Otterbox Debuts Defender And Commuter Cases For Nokia E72

Whether you want to bring a bulky ruggedized casing to your Nokia E72 or a less bulky option with less protection, Otterbox is now offering cases that add new levels of security to the popular business user based Smartphone. The cases, known as the Defender and Cummuter, both offer their own unique build factors.

The Defender Otterbox case is a rugged option that’s a bit more bulky on your phone, but provides superior dust and scratch protection with a hi-impace polycarbonate shell and a nice silicone skin that ensures bumps and shocks don’t mess up your phone. The Defender ads 3.09oz to your phones overall weight.

On the other side of the spectrum is the Commuter which is simply meant to protect your screen and save your phone from scratches offers a silicone layer and a one-piece polycarbonate casing. It’s still good protection, just not quite as heavy duty as the Defender case. Only .75oz are added with use of this accessory..

The Defender will run you $49.95 and the Commuter is available for $34.95. Both cases are available now.