Google Chromebook Pixel

Google Chromebook ‘Pixel’ Leaked In Hacked Video

The new Google Chromebook Pixel has been spotted in a newly leaked video. The newest offering from Google is expected to feature a 2560×1700 resolution display with multi-touch. As the name suggests the notebook will also feature Google’s Chrome OS.

Google has given the device the clever tagline:

“Designed by Google. Down to the last pixel.”

The new video first appeared in a Google+ post by developer Francois Beaufort. He is the same developer who leaks about Google Now notifications in the Chrome browser.

The Google Chromebook “Pixel” video was created by the team at The company’s CEO claims hackers attacked its servers and stole information about various projects the company has been working on.

Shortly after was hacked, the video appeared online.

If the video is not some type of hoax, it would signal the first time Google has actively worked to create its own Chromebook. Google currently allows various manufacturers to sell its Google Chrome OS. The two biggest sellers so far have come in the form of Samsung’s $249 Chromebook and Acer’s $199 notebook.

Google has capitalized on the simplicity of its system and free Google Drive space for a period of two years. Acer recently announced that Google Chromebook sales now account for nearly five percent of the company’s notebook sales globally.

Here is the leaked video that was allegedly stolen from servers:

Google Chromebooks are already being used by more than 2,000 schools, and countless new customers are making the leap to the cloud enabled platform every single day.

Do you think the Google Chromebook Pixel will allow Google to compete against major computer manufacturers?