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ER’s Anthony Edwards Back To TV After A Decade In Conspiracy Drama

ER‘s Anthony Edwards is back in the TV game, a decade after his turn as a major face on the hit medical drama.

Anthony Edwards is best known to fans as his ER character Dr. Mark Greene, and after the lengthy NBC property ended, he says he needed a bit of time off before jumping back into TV — ten years to be exact.

As Edwards gets set to star again on a TV drama — the upcoming conspiracy-based ABC showZero Hour — the star reflects not only on his big comeback, but his decision to lay low for so long in Hollywood.

Anthony says that after he retired his role as Greene on ER, he was tapped acting-wise, and the break was necessary. However, he adds that he didn’t really plan a decade long hiatus after the medi-drama gig was over, and he explains:

“I didn’t really have a plan other than I knew I wasn’t going to jump into a series again and I knew that I was really tired and burnt out.”

The Washington Post spoke to Anthony Edwards about his post-ER goings on, and the star says he spent time with his family and embarked on a nearly year-long multi-country tour after buying a plane.

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The actor admits that he worried about working too much and missing out on some precious dad time:

“It sounds like Howdy Doody … But I’ve never met the older man who wishes he had spent less time with his kids while they were young. You don’t meet anybody who says, ‘God, I wish I had worked harder and was gone more.'”

You can catch Anthony Edwards in Zero Hour when it premiere’s Valentine’s Day on ABC — and watch the trailer below.