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Meet Caffrey, A Persian Kitty With Two Legs [Video]

Woking, England – Meet Caffrey, a black Persian kitty with only two limbs on the same side of his body. He lost his contralateral legs due to necessary amputations, yet manages to amble about.

Originally the feline lost his left hind leg when he was 3-years-old, nearly a decade ago, after being run over by a car. Caffrey endured several expensive operations and managed to survive from the incident.

Four months ago Caffrey tolerated another loss of limb, this time having his front left leg removed. The front paw had been injured in the initial car accident years earlier, and had recently developed a malignant cancerous growth.

Similar to humans, cancer is the leading cause of death among older cats. It is caused by rapid, uncontrolled cellular growth, affecting a wide range of cell types in the body. Feline cancer manifests as a lump in any part of the body. Depending on the type of cancer and its level of progress, surgery, radiation, chemotherapy, or immunotherapy may be utilized to treat it.

Sue Greaves, Caffrey’s 58-year-old owner, sought alternatives to potentially debilitating chemotherapy or euthanasia from her veterinarian. She didn’t want to see the animal suffer needlessly as there was no guarantee the chemo would work.

When considering amputation of the cancer-afflicted extremity, Greaves was urged not to. Colleagues of the vet voiced concerns over the long-haired cat’s quality of life if left with two appendages on the same side.

Another operation and a few months of recovery, Caffrey’s lumbering about the house and yard, seemingly unfazed.

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