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Inexperienced Nudist Acquitted After His Nervous Fidgeting Mistaken For Inappropriate Touching

Inexperienced Nudist Acquitted

An inexperienced nudist has been acquitted of indecent exposure after passersby saw the man adjusting himself and thought he was inappropriately touching himself.

The man, 48-year-old Richard Sierra, joined a group of naked men in San Francisco‘s Castro district who were demonstrating before the city banned most public nudity. As an admitted “inexperienced nudist,” Sierra said he was uncomfortable exposing himself and was using his hands to arrange himself.

In November, San Francisco lawmakers voted 6-5 to approve a public nudity ban. Exposed genitals are no longer permitted in the city’s public places, The Associated Press noted.

Someone who saw Sierra got the wrong impression, and he was arrested for indecent exposure, the San Francisco Chronicle reported.

Sierra said he had scars on his stomach that he was ashamed of, but a man walking his dog thought Sierra was masturbating.
It seems the misunderstanding stemmed from some makeshift jewelry the man tried to put on his penis, the San Francisco Chronicle noted:

“He kept his tank top on, [Deputy Public Defender Cindy] Elias said, but to fit in with naked men who wear jewelry on their genitals, he attached a metal ring from a binder to his shirt and looped it over his penis.

“The man with the dog misunderstood Sierra’s movements, Elias said. He also saw Sierra using what he thought was lubricant, but Sierra testified that it was prescription cream to treat chronic eczema on another part of his body.”

Lawyers for the inexperienced nudist said his mistake wasn’t malicious.

“Mr. Sierra’s failed attempt at being a nudist certainly does not warrant lifetime registration as a sex offender,” said Public Defender Jeff Adachi.

The jury deliberated for one day before the inexperienced nudist was acquitted. If convicted, Sierra could have been sent to county jail for one year.

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81 Responses to “Inexperienced Nudist Acquitted After His Nervous Fidgeting Mistaken For Inappropriate Touching”

  1. Anonymous

    As an artist, no one appreciates the drawing of the human anatomy more than me. It is beautiful, intricate, and rewarding to draw. Having drawn many nudes, and being a liberal through and through, I ask a question. Why does a 40 something year old man put his penis in a ring, smear it with some sort of health cream and walk down the street in the Castro district. I just don't get it. Stupid? Yes. Inexperienced gay? PUhleeeeze. New nudist? They have books on this. What was up with that? I mean… am I the only one to realize this?

  2. B.j. Friedman

    They had to pass a law banning public nudity in SF? Unbelievable. Glad they did. soon, God will destroy GayFraccisco anyway. Repent. The time is near.

  3. Anonymous

    its easy, just put some clothes on like a person with common sense! nobody wants to look or see your genitals! geee

  4. Anonymous

    put some clothes on, nobody wants to look or see your privates,,, please!

  5. Seth Wantsareallylongghettonametoo Trautman

    Soon, your heart will implode on itself from you eating too much. Can't even spell Francisco right you fat fuck.

  6. Gary O Mcdaniel

    anothere one accidently rear ended another one, and it took a crow bar to gett em apart.

  7. Michael Samuel Ramsey

    Religious freaks have been threatening the end of days for over 2000 years now. It sure has been a LONG end time. I wish y'all would shit or get or get off the pot!

  8. Todd Martens

    Puhlease…it if smells like dog poo, looks like dog poo, and tastes like dog poo…it's dog poo. What was this judge thinking in entertaining the idea that a nude man, standing in public, "adjusting" himself and carrying lotion, wasn't trying to make a statement regarding the decision he was protesting? Foolishness on all parts, in my opinion.

  9. Anonymous

    That lifetime sex offender thing is unfair and unconstitutional…There's a big difference between molesting kids for years they just have issues but men mainly that make a mistake and get caught up in the system or the law is just wrong.The letter of the law would lock up alot more of America if they were followed the spirit of the law always gets misused by police/judges to send messages or keep their jobs.One wrong turn can get you a lifetime badge of shame or jail time we get so crossed up trying to stop/punish the one lunatic that rapes and or kills one little girl or boy they destroy everyone else in the process. It just brings back the old question of getting rid of the disease you damn near kill the patients and that's our legal system…The system shouldn't be set up for judges to be voted in/out based on cases they've tried or officers getting promotions on cases they've won/lost…Grandpa said always do what's right first then worry about all else later and you'll sleep well each night….

  10. John Nicoletti

    Inexperienced nudity? Was he born with clothes on.? I guess he had to be taught how to undress. Geez, is the best news you have to offer.?

  11. Carl Fosbrink

    He was standing ou there with his genetals hanging out so he should be arrested. If the cops in my state wouldn't stop people from doing this crap I would myself. No one except a pervert wants their spouse or kids exposed to nudity.

