School Posse Program

Steven Seagal To School Posse Opponents: You’re An Embarrassment To The Human Race

Actor and martial artist Steven Seagal has lashed out at opponents of Sheriff Joe Arpaio’s school posse protection plan.

The Out for Justice star was hired to train a group of volunteers who would patrol schools in Maricopa County. According to ABC News, the actor has a few choice words for those who think his involvement with the program is inappropriate.

Steven Seagal told reporters on Saturday:

“Anybody who has criticized me or the sheriff for standing up to help the children, in my opinion, is an embarrassment to the human race.

In addition to Seagal’s involvement being called a “mockery” by an Arizona state legislator, a handful of protesters also expressed concerns about the actor working with the school posse volunteer program.

The New York Daily News explains that Seagal was brought in to help teach volunteers martial arts and how to use firearms. He said the ultimate goal was to help protect children from potential threats.

Sheriff Joe Arpaio seemed perplexed as to why so many people would take issue with his posse. He explained that he is only trying to keep students safe when they go to school.

Arpaio said:

“Why would people complain about my posse being in front of schools to act as prevention? I want everyone to know about it for the deterrence effect.”

The Inquisitr previously reported that Steven Seagal helped train around 40 volunteers on Saturday. In addition to martial arts and firearms, the actor instructed folks on proper scene management and room entry tactics.

The sheriff explained:

“The training will be an active type of real scenario.’ That’s how you learn. The posse will carry guns during the exercise, but they won’t be loaded.”

Are you a fan of Steven Seagal? What do you think about the actor’s involvement with Sheriff Joe Arpaio school posse volunteer program?