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Penn State To Ireland? Nittany Lions May Looking At Overseas Game

Penn State won’t be playing in any Bowl Games for the next few years but the Nittany Lions could land a trip to Ireland.

Penn State was given a 4-year-bowl ban after the Jerry Sandusky / Joe Paterno scandal but coach Bill O’Brien seems intent on sending his team to exotic location at some point next season. O’Brien was vague on details but he did say that the school is trying to work something out.

O’Brien said:

“We are definitely looking into playing in Ireland, no question about it …We’re working on an opponent, and we’re working with the Big Ten on that. So that’s something that’s definitely in the works.”

According to CBS, other teams have scheduled games in exotic locations as a way to cope with a bowl ban. In 2002 and 2003, Alabama scheduled season ending games in Hawaii as a pseudo solution to their bowl ban. It’s unclear if Penn State is looking for a season ending game but O’Brien seems intent on bringing the Nittany Lions somewhere during the 2013 season.

Even if Penn State doesn’t make it to Ireland the team could end up in another exotic location.

Sports Illustrated reports that Notre Dame and Navy became the first NCAA college teams to play in Ireland during the 2012 season. O’Brien is hoping to follow in their footsteps.

Would you like to see Penn State play in Ireland?