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Helicopter Crashes After Losing Corvette Race On ‘Top Gear Korea’ [Video]

Watch this amazing video of a helicopter crashing after racing a Corvette for a television show.

The Korean version of the popular BBC program Top Gear featured a friendly race between a Corvette ZR1 and and AH-1 Cobra helicopter. The race goes back and forth between favoring the helicopter and the Corvette, but at the last minute, presenter Kim Jin Pyo brings the Corvette across the finish line to win the race. Afterwards, the helicopter just crashes for no apparent reason.

Kim Jin Pyo sits in his Corvette, stunned by the crash, which happens very close to the crew, who scurry away in fear.

Pyo parks the Corvette near the crash site and runs out of the car toward the helicopter as sirens blare in the background. Amazingly, not a single person was hurt in the amazing crash, including the helicopter pilot.

It is currently unknown why the helicopter crashed after the race, but it almost looks like the pilot does so out of sheer frustration after losing the race. Honestly, that’s almost certainly not the case, since crashing an AH-1 Cobra amounts to a very expensive temper tantrum. The craft is valued at about $11.3 million, according to a 1995 estimate.

Still, it’s amazing that everyone managed to walk away from this accident without serious injury. You can watch the video below. It’s in Korean, but you don’t need to be a polyglot to get the gist of it. Leave us your thoughts in the comments below: