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11-Year-Old Boy Dies In Blizzard, Overcome By Carbon Monoxide In Car While Father Shoveled Snow

11-Year-Old Boy Dies In Blizzard

An 11-year-old boy has died in the blizzard bearing down on the East Coast after he succumbed to carbon monoxide poisoning as he waited in a car while his father shoveled.

The death came as the boy’s father was trying to get the family car dug out of a snow bank. Boston Fire Department spokesman Steve MacDonald said the boy was initially helping his father shovel snow in their Dorchester neighborhood but got too cold.

His father started the car and got the boy inside, but the car’s exhaust was covered by a snow bank and it filled with fumes, The Associated Press reported.

The situation nearly claimed two lives. While the 11-year-old boy died in the blizzard, his father also had to be rushed to the hospital after he went into respiratory arrest. They both were rushed to Boston Medical center, where the 11-year-old boy was declared dead.

The news that the 11-year-old boys died puts the blizzard’s death toll up to seven, Fox News reported.

The commonwealth of Massachusetts had been in a state of emergency as Governor Deval Patrick had a ban on all travel for non-essential employees. That ban was lifted at 4 pm on Saturday, but the city’s public transportation system remained down.

The blizzard, named Winter Storm Nemo, also knocked out power to more than 650,000 people and caused coastal flooding in some areas. It dropped more than two feet of snow across Massachusetts and New England, with snow drifts reaching up to five feet in some places.

Overall the storm wasn’t as bad as some forecasters had feared. It was originally thought to be more powerful than the historic blizzard of 1978.

Police and local authorities were still assessing damage on Saturday and it was not known if the death toll would rise. Police did not release the name of the 11-year-old boy who died in the blizzard.

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48 Responses to “11-Year-Old Boy Dies In Blizzard, Overcome By Carbon Monoxide In Car While Father Shoveled Snow”

  1. Anonymous

    I have never herd of this happening and I don't know where dorchester is but I feel really bad for the parents of this 11-year-old boy is very sad to lose someone very important in your life.

  2. Sarahbeth NotSarah

    Now I know why my dad always shoveled out the back of the car first.

  3. Michael Planchunas

    Two rules for survival in a car in a snowstorm; 1. Crack a window when running the engine, 2. Keep the tail pipe clear at all times.Prayers for the family.RIP young man, way too early for you to leave us.

  4. Liz Snowden

    So sad :( Hopefully this story will help save lives of others if a similar situation occurs.

  5. Otis Jones

    why weren't they in the house? Was there somewhere they needed to be? This article raises more questions than answers. So sad for the kid but even more for the dad.. he has to live with this and will probably blame himself for a very long time.

  6. Edward Respalie

    if he was a white boy I wonder if thea tramp michell obama will attend hes funeral.

  7. Edward Respalie

    if he was a white boy I wonder if that tramp michelle obama will attend his funeral.

  8. Deborah Young

    God, that is so sad….here the dad tries to protect his son from the cold…just so, so , sad…prayers and sympathy to the family…also please check the vents outside your home, they to can get blocked by snow, and have the same outcome….

  9. Mary Ryerson

    So sad for the family, but yes why were they out in such a bad snowstorm why couldn't they have just stayed in the house until the snowplows come, just don't understand it when people go out in bad weather.

  10. Cheryl Tayala

    I remember years ago, that some young people died when they were warming up in their car at a ski resort–they were backed into a snow bank with the exhaust pipe covered. I pray that the father of this young child will be able to free himself of the guilt he surely feels. This is a tragic accident…

  11. Vanessa Balzano Dawson

    U r very ignorant,I little boy lost his life(black,white,) and u say something stupid like that.I can c u have no heart,from reading this SAD artical..U should only hope something like this will NEVER happen to u…The father ends up in the hospital then finds out aboout his son..Prayers go out to this family

  12. Frank Reis

    don't live where it snows , do you?, it happens every year, usually to driving age school kids, they sit in their car before school backed up to close to a snow bank, go to sleep and die

  13. Anonymous

    Not far from there and only a few months ago people are being rescued by boat and jet-ski… Now it's by snowmobile and special emergency vehicles.. if at all. Obviously people are "falling through the cracks". I'm so sorry for the family… there are no words for losing a child. All we can offer is our thoughts, prayers, and sympathy. No one knows how big this storm was until everyone is accounted for. Tragedy piles on tragedy as epic storms have pummeled the North Eastern US this year. May the family find closure and normalcy in the future.

