Inexperienced Nudist Acquitted

Inexperienced Nudist Acquitted After His Nervous Fidgeting Mistaken For Inappropriate Touching

An inexperienced nudist has been acquitted of indecent exposure after passersby saw the man adjusting himself and thought he was inappropriately touching himself.

The man, 48-year-old Richard Sierra, joined a group of naked men in San Francisco‘s Castro district who were demonstrating before the city banned most public nudity. As an admitted “inexperienced nudist,” Sierra said he was uncomfortable exposing himself and was using his hands to arrange himself.

In November, San Francisco lawmakers voted 6-5 to approve a public nudity ban. Exposed genitals are no longer permitted in the city’s public places, The Associated Press noted.

Someone who saw Sierra got the wrong impression, and he was arrested for indecent exposure, the San Francisco Chronicle reported.

Sierra said he had scars on his stomach that he was ashamed of, but a man walking his dog thought Sierra was masturbating.
It seems the misunderstanding stemmed from some makeshift jewelry the man tried to put on his penis, the San Francisco Chronicle noted:

“He kept his tank top on, [Deputy Public Defender Cindy] Elias said, but to fit in with naked men who wear jewelry on their genitals, he attached a metal ring from a binder to his shirt and looped it over his penis.

“The man with the dog misunderstood Sierra’s movements, Elias said. He also saw Sierra using what he thought was lubricant, but Sierra testified that it was prescription cream to treat chronic eczema on another part of his body.”

Lawyers for the inexperienced nudist said his mistake wasn’t malicious.

“Mr. Sierra’s failed attempt at being a nudist certainly does not warrant lifetime registration as a sex offender,” said Public Defender Jeff Adachi.

The jury deliberated for one day before the inexperienced nudist was acquitted. If convicted, Sierra could have been sent to county jail for one year.