Casey Murdock Scores 18000 dollar half court shot

Notre Dame Senior Hits $18,000 Half-Court Basket

Notre Dame senior Casey Murdock is $18,000 richer after he took only two shots to sink a half-time basket during a Notre Dame basketball game.

The Fighting Irish student just narrowly missed his first shot before putting the second attempt right on target. It wasn’t a pretty basket, but it got the job done with a backboard assist.

The game aired on ESPN’s College GameDay, and, after the shot, fans rushed the senior as he stood on the court.

Only three people in history have made the shot. During the game, the half court shooter is given 18 seconds to attempt as many half court shots as possible. Simply sink one of the shots and win the cash.

Basketball fans sure do love to witness these amazing shots. Since being posted on YouTube just one day ago, the video has received more than 12,000 views.

We know you are curious, so here is Casey Murdock’s awesome $18,000 basketball shot from half-court:

The cash prize comes courtesy of State Farm insurance.