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Kim, Kanye In Rio: Couple Mimic ‘Christ The Redeemer’ Statue

Kim, Kanye in Rio - Couple mimic 'Christ the Redeemer' statue Top image

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil – Kim Kardashian and Kanye West hit Rio for the weekend to take goofy tourist snaps and imitate Jesus Christ.

The celebrity couple opted to miss Sunday’s Grammy Awards ceremony in Los Angeles, instead heading to Brazil for the Rio Carnival.

While in the party city, the pair decided to visit the famous “Christ the Redeemer” statue, and mimicked the statue’s outstretched pose as photographers snapped away. The image below writes its own caption.

Prior to their statue visit, Kim and Kanye were papped as they embraced and kissed on the balcony of their hotel.

With Kanye on hand to snap his own pictures, mom-to-be Kim looked ready to party. The reality star wore a long-sleeved hot pink dress with neon yellow heels, an outfit she had earlier discussed on her Instagram account:

“Today’s Outfit- Hot Pink & Hot Yellow #JuanCarlosObando #Louboutin #Brazil”

Kim and Kanye were also spotted enjoying lunch at Rio’s Braseiro da Gávea restaurant.

The couple are expecting a baby in July, though have insisted they wish to keep their child’s life private. Kardashian is hoping her former marriage to NBA star Kris Humphries will be annulled by the time baby Kimye has arrived.

Kim, Kanye in Rio - Couple mimic 'Christ the Redeemer' statue

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29 Responses to “Kim, Kanye In Rio: Couple Mimic ‘Christ The Redeemer’ Statue”

  1. Paul G. DeCroix

    I'm sorry but these two just do not make a GL couple. Also, Kim looks so different. She's BIG all over! How far along is she?

  2. Zendegi Merchant

    no one cares she is a fat slob tramp with a ugly dumb hateful black guy that mouth hangs open! they both are low life satan lovers!

  3. Anonymous

    The Kardashian females are the epitome of WHITE TRASH, and the mother is absolutely guilty of pimping her daughters. Society continuing to embrace them by hanging on to every word the media reports about them, is no different than Jim Jones getting his followers to drink the Kool Aid! Didn't even have enough respect for herself, to divorce before getting knocked up by someone other than her husband. Great role model…..NOT!

  4. Paul G. DeCroix

    The ONLY reason the daugther get with black men is for attention. I feel sorry for the guy Kim married for 72 days. That was such a scam. I just don't get why people watch there show? Now the pimp mother is getting her own talk show.

  5. Anonymous

    they won't last I can tell…. they are trying to copy jay-z and beyonce like announcing it on stage and going on vacation…… I'm just sick of seeing and hearing about this couple every time I come onto yahoo or other media sites and when I'm surfing tv channels.

  6. Carolina Albert

    notice that the statue of Christ has wide open welcoming arms with the palms up, while the stupid couple look like they are about to fly!

  7. Carissa Marris

    Whatever. White men have been pissed for YEARS that Kim K has never found any of them attractive and prefers black men. Good for her for following her heart. I think they look great together, and they're obviously happy. You can tell from the pictures that they're having a blast together in Rio.

  8. Anonymous

    get a pair of proper fitting shoes kim. as chris rock says it looks like you have a loaf of unbaked dough in each shoe… those shoes don't even fit her toes.. Crapdashian "Style" is getting worse and worse.

  9. Mary Costa

    She's already putting on a lot of weight…easy Kim…22-26 lbs is recommended.

  10. Helen Milonas Moore

    Kim/Family R blaming Kris Humphries for her Stress. How about all the travelling shes been doing since her pregnancy, all the talk shows, her own TV shows, her clothing line. Obviously, she is NOT thinking about the health of her unborn child. You R bringing stress to yourself STOP blaming Kris H.

  11. Richard Totino

    My wife and I have eight children and every time the baby bump grow out the front. Kimmie has defied nature, her's is growing out the back and sides. Isn't it appropriate that these two visit the statue of Christ on the mountain?

  12. Anonymous

    These 2 have to be the most obnoxious quasi-celebrities to pollute the internet in the history of humanity.

  13. Anonymous

    This action by them could really be the proverbial "straw", if you will remember back in the 60's when John Lennon of the Beatels made a remark about the Beatles being more popular than Christ. Although it didn't end the groups careers, it did cause them a very large & somewhat popular "black-eye". Since the hate for Kim and her new main man, this could almost down her completely. p.s. we can only hope huh?

  14. Constance Ross

    First of all, you sick ass, love do not see color. You need to stop with all this racist crap…

  15. Laurie Koppes

    I'm surprised that lightening bolts didn't hit the both of them! Trash…just trash!

  16. Laurie Koppes

    I am surprised that lightening bolts didn't hit the both of them! Trash…just trash!

  17. Sadonna Clough

    Thank you Constance… Love does not have a Color, age, body type!!!! Love is Love, and it is awesome when it's true… Constance, it is so frustrating… people are so mean and jealous… People love to hate Kim and her family, but especially Kim… So sad! I love you Kim.. Live your life girl….

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