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5 Killed In Head-On Collision, Alcohol Suspected

police car crash

Five People were killed on Friday night during a head-on collission in LaGrange, Georgia.

According to AJC, Willie Hooks, 28 was driving a 1986 Oldsmobile Cutlass northbound on West Point road. Hook tried to pass a car in a no pass zone and crashed into Melanie Kay Lemmon, 23, who was driving a 1995 Pontiac GrandAm.

Both Hooks and Lemon were killed in the crash. Three other passengers in Lemon’s car were killed. Two survivors were airlifted to hospitals in Columbus and Atlanta.

John Hart, who witnessed the crash, told

“It was the awfulest thing I have ever seen and I’ve seen a few car crashes… It looked like the back end of that car passed the front end. The car was bent like an L and the back end was raised so you could see the gas tank and the shock absorbers.”

Police do not know the cause of the crash yet but they do believe that alcohol was involved. Georgia State Troopers said that blood was drawn from Hooks to determine if he had been drinking.

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9 Responses to “5 Killed In Head-On Collision, Alcohol Suspected”

  1. Donald W. Grab

    if these slobs want to drink, speed and not obey the roadside signs then I am glad you are dead. the poor innocent people who were killed is a terrible situation. now states including ultra liberal new mexico want to legalize pot. now we have to worry about scum with fried brains on the roads.

  2. Zalman Shalom

    Weed is just as bad as alcohol. Believe me, when I was in college I was stoned a lot. Also you can get lung cancer from the smoke.

  3. Cesar Reyes

    Really… you went there. Really. Alcohol does not distinguish color, gender, nationalities, cultures etc. But we sure know you are ignorant.

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