  14. Frank Reis

    NO, it is easily preventable, keep exhaust clear, and a window open,or shovel first, the start the car and get the kids, if he would have started the car with the kid ,while in the garage, would you call it "a freak accident" ????, and freak accident is if the kid was in the back seat and no one else it the car and it goes into gear, that's freaky

  15. Anonymous

    Otis, I don't know where you are from and I don't doubt your sincerity but I spent 3 years in Vermont… never, before or since, have I had to shovel the house roof and porch. It can be a matter of survival. I now live in an area that's mentality is "let it melt". We are paralyzed by a few inches of snow.. not feet. In new England, you clean the snow out to the road… wait for the city or state vehicles to clear the road and then dig out again because of either additional snow or the plow shoved snow across your drive entrance. If it is not done this way.. there is a very real possibility of heart attack. The boy was old enough to help his dad… a priceless experience for a young man. He was a "big-boy"…. able to share… the experience turned tragic. We can only share their sorrow… not second guess a tragedy. I didn't have a Dad to share with. The entire job would have been mine 50 years ago.

  16. Myron D. Marks

    Seriously?!?! Death does not have a race!! A young man lost his life and all you can think about is something ignorant to say. And on top of that you calling Michelle Obama a tramp!! What, you mad?!? Edward Respalie, please keep your ignorantt comments to yourself. Not only will we as a nation will pray for this family but we will pray for IGNORANT people like you

  17. Debbie Relyea

    You are such an asshole,why do you have to put a remark like that on the death of a child? I just dont understand? I hope you never expierence the death of a child,,as i have and remarks like this really are not really needed or wanted.Prayers for you

  18. David Pernell

    Why are there more questions, to some people its important to get your car cleared in the event that you have to go somewhere in an emergency. In that probably used to that kind of snow and not that concerning for them. I shoveled wtih my kids twice, once after the first snow fall and the second after the second wave. Its just sad that people dont understand CO. It can build up quickly, especially in closed areas or when fumes can't escape ie…a car that doesnt have the tail pipe cleared first or having a generater near a window.

  19. Mary Della Valle

    Utterly, utterly tragic. Where were they going? Why could the father not leave his son in the house? There is a lot more to this story that is not being told.

  20. Mary Della Valle

    Utterly, utterly tragic. Where were they going? Why could the father not leave his son in the house? There is a lot more to this story that is not being told.

  21. David Pernell

    Now I see that there are still ignorant people in the world. First lady Obama attended that other kids funneral because she performed at the inaguration. COLOR has nothing to do with anything. Go live on an island somewhere!!!

  22. Jeff Blum

    Please people, don't go out in a blizzard unless you really have to, and be extra careful running any kind of vehicle or generator for heat. In the 2011 Halloween nor'easter we lost as many people to carbon monoxide poisoning as we did from snow. Mostly from people running generators in their garages, which you should never do unless you have it venting outside, but some from cars as well. I'm not blaming the father here, he did what he thought was best, but the majority of these fatalities are preventable.

  23. Poorman Sharrieff

    Edward R. What the hell are you talking about? Are you out of your mind? This is not about race or politics. If you can read this is about an 11 year old boy who is now dead. And a father who was injured. That is what this article was about. Why are you talking race and politics. Have some compassion for this child and his family. What an idiot you are and how insensitive.

  24. Flaminia Zeman

    You poor poor man Ed, to have such an impoverished spirit. I hope life brings you some challenges and lessons to help you change.

  25. Lillian Giles

    It"s so sad we have ignorant people in this world are shall i said this country that dislike our first lady because of race. If she was white it would not be racist stupid remarks of the sort. I pray someone come across your path and show you how to be human instead of senseless and cold.

  26. Pat Hargus Sommerfield

    People need to be more educated about this happening….we don't get snow often in Texas, and certainly not deep enough to have to shovel, but even some of us know about how the carbon monoxide can back up in a car and kill someone. Prayers for the family for sure! And maybe when this type of blizzard happens again be sure to get information to people about safety during snowstorms…

  27. Anonymous

    Edward pacilie.u are one ignorant this what u would teach your children to disrespect the firth lady of the us.she is a Harvard grad and lawer .and u probably have never set ft on acolege campus.I bet your family and your nebhiours are ashamed of u.go back to the bar with the rest of your ged buddies.all u have done is show the world ed pacilie is a dumb.ignorant undeveloped humanbeing.

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