Needle Made Of Sugar

Needle Made Out Of Sugar Could Soon Deliver Vaccines

A new needle made out of sugar could soon deliver vaccinations to needle phobic patients. The new sugar needle was developed by a team of researchers at King’s College London.

The “shot-delivery system” uses a patch of micro needles instead of a singular syringe. The sugar needle is injected into the patients with virtually no pain.

While other companies such as Fujifilm have developed micro needles, the King’s College researchers chose to make their product completely out of sugar. Under the new sugar design, the needles are believed to be harmless as they dissolve.

The sugar needles are not only convenient because they stop painful injections; they also allow vaccines to be held at room temperature. Researchers say the sugar needle-based injections are just as effective as their traditional needle counterparts.

King’s College researchers also created their new delivery system so it could be as cheap as possible to produce. Because the vaccines do not need to be refrigerated, they do not require expensive refrigeration units, and, therefore, costs are cut further.

Researchers also note that, without a hyp0dermic needle being required, the chance of transmitting blood-borne diseases is lower.

While researchers are still testing the new needle on animals, they claim those tests will end shortly.

Would you prefer to receive your next injection by way of a sugar needle?