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14-Year-Old Boy Kills Infant Sister, Charged As Adult

14 Year Old Charged

A 14-year-old Maryland boy who beat and killed his seven-month-old infant sister is being charged as an adult for her murder.

According to Montgomery County Police, Johnathan Aguiluc of White Oak was responsible for the brutal killing of his younger sister Larissa Yanes. Maryland authorities charged the teen with first degree murder following his admission to the killing.

An article by The Washington Examiner writes that Aguiluc admits to killing the seven-month-old while she was under his care. His confession indicated that he beat and smothered Larissa Yanes in an effort to stop the baby’s crying.

Montgomery County Police responded to a report of pediatric injury early Friday morning at a residence on the 11600 block of Lockwood Drive. Entering the apartment, officers found Larissa unresponsive. The infant was rushed to Holy Cross Hospital where she was pronounced dead shortly before 7:00 am.

According to investigators, the attack occurred while Aguiluc was babysitting the seven-month-old. The siblings spent the night alone in the apartment after their mother, 39-year-old Gloria Yanes, left for work at approximately 10:30 pm on Thursday.

The Associated Press reports Aguiluc’s account to police indicated that during the night he beat the infant, causing the girl to cry. The 14-year-old reportedly covered Larissa’s mouth and nose with his hand until she quieted. The teen then placed the infant in a carseat inside the residence.

Returning to the apartment early Friday morning, the children’s mother found the infant unresponsive and alerted police. Johnathan Aguiluc was subsequently taken into custody and is being held without bail. Police have stated that the 14-year-old boy will be tried as an adult for the infant killing.

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9 Responses to “14-Year-Old Boy Kills Infant Sister, Charged As Adult”

  1. Pauline Ward

    Shame on the mother. Your 14 year old is not your free full time baby sitter. Lots of 14 year olds make wonderful sitters, but to force a 14 year old child to babysit full fime – that is just selfish. If mom couldn't afford a sitter she shouldn't have had a second child. Now the baby is dead and the 14 year old's life is ruined. Adults snap – why wouldn't a 14 year old?

  2. Duncan Andrew Small

    Trying a kid as an adult is just as sick as killing a baby. Maybe even sicker.

  3. Duncan Andrew Small

    Trying a kid as an adult is just as sick as killing a baby. Maybe even sicker.

  4. Donna Sherman

    Aren't you lucky to be in the shoes that are able to judge and condemn this Mom for having her son babysit his infant sister. Nice to know that you were in her position at one time and overcame all the obstacles' that were put in your path.

  5. Anonymous

    a 14 year old that beats a baby then smothers her is deranged! PLAIN AND SIMPLE…nuff said…tried as an adult…YES…he KNEW what he was doing, DUNCAN ANDREW SMALL! Do not kid yourself, he is a very sick young man, but old enough to know right from wrong.

  6. Keith J. Whitmore

    I feel sorry that the little girl died because of the parents dumbness. I'm sorry to say, but it is my belief that children should not babysit other children. Kids don't know what a baby needs nor do they have the responsibility to take care of one. THAT'S THE PARENTS JOB & NOT THE KIDS! Sure its a lot of fun making a baby but it's those people responsibility to take care what becomes of the that coupling & not the siblings responsibility. No wonder the 14 year old snapped. He was thrust into something he should never have been part of. If you people want to kick anyones butt then kick the parents butt on this one. And, charging the kid as a adult, he is far from that. How can you charge him as a adult when the adults themselves don't act like adults? NO, This 14 year old is a kid that was pushed into something he should have never been pushed into, plain and simple!

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