Largest Crocodile Dies

World’s Largest Crocodile Dies In Captivity

The world’s largest crocodile dies in captivity, leaving a small town coping with the loss. The creature, named Lolong, was a Guinness World Record holder due to his incredible size.

Lolong died Sunday in the small town of Bunawan, located in the Agusan del Sur Province of Mindanao, Philippines. The saltwater crocodile measured an impressive 20.24 feet in length with a weight of roughly 2,300 pounds.

A description of Lolong’s capture was detailed in his November 10, 2011 entry into the Guinness World Record books:

“The capture of the crocodile came after a 2 year effort to remove the animal thought responsible for a young girl’s death at Agusan Marsh in early March 2009, and later the disappearance of a fisherman close to Bunawan Village. Lolong is said to be healthy and in very good body condition following the regulatory three month monitoring period having exceeded whilst living in captivity.”

According to The Inquirer, news of the crocodile’s passing came from Bunawan Mayor Edwin Cox Elorde. His description of Sunday’s events indicate that Lolong suffered a bloated stomach while in his cage at an eco-tourism park.

His condition prompted a veterinarian to rush to the ailing creature’s side. Unfortunately, the world’s longest crocodile was pronounced dead nearly four hours later.

Dr. Alexander Collantes, animal doctor at Davao Crocodile Park, spoke about the death:

“The [crocodile] did not eat his usual meal on late last month. Experts will still investigate the cause of death but the animal’s left stomach ballooned.”

The Associated Press writes that residents of the small Bunawan town are saddened by the loss. The creature’s immense measurements brought the town quite a bit of attention.

However, officials plan to keep the world’s largest crocodile’s memory alive in an unusual way: Mayor Elorde allegedly plans to have Lolong preserved for future viewing.