pulled into a parking lot, yeah he put tons of people at risk, he also got off his bike an dput his hands in the air he was then tackled and repeatedly punched in the face and head.

  6. Melissa Quick

    It is JUST as important to recognize when someone has STOPPED resisting arrest as when they are in full resists mode. He got off the bike with his hands up – They approach (OK) guns drawn (OK still) but the punch is where the cops began the excessive force IMO.

  7. Jack Easterwood

    He did not comply with the command to put his hands behind his back and struggled with the Officers. Wish I could be on that Jury. His punk ass needed a lesson and he got one; probably for the first time in his life. Now cry and sue.

  8. Gypsy Rides

    He resisted arrest, he put others in danger at those high speeds and refused to comply when stopped. He deserved what he got.

  9. Heather McGlenn

    Did you even read the story???? He was doing in excess of 110 MPH. Whether there was any other cars on the road or not is irrelevant. Even if there was more cars on the road, he would have done the same thing. Go ahead and stick up for a dumbass, then call us all retarded.

  10. Amy Morrish

    I clearly think he wasn't resisting until they started beating the shit out of him and he was trying to protect himself by covering his face and everything else. Poor guy, I hope those cope get terminated. That's just not right at all!

  11. Stephanie Johnson

    Heather McGlenn your the dumbass! He did admitted he was wrong for speeding but no one deserves to be beat by someone who takes there position of power to the extreme. He surrenderd and yet he was still beat and told he would be killed. The officers were out of line! And thats my opinion about you and the story!

  12. Isidro Garcia

    This kid was obviously in the wrong and will pay through the court system, but I pray that such as Heather and Kyla aren't mistaken as men some day and stomped for running a red light.

  13. Kelly Millar-Wellman

    How can he put his hands behind his back when he has a backpack on? He was wrong going 110 MPH and not stopping in the first place for sure, but there is no way he deserved to have 6-7 cops jumping him and relentlessly beating him up! They were punching him in the face and ribs within seconds after being taken down to the ground. BS!

  14. Night Rider

    He didn't resist shit. That cop came running at him and put a fist right in his jaw while he was standing there with his hands up. Didn't even make an attempt to cuff him, just hit him and knocked him down. Then his buddy came flying and starting punching away. Then they tazed him. As was pointed out below, you can't move when you're tazed. That's the whole point of doing it. As for endangering others with the high speed chase, why in the hell were the cops engaging over a speeding ticket? Get his license # and drop back. Dumb bastards. That's just stupid on their part. Just more out of control cowboy cops. To protect and serve my ass.

  15. Pat Ostrander

    Those cops give the true meaning of the word PIGS , disgraceful and all involved should loose their jobs, respect? I spit on your disgusting persons that you all are. not one of those PIGS tried to stop that uncalled for abuse. He was just a young man the video clearly shows he did not resist. Yes what he did was wrong in the high speed chase but he didn't murder anyone or rob them. This was a non violent chase, and it was obvious that they could have just placed him under arrest , I'm sure his punishment would have been enough. police brutalizing people needs to be addressed at a national level, Tazers should not be allowed at all in law enforcement unless the criminal at large is considerd armed and dangerous. The Pigs have bully sticks, and guns they do not need an item they can injure or kill if they are patrol cops. Shame to the PIGS of the collier county police dept. Who the hell wants to go to Fla with their dirty cops they are known for having there are to many other cultured southern states.

  16. Pat Ostrander

    Heather McGlenn hopefully you will be the next person to receive police brutality and get your ass beat maybe even raped you sure think your above a stupid kid that made a big mistake. if it was your punk kid wonder if you would be singing the same arrogant assed attitude.

  17. Sean Cumiskey

    what do you mean he didnt try.are you dumn cant see and read cause the video has been all over the news.maybe try looking at the tv once in awhile and you would have the right facts before you speak.

  18. John Cobb

    He deserves to be arrested not assaulted.he going to get some $$ for this.

  19. Bernice Policastro

    What is wrong with you people who advocate beating him. These cops were out of order. Show me where the law clearly states where it's ok to beat someone who just put their hands up and surrendered to being arrested. Does a beating go with the arrest? you must all be sadist's. I hope you experience the same then you will cry Oh poor me, please side with me. Then it will be too late. I am amazed and saddened every day because I see video's of police abusing their power and hear that the Department will investigate these officers abuse and then they side with them, after clearly seeing a video of them beating someone. Beatings and tasing should not accompany an arrest. Let these bullies go beat and taser each other to get the anger out of their systems and then send them on their way out of the Police Departments. We need intelligent police who do not have serious mental problems.

  20. Robert Richardson PM

    Am I missing something in this article? Had the boy robbed a bank or killed someone? Why did the patrolman pursue at speeds over 100 mph endangering wrecking the new patrol car, killing himself and putting other lives at risk. Maybe his radio was broke or he forgot how to use it. Or maybe this was another potential victim that he could torture with his high voltage dart gun only if he could catch him. I believe that once these habitual offender officers have drawn blood and hear the victims begging for mercy that it gives them a high that is similar to what a serial killer craves.

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