  12. Anonymous

    You religious nutcases are always good for a laugh. Until I think about how much better the world be without you. Imagine no suicide bombers, no 9/11, no Crusades, no witch-hunts, no Indian partition, no Israeli/Palestinian wars, no Serb/Croat/Muslim massacres, no persecution of Jews as 'Christ-killers', no Northern Ireland 'troubles', no 'honor killings', no shiny-suited bouffant-haired televangelists fleecing gullible people of their money. Imagine no Taliban to blow up ancient statues, no public beheadings of blasphemers, no flogging of female skin for the crime of showing an inch of it. Yeah, religion is the answer lol.

  13. Anonymous

    How about the guy with the dog just looks the other way? Why's he staring at male nudists anyway?

  14. Anonymous

    hahahaha, yea god is a loving god, look around fool, fk u have got to be kidding, yea loving when all of those people wre swept to their death in japan, yea i could go on forever fool, wake up fool

  15. Anonymous

    Tim you are a lost fool, go save a killer on death row, pray for him, i have more respect for my dog than a bible belching fool, and tghat depends which verson of many we are talking about…..

  16. Anonymous

    Funny how some dudes wandering around the Castro with a doggy on a leash (just so they can fit in, I guess!) immediately (reflexively?) think the worst when spotting others' frontal nudity….. How feeble the "straight" man's libido!

  17. Susan Thompson

    Friedman, could you be any more of an imbecile? Look at you, you look like a total self-indulgent slob, you have no right to criticize anyone. You're hetero, but what kind of lowlife woman would even have an utter creep like you? You think you're better than others, guess what, a-hole, you're not better than anybody.

  18. Susan Thompson

    Friedman, you're one of those insane, delusional born-again "Christians" who should NEVER HAVE BEEN BORN IN THE FIRST PLACE! What an utter degenerate!

  19. Terry Kott

    Question: Where [on his person] does a nudist keep eczema cream?
    My Bible says in Matthew 5:18– Whosoever looks upon a woman to lust after her has committed adultery with her already in his heart. Let us stand together in opposition to public nudity and get the government to start enforcing anti-pornography laws.

  20. James Lithgow

    B.j. Friedman, You need to duck your head in the ocean 3 times and take it out twice! If you could read, you would know that all people are created in his image, we are all god's children, and god loves all of his children, even hypocrites like you!

  21. Anonymous

    Sooo, throwing it over your shoulder is not acceptable behavior now?

  22. James Lithgow

    Were you born with clothes on? No you weren't! So why do you think babys are born naked? God must not have intended for people to wear clothes. If he did we would be born with clothes on. Adam and Eve only covered themselves because they were ashamed, not because they were required to!

  23. Terry Kott

    James Lithgow The Bible says If one dies in his sins, that is without repentance and trusting in Jesus Christ, then he will not enter the kingdom of God: Because he has rejected Jesus Christ and what He did when He died on the Cross and shed His blood for our sins; because of Adam & Eve's disobedience in the Garden of Eden. The only way to have your sins forgiven is by calling on the Name of Jesus because God put the sin of us all on Him.

  24. Terry Kott

    What about God's moral laws? How many of those have you violated? If you stand before God will you be innocent or guilty?

  25. Terry Kott

    @James L.— You are forgetting where Adam sinned against God by eating the fruit of the tree that He told them not to… thus bringing death, disease, degradation, thorns and thistles upon all of us.

  26. Jeremy Bartholomew

    we are all guilty under the law. and we are saved by faith not works. so all are already guilty. get off your high horse.

  27. Daryl Morse

    "Inexperienced nudist" ? How difficult is it to get yourself naked? However, you probably should not be rubbing lotion on yer junk in public you knucklehead.

  28. Daehnke Frederick

    I guessed it was in san francisco before I read the article.

  29. Seth Goss

    It should go more like this: "I took a bunch of newbies fishing last year. I was the only master baiter in the group."

  30. Jeff Blum

    James Lithgow going around to every comment and saying that makes you just about the most pathetic person in the world.

  31. Jeff Blum

    Brian Walden he made that comment on a whole bunch of posts here. He's pretty much the online equivalent of a 2 year old yelling "look at me. Look at me."

  32. Jeff Blum

    If they had arrested him they probably would have been sued. There was a case like that in Fla a while ago and the Supreme Court ruled that since it was part of a protest it was okay. Not agreeing or disagreeing with you, that's just what the law is. So if I were you I wouldn't try to stop it myself since it would probably count as assault or something.

  33. Eileen Black

    no…it should go…"I took a bunch of newbies fishing last year…boy were they shocked and impressed with my Master Baiting techniques! I think that they will definately show their friends when they get home!"

  34. Todd Wirtz

    James, what if we don't subscribe to God's "intentions"? What if we just think wearing clothes is the right thing to do after centuries of doing so?

  35. Aaron Cyrus

    Guy shouldn't be arrested for adjusting himself. If you allow nudists to display themselves in public. Expect them to do some adjusting. If you're going to arrest em if they touch their penis. Just make it illegal to be naked in public.

  36. Thomas Comis

    let's see, the guy's walking around with a ring strung from his neck to his dick and smearing cream over his junk whilst walking around, but offers rational excuses for all of this. So what is the point of doing it all? lock the bitch up for being another dumb american looking for a fool to hide behind.

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