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Ethan Hawke Blonde Hair: Actor Looks Like Billy Idol, But Was Going For Bowie

Ethan Hawke blonde hair

Ethan Hawke has blonde hair. But his new ‘do isn’t a symptom of a mid-life crisis. Hawke’s bleached look is a byproduct of his newest role.

MSN reports that Hawke plays a 1990s rocker gone bad in an off-Broadway performance of Clive, and is diving into his new role Daniel Day-Lewis style by bleaching his hair to look more like a grunge-era musician in New York City.

Hawke’s blonde locks debuted at a February 7 opening-night party for the play, which he directs as well as stars in. The 42-year-old Dead Poet’s Society star hardly looked like himself, sporting platinum-blonde hair gelled up into a spiky, Billy Idol-esque look.

“I don’t know how to explain it exactly,” Hawke told The New York Times of his blonde hair. “I didn’t want to feel like me when I did this role.”

Despite the blonde-and-guyliner look, Hawke says that his makeover has less to do with Idol, and more to do with another famous British musician.

“I’m trying to do that old-school, third-person thing by unlocking something as utterly superficial as my hair. I was shooting for a [David] Bowie thing,” he explained, “but then I saw a picture of him after I did it, and he didn’t really do his hair like this.”

Clive is a modernized adaptation of the 1918 play Baal, by Bertolt Brecht. The updated version tells the story of a 90s rocker in New York City who looks for musical inspiration through sex and drugs.

Check out a picture of Ethan Hawke’s blonde hair below. Let us know what you think!

Ethan Hawke blonde hair

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19 Responses to “Ethan Hawke Blonde Hair: Actor Looks Like Billy Idol, But Was Going For Bowie”

  1. Anonymous

    David Bowie looks better in his 60s than Ethan Hawke in his early 40s.

  2. Anonymous

    David Bowie in his 60s looks younger than Ethan Hawke in his early 40s.

  3. John Jenkins

    If he was doing a Sex Pistols movie, he'd make a spot on Johnny Rotten.

  4. William Chappell

    It's different, and actors accept roles, and do needed things. That's part of the job. He has the personality and charisma, and always will.

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