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Josh Smith Rumors: Brooklyn Nets Pursuing Trade With Atlanta Hawks

Josh Smith could soon be heading to New York as rumors are circulating that the Brooklyn Nets are actively pursuing the Atlanta Hawks’ forward.

According to ESPN, the Nets are hoping to acquire Smith in exchange for Kris Humphries and Marshon Brooks. The Hawks are also reportedly asking for a first-round draft pick in exchange for Smith.

The deal isn’t close to being finalized yet but SB Nation reports that the trade deadline is only 10 days away. If there is any validity to the Josh Smith trade rumors we’re bound to find out sometime this week.

Smith will be a free agent at the end of the summer so the Hawks are currently deciding if they should trade their star now while they can. The Hawks may decide to try and resign Smith but he’ll likely be asking for top dollar in his new contract.

One ESPN source said that there is a “60% change” that the Hawks will decide to trade Smith.

We’ll have to wait to see if the Smith trade rumors are true. In the meantime, the Nets are reportedly talking to other teams about a trade for Humphries. One source says that the Nets are talking to the Charlotte Bobcats about trading Kris Humphries for Ben Gordon.

Do you want to see Josh Smith play in New York?