Paparazzi say they aren't to blame for Chris Brown crash

Chris Brown Crashes Porsche, But Paparazzi Say They Aren’t To Blame

Chris Brown was involved in a solo car accident Saturday, crashing his Porsche into a wall near the 600 block of Bedford Drive in Beverly Hills.

A representative for the singer said, “Chris’ vehicle was totaled due to this aggressive pursuit by the paparazzi,” and a spokesman for the Beverly Hills Police Department released a statement corroborating that Brown claimed he was being chased, causing him to lose control of his vehicle. However, it appears that Brown’s version of events may not be entirely true.

Chris Doherty, owner of INF, the photo agency that employed the photographers at the scene told TMZ that his people “had nothing to do with Chris Brown crashing.” Doherty said his photogs showed up after the crash.

“No photographers were following him at the time he crashed,” Doherty said. “He crashed his car and it’s convenient for him to blame us. He needs to be careful with his defamatory statements.” Doherty also said his photographers were interviewed by police who “appeared to be satisfied” that they did not cause the accident.

Brown’s car accident happened on the eve of the Grammy awards, almost exactly four years after he was arrested for beating up his on-and-off girlfriend, Rihanna. Brown was scheduled to perform at that year’s Grammy’s, but he withdrew from the performance. This year, Brown’s latest album, “Fortune,” is nominated for best urban contemporary album.

Lt. Lincoln Hoshino of the BHPD said police will investigate the incident.

Do you think Chris Brown used the paparazzi as a scapegoat for his car accident?