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Fashion Week Imploding Under Impact Of Snow Storm Nemo

New York Fashion Week is reportedly “imploding” after the impact of Winter Storm Nemo, a huge blizzard storm system that dumped more than three feet of snow across the Northeast.

New York Fashion Week is now imploding due to the havoc visited upon the New York metro area and New England after Nemo hit, dumping up to three feet of snow and slush across the region and several states. NYFW was set to happen beginning late last week, but the impending arrival of the superstorm put a crimp in the style of the major fashion world event.

Business Insider first reported upon New York Fashion Week imploding, explaining how even before snow began to fall, several events had been postponed or rescheduled to cope with the pending snowpocalypse.

The site explains:

“There are serious logistical problems … Marc Jacobs postponed his show until Thursday, saying that bad weather could postpone some deliveries and keep staff from being able to travel … Meanwhile, designer Jenni Kayne is stuck in Los Angeles because her flight was cancelled, so she probably won’t make her runway show, reported Charlotte Cowles at The Cut.”

Cowles described Fashion Week imploding from the frontlines, bravely embedded among the couture-clad masses coping with heavy snowfall and sleet and slip as Nemo bore down on the area. She describes the frontlines:

“What started out as strong winds and rain has turned into sleet, and the sidewalks are getting slick. We saw two women outside the Kate Spade presentation in high platform heels, clutching each other for dear life while a street style photographer mercilessly took their picture. Inside, piles of wet clothes and slimy umbrellas were heaped in a corner like dirty laundry.”

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