Portsmouth Haunted House

Haunted House Donated After Failing To Find A Buyer

Portsmouth, England – A haunted house has been donated after the city couldn’t find someone brave enough to purchase the property.

Wymering Manor was put up for sale last year with a reserve price of around $600,000. According to UPI, nobody expressed interest in the supposedly haunted house. As a result, the property has been donated to the Wymering Manor Trust.

Nearly $50,000 has been set aside for repairs on the old house. The city plans to give the place a fresh coat of paint before turning it into a tourist attraction.

Legend has it that the property is home to several supernatural entities. The Telegraph explains that the manor is reportedly haunted by a choir of nuns and a group of children who whisper through the halls. Sir Roderick of Porchester, who died on the land the house was built upon, also haunts the old house.

Portsmouth City Council bought Wymering Manor Trust back in the 1960s. The house is believed to be one of the oldest buildings in the area. Although owning a piece of history is usually appealing, the reports of “cold spots” and the feeling of being touched by ghostly fingers have kept buyers away.

Surveyor Jeremy Lamb explained:

“It’s certainly a unique house. Although they patrol it on a 24-hour basis because it attracts lots of people who are intrigued by its levels of paranormal activity, they refuse to work alone there at night.”

According to The Daily Star, paranormal experts theorize that over 30 spirits call the haunted house home. Although the place is overflowing with supernatural activity, former resident David Scanlan said he never felt threatened by the spirits around him.

He explained:

“The spirits seem to be quite nice and quite friendly and it’s almost like we get on with them and they tolerate us.”

Footage featuring the haunted manor has been included below.

Would you buy a house that is rumored to be haunted?

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