Kevin Garnett n-bomb

Kevin Garnett N-Bomb: KG ‘Called An Audible’ During Last Night’s Nuggets-Celtics Triple OT Game [Video]

Boston, MA — Kevin Garnett, the Boston Celtics power forward/center, is burnishing his reputation as a bigtime trash talker on the court. Last night, during the matchup against the Denver Nuggets that went into triple overtime, his use of the n-word was captured by mics near the basket at the TD Garden.

In the third quarter, Kenneth Faried of the Nuggets tried to score on layup after grabbing an offensive rebound. Garnett blocked Faried’s attempt, at which point KG shouted … well, you can watch/listen to the video below to hear what the Celtics veteran star had to say [warning: video contains strong language].

Immediately afterward, Celtics play-by-play announcer Mike Gorman noted that Garnett is “talking up a storm tonight.”

The Celtics ultimately won the game in triple overtime 118-114. Garnett played 47 minutes and had 20 points, 18 rebounds, and three blocked shots. The Celtics without Rajon Rondo are in the midst of a season high seventh consecutive win, while breaking the Nuggets nine-game winning streak.

After the game, Garnett had high praise for the Nuggets according to ESPN: “Hard to believe these guys don’t have an All-Star. That baffles me … Gallinari, (Ty) Lawson … they have deserving guys.”

In January, Kevin Garnett was confronted after a Celtics-Knicks game by the Knicks Carmelo Anthony for allegedly saying during the game that Melo’s wife “tasted like Honey Nut Cheerios.” Anthony was subsequently hit with a one-game suspension for the off-the-court confrontation.

Celtics games are broadcast in the New England television market over Comcast SportsNet.

Do you think the NBA should fine Kevin Garnett for using the n-word on a live television broadcast?