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Percy Harvin Trade Rumors: Vikings Looking To Unload Moody Wide Receiver

Percy Harvin Trade Rumors: Vikings Looking To Unload Moody Wide Receiver

Percy Harvin trade rumors are swirling out of Minnesota where the team is reportedly tired of the antics of the play-making wide receiver.

The Vikings are said to be putting Harvin on the trade block, the result of tensions that boiled over during the season,Mike Max of WCCO in Minneapolis reported.

In November, Harvin went on a tirade against coach Leslie Frazier, one that seemed to put the receiver in the doghouse with his fellow players. It’s not the first time he’s had a public disagreement with the Vikings staff, either. Two years ago Harvin had a similar blowup with then-head coach Brad Childress.

A Percy Harvin trade could be good both for the Vikings and for Harvin. The wide receiver could flourish in a more pass-centric offense, and with the re-emergence of Adrian Peterson after missing 2011 with an injury, the Vikings look decidedly like a run-first team.

At the same time, the surprising Vikings could do well with getting rid of the distraction Harvin has become. The team marked a dramatic turnaround this season, finishing 10-6 after going 3-13 in 2011, and if the Vikings want to become a serious contender they could get rid of a player that’s creating friction in the locker room.

The Percy Harvin trade seems like a foregone conclusion, Sports Illustrated noted. In an interview last month, quarterback Christian Ponder referred to him in the past tense, and general manager Rick Spielman was non-committal when asked about Harvin this week, saying only that he was a good football player and “We don’t like to get rid of good football players.”

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16 Responses to “Percy Harvin Trade Rumors: Vikings Looking To Unload Moody Wide Receiver”

  1. Zachary Jackson

    49er fans, dream on! Be glad you choked your way into the superbowl this year, your team wont make the playoffs next year. Kaepernick sucks!

  2. DeWayne Younger

    Well, getting rid of Percy Harvin would be fu@ked up. The best receiver and second best offensive threat on the team. You should be looking to get rid of Ponder; how long are you going to wait for him to get better.

  3. Tyler Cline

    That is a homer comment if I have ever heard one. Trade a top 10 receiver with rb and kick return skills for a one dimensional wr who did not finish in the top 20 in receivers this year. The steelers do not have a player valuable enough for a straight up one on one deal for Harvin. It is noce to dream though.

  4. Tyler Cline

    Come on Seattle. Give up Matt Flynn and whoever else we need to get Harvin. Lets make it happen.

  5. Chris Carter

    Since when don't you need a top tier WR just because you have a "run first" offense? No team is that unbalanced. And they have absolutely no second option in the passing game. I just don't see the Vikings being able to get back players that have anywhere near the upside of Harvin. Peterson's a great RB, but he can't carry the entire offense…especially if you want him to last a few more years.

  6. Byron Willie Beamon

    Percy Harvin in Seattle would be a great move for the Seahawks and Matt Flynn in Minnesota would be good since Ponder is not established yet.

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