Adele at the Grammys appears to be yelling at Chris Brown

Adele At Grammys: Appears To Yell At Chris Brown

COMMENTARY | Adele was photographed at last night’s Grammys seemingly shouting at Chris Brown.

The British singer appears to be confronting Chris Brown during the event.

According to Digital Spy, it is unclear what Adele and Chris Brown were discussing, although a popular internet video shows that Adele was less than impressed with Chris Brown during the ceremony.

Frank Ocean and Chris Brown haven’t been getting along very well following their recent brawl outside a recording studio. Chris Brown or a member of his entourage used a homophobic slur on Frank Ocean. Frank Ocean has graciously decided not to press charges.

When Frank Ocean beat Chris Brown to the Best Urban Contempary Album award, Chris Brown stayed planted to his seat in a sulk, earning a reproving glance from Adele. According to Fox News, This was only moments after Chris Brown looked like he was on the receiving end of the infamous tongue-lashing.

Chris Brown seems to be acting like a spoiled brat, but he did show humility.

Cameras didn’t pick up what Adele said to Chris Brown, but judging by Brown’s body language, it wasn’t pretty. The 23-year-old held his arms out as though in self defense while big-mouthed Adele let loose.

Adele might have been suggesting that Chris Brown should keep a lower-profile at the Grammys, which marks the fourth anniversary of his arrest for assaulting Rihanna after a pre-Grammys party.

Instead of keeping his head down, Chris Brown picked the biggest night of the music calendar to make his first public appearance with Rihanna since the pair decided to try their relationship again. The pair were chumming up on the front row at the Grammys.

Adele had a better night, however, as she nabbed a ninth award for her performance of “Skyfall”, the theme for the latest James Bond film. Adele, we get it, you’re better than Chris Brown. Can we just move along without calling him out and lowering yourself to his level?