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Steve Jobs Wanted Apple Car


Apple has phones, tablets and laptops in its portfolio but the company apparently has a much bigger dream. Steve Jobs reportedly wanted an Apple Car.

Not much is known about the iCar besides the fact that Jobs wanted to “take on Detroit.”

Apple board member Mickey Drexler confirmed that Jobs was interested in creating a car and said it was a shame that he never got to see his dream come to life.

Drexler said:

“It’s a tragedy in America. Who is designing the cars? Steve’s dream before he died was to design an iCar.”

According to the Business Insider, Drexler said that the iCar never made it to the design phase. Still, the board member said that if Apple ever did make a car it would probably devour the market like the iPhone did when it was first released.

Drexler said: “It would’ve been probably 50% of the market. He never did design it.”

Apple isn’t moving into the auto space just yet but the company is slowly expounding its boundaries beyond the phones and tablets. Apple is reportedly working on a new Apple watch.

And Apple may dive into the car industry one day. After all, Jobs wasn’t the only one who dreamed about an Apple Car. Eddie Cue, who also serves on the board of Ferrari, and Phil Schiller are reportedly big fans of the idea.

The Apple car may be a dream at the moment but there is another tech giant developing auto technology. Google has been developing it’s driverless cars for years. The company even got legal clearance to use driverless cars on public roads in California.

Do you think we’ll ever see an Apple Car?

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16 Responses to “Steve Jobs Wanted Apple Car”

  1. Joe King

    It will come standard with a 4 barrel carb because it has to be introduced with outdated technology.

  2. Luqman Seraaj

    Problem is Apple Maps are terrible so how would the car's GPS work? I saw the commercial for the google car, and it looks very interesting.

  3. Anonymous

    the car industry is in need of a blank sheet re-design.. it screams for a new electrical system (a bus based system).. door handles, mirrors need to go the way of buggy whips.. metal keys are arcane.. interiors should be simpler and more sturdy.. and engine technology should be extracted (thru anti trust) from car manufacturers.

    hopefully this can be done before another car industry meltdown.

  4. Cash Allison

    Made in China, 94% mark up, and Hopefully running MicroSoft software, so it'd crash 2-3X a day,,,, GREAT PLAN!

  5. Cash Allison

    Even Without a driver, the "Justice System" Will STILL find a way/loophole, to write tickets, for drunk drivers. The court's Are as addicted to "Free Money" as politicians are!

  6. Mike Hultin

    Things that would be known about it before design phase:

    -Full of plastic.
    -Made in China.
    -$40k MSRP
    -5" wheels

  7. Mauritz Nordlund

    Apple and Volkswagen worked on an "iCar". That was 5 years ago… We need a non motor company to make a good car. Just look at the documentary "who killed the electric car?". GM bought SAABs genius electric car and then stopped manufacture them. Apple would be strong enough to stand up against the oil companies and the motor companies. The old companies loves this status quo they have created.

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