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Teacher Says Gays Have No Purpose: Promotes Prom That Excludes Gay Students [Video]

Teacher Says Gays Have No Purpose In Life, Wants LGBT Kids Banned From Prom

A special education teacher from Indiana has stated that gays have no purpose and is promoting a prom that will exclude gay students. Diana Medley, who is employed by North Central High School in Sullivan County, pointed out her views during a meeting to organize a “traditional prom.”

Medley joined several high school students and their parents at Sullivan First Christian Church on Sunday. The group was formed in an attempt to host a prom that will ban gay students. Sullivan High School officials have refused to ban LBGT from their official prom.

As reported by, the group at Sullivan First Christian Church disagrees with school officials and have organized a prom that will conform to their beliefs.

Several students in support of the “traditional prom” feel that others agree, but may be afraid to state their opinion. Student Kynon Johnson suggests that if the group is able to organize a “good prom,” students could chose to “come and follow what they believe.”

A special education teacher from another local high school thinks that gay couples attending a prom are “offensive.” Diane Medley further stated that students choose to be gay and are not born that way. When asked by a reporter if she believes that gays “have a purpose in life,” Medley gave the following response:

“No I honestly don’t. Sorry, but I don’t. I don’t understand it. A gay person isn’t going to come up and make some change unless it’s to realize that it was a choice and they’re choosing God.”

Information from confirms Medley’s employment as a teacher for children with “mild disabilities.” Her licensing information indicates that she has 15 years of teaching experience and is currently under contract with North Central High School.

A petition has been created on, demanding disciplinary action against Medley, including termination. The petition expresses concern for the well-being of gay students:

“This is woman teaching our children — including openly gay students. Gay Teenagers have the HIGHEST rate of suicide in our country, surely Mrs. Medley’s lack of concern for their emotional and mental well-being, as well as her mis-understanding of their purpose in life makes her a threat to not only students in her classroom, but, in her community.”

Medley contends that she is not opposed to counseling students who are gay, but they understand that she is opposed to their behavior and lifestyle choices. Although she has stated that she believes gays have no purpose in life, she does point out that she cares cares about them:

“It’s the same thing with my special needs kids, I think God puts everyone in our lives for a reason.”

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17 Responses to “Teacher Says Gays Have No Purpose: Promotes Prom That Excludes Gay Students [Video]”

  1. Kristi MacLellan

    From all the gay people I've talked to it was never a choice. They knew since they were around 5 years old that they were "different". It's innate. "God" made them that way. Humans aren't the only species with homosexuals. It's sad that ignorance justifies discrimination and hate to people like this teacher.

  2. James F Barry

    Sullivan Central High School.
    131 Shipley Ferry Rd.
    Blountville, TN 37617.
    Phone: 423-354-1200.
    Fax: 423-354-1206.

    School Hours: 7:20am – 2:20pm.


    Mr. Mark Foster

    Assistant Principals:

    Mr. Mitch Cox, Dr. Jonathan Fields, and Mrs. Allyson Raines

  3. Opal Koboi

    How many of those teenagers are having pre-marital sex associated with the prom night festivities? Isn't that a sin? But the grammatically challenged hill-billies would say "that's none of your business". Funny how that works.

  4. Hy Libby

    Do her special ed kids choose their situation or did God make them that way?

  5. Debbie Howell Tuosto

    For anyone who says homosexuality is a "choice", here's my question for you. When did YOU choose to be heterosexual?

  6. Donna Martin

    1) It's not for us to say what purpose anybody or anything has on this earth.

  7. Donna Martin

    2) What if this woman were infertile, what then would her purpose be?

  8. Mike Finn

    whoa! her purpose is clearly to spread misery. what a very ugly example of a person. I don't understand the argument about choice. what difference does it make? christianity is a choice, but I would find it equally uncool to marginalize christians for their choice to deny reason and practice kooky magic water rituals and swear belief in zombies and ghosts and all that nonsense. newsflash…this country includes but is not limited to christians. somebody at this school, please loan this lady a civics text book. she doesn't understand america.

  9. Brendan Masker

    Weeeeellll it must've been about 1409, I remember because the cranberries were ripe for the first time since I drank from the bad oj that made me think it was 1409, and I decided that being a homosexual was just plain wrong, even if it did feel so right. So I said right there 'billy bob', er that's my bad oj name, 'billy bob, lets be heterosmexual…' the rest…is history…

    so yeah…couldn't pass THAT up, but fuck this lady, she's out of her mind and a plague on this world.

  10. Charles Hammond

    "I think God…" I'm tuning you out now. I don't give a crap what YOU think GOD thinks. That has NOTHING to do with the discussion here, which is about fairness in 21st century America. The whole reason she has to resort to reciting her sectarian beliefs is because she knows the policy of organizing a separate prom (you know… for the NORMAL people) is indefensible on rational grounds.

  11. Anonymous

    wow, what a whore. and I'm a christian heterosexual… so what I say must be right!

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